The Wayward Generation

As the weight of time begins to press upon our shoulders and we take the time to reflect on our lives lived, what will be our legacy? Have we let anything to our children or grandchildren other than debt and imported toys from China?

How about our health? Are we satisfied with what we see when faced with the mirror, ashamed at our greed? Does the fact that processed food is destroying our health bother us at all? And the lust for flesh keeps the meat factories running night and day as the pharmaceutical companies keep you addicted to their wide-ranging prescribed drugs?

Is this the future that we thought of, dreamed of, planned for? And now, as we look back over so many years, what are we giving to the next generation other than a paper bag of worthless goods? Of addictions to chemically produced food and drink, street drugs, sexual perversion, armed violence, corruption throughout the social strata, nontolerance of differing viewpoints, respect lost for parents and grandparents, unending conflicts that bring misery untold to millions and enrich a few and the list goes on.

This is what we have given to this generation. We are responsible for having planted the seeds and we are now reaping the crops, the fruit of our doings. When did it all begin? When we started to live for self as we put ourselves at the center of life. Look at the selfie images that are plastered all over the social nets and it is showing you a sickening preoccupation love of self! When we read the comments posted, the words that are often used are laced with profanity and intolerant of other views and mostly self-absorbing!

It reminds me of a long-running soap opera, but it does show where society is at, what it thinks and how it reacts, but most importantly of all, where it’s going. Today, we live comfortably when compared to homes thirty or forty years ago and with all the technology at our fingertips, the world is closer than ever before. But where are the hearts that defines what it means to be human? Even now AI is attempting to replace mankind as the dominant species with the help of the man with the goal of becoming a kind of man/machine or better known as transhumanism.

Have we become blinded by technology, indifferent to the sufferings of our fellow man? Are we in the process of losing even as we strive to be winners as Elon Musk proposes the future of man lies in the merging of man and machine? What good will it do to conquer the entire world and yet at the end, depart with nothing? What have we to show for the things that we’ve done, that we created or established? Have we brought this generation further into corruption through our attitudes and self-serving natures and interests?

This is a time for reflective thought, perhaps even a time for a change of heart as the sands of time trickle down the upturned glass. We are still able to look back and tell the ones behind us that they need to change their ways for the better, but isn’t that what we were told as we were growing up? And did we listen? And did we learn?

What is our legacy today? You know very well what we did and didn’t do because the works of our hands confront us every day so what makes us think that this generation will listen? They won’t because we didn’t. We lived for ourselves, our pleasures and we still do today. Our hearts are still centered on self even as the years take their toll. Do we have regrets that are strong enough to bring about changes in the heart? Or do we still attempt to justify selfish living? Do we ignore the poor and impoverished around us as we throw our pool parties and barbecues and lavish vanity upon each other? Does the sight of animal cruelty move your heart to anger and pity but the aborted child isn’t worth the mention?

We can complain about what is happening in our societies today but we have only ourselves to blame and we are guilty of crimes against our neighbors as we gossip and point accusing fingers and make false statements and cause conflicts that will eventually be carried out by our children. And then by our country, because our children are only doing what they learned from us, we taught them to be this way. We are the wayward generation that causes this generation to act as they do.

Think about it.