The Aberrant Christian

The Aberrant Christian

Wegweiser, Lost, Pfeil, Verloren



In the world of modern Christianity, the tendency to compromise is increasing at a phenomenal rate as wave after wave of distorted teachings and progressive ideals flood the body at large, especially in the West, almost, it would seem, with very little resistance! As a matter of fact, many of the so-called “leaders” have put their stamp of approval on many of the liberal thoughts that have permeated the church and are effectively watering down or discarding the original Biblical meanings of much of the Scriptures.

Have you ever heard of the word “Chrislam?” It is a movement being spearheaded by a man by the name of Rick Warren who leads a congregation of 25,000 in Colorado, and he teaches that the Father and Allah are one and the same! Have you heard of Joel Osteen? Feel good about yourself and accept others the way they are and don’t mention sin! These are just two of dozens who are regularly invited on the Christian entertainment circuit to ply their false teachings and rake in the cash while adoring followers cling in vain to their lies and order their books and CDs! Oh yes, there are much more like them, both male and female and all you have to do is turn on your smart TV’s on Sunday morning with a bucket of popcorn and let the show begin!

It is remarkable how so many have fallen away from the truths and yet claim to be believers! The Scriptures have always been the standard for our actions and faith, but now impostors have entered the stage of the Christian Church and have led many into the broad way, themselves leading with colorful banners and trumpet calls, enticing the curious eyes and itching ears and wandering hearts to follow them! And so they do by the score! A constant stream of souls drunk upon the words of new teachings that stem from books such as the supposedly fifth Gospel of Thomas or the book of Enoch and they are pressing into the broad way of destruction! And who can hinder them from going?

They have rejected the truth for the lie and seek only a redeemer who will accept them as they are, no cross involved and no mention of sin welcome. In this poisoned atmosphere of spiritual darkness, everybody is welcome, especially your money and you only need to buy their books, and they’ll explain how God can fulfill your desires. Your desires are the key to God working in your life? No cross necessary? No need to repent of sin? All religions lead to God? The Trinity is God? No need to obey the laws and commandments anymore? Everything is love with no discipline? Acceptation of all with a rebuke for none! Welcome to the world of the aberrant Christian!

I am no longer surprised at how many Christians have fallen away into traditional teachings that are based on twisting the Word and building upon the foundations of paganism. Nor how many pastors are running after prosperity teachings and encouraging others to do likewise! They had forgotten what Jesus had said when He told them not to run out chasing the cries of “Jesus is here or there, or meaning the spirit of Christ, and yet they do, and it is to their shame!

What can be said of this generation of wayward Christians who have left the narrow way to follow theological fables by servants of sin? What has blinded them to follow the teachings of Balaam and to compromise with Baal? Has not the Word of God warned us of the great peril of listening to lies? Has He not warned us of the coming great deception? Did He not warn us that many will fall away? That the love of many shall grow cold? That there will be an increase in knowledge and yet, they shall not learn?

And He was talking to those who claim to be His followers!

Do not be deceived, God will not be mocked by those who take His name in vain and abuse His Word for gain! When a fool plays the Scriptures like a fiddle, he’ll burn in the fires like the devil!

What is stopping the Christian from reading the Bible? What excuse can one have for trifling with the soul’s upcoming destiny to face the Living God? Our lives are only but a fleeting moment in all of the eternity, here today and gone tomorrow and we are extremely careless with that fact! What does it matter what your friends might say as you ponder the Way? It’s far better to have friends faithful to the Lord than to have dozens at the party!

We have established for ourselves the parameters of what we choose to accept and believe and for the most, faith in the one true God, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ is something they tend to avoid or slander. Like wild beasts, they do not understand the Scriptures, so they rend it to pieces and trample the Words under their feet and turn on those who hold to its Holy precepts. They reject the truths contained therein and like the foaming waters that throw themselves against the immovable rocks, reveal their ignoble vanity and darkened minds, and such are the false teachers among the pitiful followers.

Those men and women are adept at placing the Scriptures among their bombastic words and inflammatory speeches that drive their followers into fervent displays of passionate resonance as they, in many cases, literally throw the money down at their feet! The circus of fools attends to the cries of the ringmaster!

There are many false teachers among the bodies of Christ that are scattered throughout the world. Some are easy to discern, and others are ingenious and discreet depending upon the audience. Some are flamboyant, and others are very pious, and still, others talk while the tears run down their faces as they implore you to give for the works of God overseas that they are doing through their ministries! Have you ever seen a detailed report of where that money is going to? Neither have I.

Names like Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyers, Creflo Dollar, Rick Warren, Paula White are among the big names in the business, but in Africa and Asia, they are also abundant and very busy building up their “ministries” as they scour the social networks for new followers and money. And they are successful because the money pours right in around the hour and the modern looks and stage extravaganzas keep the audience locked in tight and the Lord Jesus Christ out!


These are just a few if you would take the time to be informed and warned and from such turn away! They are not servants of Christ but servants of sin and self! They will not enter the Kingdom of Righteousness and neither will you if you are following them! Aren’t you aware of the times that we are living in? Look around you at the increasing violence and moral breakdown of society? Look at the old churches that once rang the bells of liberty and spoke the truths of the gospel but have now been silenced by the liberal progressives and the poisonous lies of compromise! Your future is a dead end road that goes over the edge into the eternal punishment if you remain on the path of compromised theology! Your destruction is assured if you continue to listen to the vanities of the vain such as is to be seen and heard on the two above videos!

But it’s not just the obvious ones, it’s also the ones in the local body of believers who are bringing in strange new doctrines and hidden teachings that aren’t new and are designed only to lure the foolish away into the bog of doctrinal darkness. The modern churches have the sexually immoral situated as pastors and women are replacing the men as leaders. Youths are demanding to be heard, pastors don’t work either inside the church or outside, and the Words of God are being replaced with a social gospel that is completely worthless to save anyone from their sins if in fact they are even mentioned!

 Every church has a prayer leader, a chorus leader, a women’s group leader, men’s group leader, a home leader, and so on and you don’t need it! It is not even Scriptural! The body of Christ consists of many parts, and not all are pastors, preachers, teachers, and prophets, but every believer has a gift, and that gift is to be used to build up the church in faith! And also to establish other bodies of faith for it was never intended to become a super church for super star celebrities as we have today!

Also, it was never intended that one man should rule over the body, but it was to be several men who took turns at preaching and teaching as the Spirit of grace led them, and no one was to receive a salary from the believers except older widows and orphaned children as needed! And if the evangelist came to preach for several days to help establish another body of believers, he was to receive a little to help for a short time! Other than that, the money collected was to help the poor and not to go into church expenses like today or overseas to missionaries with the exception of a once a year gift to help them if they were weak.

Can’t you see just how far modern day Christianity has fallen from the truth? And this is just a poke in the ribs so to speak for there is so much more to teach but the majority will neither listen nor believe because the ears have become hard of hearing! The heart has become fat like a calf too long weaned on its mother’s milk or like the sheep that wander afar because the shepherd sleeps and cares not!

Will any of you read this and take it to heart? Honestly, I don’t think that more than a couple will, but if you do, then think carefully about what you need to do and then start to read the Bible so that you may not be lead astray as so many have already been.

This is a message to you, the aberrant Christian.