Be A Part Of It

Herbst, Berge, Glanz


If no man is an island then why do we act like one? A single strand breaks quickly whereas a chord of three binds. A river can only expand when the streams feed into it. No man or woman can stand alone and yet remain a part of humanity without contributing to it. We are all in this together, like it or not and when one suffers, then we all suffer in one way or another. On the individual level, the national and the international and finally, the global. There is no escaping from the works of our hands because science fiction only presents future possibilities and not current facts. There are no “Star Wars, Star Trek, HALO, or Stargates” to fall back upon regardless of all the conspiracy “experts”  and eyewitnesses on the talk circuits! Do we see only what we believe to be true or do we create something to believe in, a type of holographic imagery that may help us to avoid reality for a while? Despite what some may think, we are made of flesh and bone, and when we are struck by an object harder than that, it hurts!

What we choose to believe, makes us in essence, creators of our individual worlds. But what happens when we are confronted by another world that seeks to dominate our world? Or seeks to merge with ours? Or even asks for an alliance? No world can remain alone for without gravity; they shall surely be removed from their place of orbit and so it is the same with us! We cannot remove ourselves out of this world any more than we can by flying to the nearest star which happens to be four light years away! Have men gone to the Moon? Yes, but they also returned for they did not find any way to remain, for life was nonexistent! No one man single-handedly flew there, landed, and returned, it was a team effort, together with Mission Control, ground technicians, engineers, scientists and industrial partners!

Now look at your lives and tell yourself that you don’t need anybody’s help in any way and you never have and I will call you out as a liar! No man or woman is an island, and that is a rock solid fact of life, so it’s time to kick that die hard fantasy out the back door! There are people who choose to move far away from others and break off all contact, but eventually, they need supplies so who do they turn to? There are those sail the seas, preferring the sounds of the wind and waves, but they are sailing in a boat that will need repairs at some point! And there are those in the workplace who shun contact with fellow employees but who also need work-related instructions and interaction. You get the point, I’m sure.

Most of us know about the tough-talking man or woman who won’t take any nonsense, in their opinion, from anybody until a tougher talking one comes along! Or the sharp tongue that has a sarcastic answer for everyone which in turn only reveals serious cracks in their characters and bruised hearts. The loud mouth braggart that only knows words of bravado because the fear of the unknown has him or her on the ropes! The gauntlet of those who want to see themselves as loners are very aware of their need for company, for someone to talk to, and to share their thoughts with. We were not born to walk this world alone, and I don’t care which songwriter wrote otherwise! Why does a man seek a woman? Why does a woman seek a man? Companionship and love, to share hopes and dreams and fears and to stand together as one! And you dare to say that you are an island in the stream of humanity?

When two countries are preparing to go to war, who makes the decision, one man or the governing body? And who does the fighting, the governing body or the men and women serving in the military? And who suffers the most? The citizens of both countries, men, women, and children. The crops are destroyed, the animals slaughtered, the environment poisoned, and the infrastructure lays in the rubble. And they all suffered collectively as one! As I’ve said earlier; we are all in this together.

The United States and North Korea are facing off while the rest of the world watches from the sidelines, waiting with breathless anxiety to see who pulls the trigger first, but does the world think about the nuclear fallout? Which way the wind blows just very well may determine who shoots first. Everybody will be affected as the weather travels around the globe carrying its deadly cargo with it and all will feel its effects, whether in one second or one month. Do you think that once a nuclear exchange begins that it will remain between the two? China and Russia have no intentions of being blindsided as neither England or France or Pakistan and India or even Israel! Once the genie’s bottle is unscrewed, the demons of chaos and carnage will be free to do their diabolical work and no man, woman, or child will be safe! How many must perish because of the ignorant stupidity of a handful of men and women? One billion? Two billion? Three billion or more? Who is counting? Who will be keeping score? What will be accomplished other than wiping out large portions of the earth and making it inhabitable for those looking to rebuild? And if the “leaders” of this insanity have survived, over what will they rule? No cities standing, no laws, no fresh food or water, no businesses nor banks to loan money to rebuild, no highways or rail tracks, no industries! In other words, the infrastructures would be completely destroyed, so money has no value! And even among this all, still, no man is an island because safety is only to be found in numbers and the heart longs for companionship, love, and security.

So ask yourselves this; Do you want to be an island in the stream and be swept away when the floods come or do you want to stand shoulder to shoulder with your fellow man and be a part of this world? The only way things can change is if we all stand together. So let the fantasies go and take hold of the reality. You were not born to die as a solitary man, but to live and to contribute to this world in which you live. Besides, it’s the only home in the known universe that you have, destroy it, and it’s gone, along with you. You cannot afford to be alone when the world you live on is at stake, so instead, be a part of it.

Erde, Planet, Welt, Globus, Weltkugel