From Sunset to Sunset, Another Day Passes

From Sunset to Sunset, Another Day Passes


And so we live out our days doing the works that we have chosen to do, paying the bills for the items we charged and speaking of things that interest us the most, and yet, something seems to be missing.

Is our laughter a little too loud at the summer grill? Have our friends become a bit too intrusive? Has the passion for the husband or wife become dimmed and are we weary of seeing the same landscape day after day?

Do we find the same thoughts that dominate our day also take the week in stride, the same fears on Monday are still there on Friday? And has sleep fled when we close our eyes so that the dreams are restless and broken and the past swells up, and we long for a replay?

The same thing every day will eventually wear you out just as never opening the window causes the air to remain stale! Watching the same programs puts the mind in a fixed state of repetition, unable to clearly focus on events beyond the horizon that are coming your way!

Living in the mold of our creation also sets the limits of what we are willing to learn or accept and from the highest point, we can observe our surroundings and pass comment, but to venture out is another thing!

Perhaps it’s the fear of the unknown that’s causing us to remain safely within our established walls. Maybe “dragons” are lurking beyond the hills that we see and safety has opted over reckless temptations, but whatever road your thoughts take, pick one and take the first step.

Are you feeling sad? Then step outside and take a walk among the forest and fields or upon the quiet country road and breathe in the life that you can hear! Are you searching for someone to share your life with? What have you to offer him or her? People who live in stagnation generally pull their luggage behind them, and the point of balance is uncertain as are their mood swings! You might be the center of your world so just how big is it?

One of the biggest problems in life is the self-centered heart. What can I get out of it or what’s in it for me? I once knew a man who couldn’t keep a woman in his life, no matter how he “tried!” And the reason? They had to be there to tend to his ego, his obsession with himself made him very insecure and needy, but this behavior drove the women away, and so they were to blame for his failures. He needed a “man sitter” if I may use that term without alluding to sex! It made him very susceptible to strong-willed women who could easily play with his pliable emotions.

How do you act around others? Do you want to be seen as tough or tender-hearted? Open or closed? Wounded but defiant? Strong but weak? Loudmouthed or quiet? The point is, you alone will define your attitude towards others based on how you see yourself! So what do you see when you look into the mirror? An outward reflection until you gaze into your eyes, for they are the open windows to the heart. The outward is only concerned with appearances whereas the heart will reveal the person, provided he or she opens the door to permit an entrance.

And there is the core of the problem, the heart. It’s far more than a muscle pumping blood throughout the body, it not only keeps us alive by sustaining our organs but it also harbors the deepest and most intimate thoughts of what we are as a human being! When someone “breaks” your heart, the pain can be intense and life changing because you literally feel it there and not in the mind! All the emotions that you feel can be felt in the heart such as love, trust, pain, uncertainty, hope, sadness, and joy, just to name a few. The mind works out the details, the heart the emotions!

So as you begin a new day, the heart will speak to your mind and the prerequisites for the day will become established and how you see it through will determine the time spent, either with yourself or with the world at large. It’s never been about yourself but rather, how you interconnect with others around you! Don’t be so preoccupied with the singularity but seek the plurality in your life and you will be amazed at how rich you’ll become as the world in which you live grows exponentially!

New ideas and friends, new thoughts and adventures, new goals and laughter! Don’t waste time on macro interpreting your life, you’ll only bring yourself down to despair, and every little detail becomes a mountain of monumental proportions! The cry of “Woe is me” will surely become a snare for the ones caught in the web of self-pity!

Live, for that is why you have been given this life and do good to others by taking the time to know each other and don’t hesitate to lend a helping hand because the hand you’re holding is the one that’s holding yours!

From sunset to sunset, another day passes, so don’t let it pass without you being a part of the day itself.