Zeit, Time Machine, Verzerrung


Have you ever wished for a second chance in life? If you could start all over again, believing that you’ll possess the knowledge that is needed to avoid the mistakes of the future, would you do it?

Be careful what you wish for if the answer was yes! If you could step back in time, then you would know nothing at all, neither past, present, nor future. You would only be able to see yourself as through a mirror but have no idea of who it is because the very act of removing yourself from the present also removes any memories from the past! Time has changed as you move back, your thoughts are changing as are your molecules and atoms. The brain is being rewired, and your final destiny would be as an observer, not an active participant! Time travel would allow only that, to travel as an observer of the past, but not into the future because the future is the present! It’s like traveling the highway until you reach the end where it goes no further. That is why hindsight is good after you’ve made the experiences necessary in life to bring you this far. And as you come back to the present, you will find yourself in the same exact place as when you left, with the same memories, in short, no changes.

But of tomorrow, nothing can be certain of what may come. Plans will be made, but whether they bear fruit is another entirely different matter! The future is only one second from you, tick tock, tick tock. What is the future? None can say, only that most people wish for a replay.