No Honor Among Thieves At The Olympia

Of course, we all know that saying because it’s obvious that thieves can’t be trusted. So how is it when we know that the people we elect to represent us can get away with it? Perhaps it lays in their ability to speak with oily tongues or pass the golden pot around, maybe it’s their looks or distinguished pedigrees or family ties. What about business connections of various kinds or social recognition and elite education? Whatever it is, they all have three things in common, money, power and the ability to be excellent liars! Those are the hallmarks of successful politicians. A band of brothers and sisters united by the same bonds that will ensure the band stays together even as they steal from one another as well as from those they purport to serve!

They will pass questionable legislation into laws while providing immunity for themselves and their families. They give themselves pay raises for minimal work with maximal dividends, they use their business connections to get a jump on the Stock Markets and extol the virtues of the family while carousing with whores! They give the tax services the power to crush the little man while they receive protection from prosecution by utilizing the right hand that gave those in power the position to influence the outcome of certain investigations!

Think of Alibaba and the Forty Thieves and add a few more and then you’ll see the picture more clearly. Our elected officials aren’t working for us, they’re just passing the baton to the inheritors who are committed to winning the game. And we? Why we’re only the audience who has to pay a high price to watch the political games at the Olympia!