The Enemies Within

As the world changes so will America even as she is being attacked from without and within. Again and again, she is being confronted with forces that are not representative of the traditional way of life and are determined to overthrow and replace them with the current global trend of rising Islam which is a political/religious sect of the most extreme sort! And in America, the progressives are pitted against the conservatives for her future, and the fractures are widening, and the violence is increasing, and the hatred is flowing in the universities and on the streets. The United States of America is being ripped into divisive districts, pitting states against each other and against the Federal government with some governors acting as separate heads of state and many “Democrats” pouring vials of poisonous acts and talks of treason against a duly elected President! America is now truly at the crossroads, and if this madness does not cease, then she will die as a nation and her enemies will gloat over her remains, and the Muslims will have established their dominance as they worship their false “god” and trample the Christians into the mud! IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT? And now the charlatan Obama is trying to lead the battle to overthrow President Trump through his network of community organizers as he sees himself as the best man fit to destroy America through assimilation of all things that stand against the definition of America! If things continue the way they are going, then prepare yourselves for a civil war that will rip her into pieces. Islam is no friend, the LGBT agenda is abhorrent, abortion is murder. The prosperity preachers of the Christian faith need to be put in jail for stealing from the poor, all Mosques need to be closed down, CAIR needs to be banned as well as all Islamic political organizations and the preaching of the gospel is needed if this nation is to survive the next ten years! Bring the men and women of the armed forces back home and use them to help rebuild the infrastructure. Shut down the Department of Education and audit the Federal Reserve! These are just a few things which need to be done to slow down the insanity that is being driven by the liberalists and progressives and so-called “Democrats” which by the way, have sold themselves out a very long time ago to the global agenda as well as more than a few Republicans! Perhaps you think that I’m intolerant? I most certainly am against the poison that is sweeping the land and I, for one, have taken my stand without apologies! When the enemies attack America from within and without, should I put my head between my knees and bare my back to the whips of foreign “gods” and murderous feminists who have slain over 55 million of America’s finest? Should I cower before the perverted agenda of the LGBT? Should I welcome the attacks against the police forces who have been relentlessly demonized and handcuffed by politicians? I will not bow down to the demons that are ripping America into pieces! The only way out is to go back to the roots of this nation and seek the God of our fathers, the Father of Jesus Christ and to turn from our wicked ways before this nation is consumed by the raging fires of hate! This nation must repent of her violent ways before she goes out as did Babylon, Assyria, Parthia, Greece, Rome, Charlemagne, Germany, England and now the American Empire is about to fall if she does not repent of her wicked ways! Allah is not a “god” and Islam will destroy you as is to be seen through the works of the IS! Don’t be fooled by their words which are carefully crafted lies to the infidels, which you are! Be warned America that your doom is approaching if you do not turn around and repent of your wickedness! Remember Ninevah! Read the Book of Jonah in the Bible and be warned! Read about Sodom and Gomorrah and be warned! Read the Book of Jeremiah and be warned! Read the four Gospels and be warned! Read the Book of Romans and be warned! Read the Book of Revelation for, in it, you will read of your future destruction! If you do not turn around, then you will die in your sins despite the “happy preaching” your lying shepherds teach you! Despite your “spiritual powers,” despite your good works! Nothing will be able to save you when the wrath of God comes upon America because of her wickedness! Now is the time to repent before the sword falls! Who knows, perhaps He will hold the sword back for a little while if the nation as a whole repents!