America Has Turned Her Back on God

Even though the video is several years old, the message is the same, but instead of people waking up and repenting, they are becoming worse in their behavior, their lifestyles and their attitudes. The acts of blatant disrespect for the authorities, violent protests against anyone or anything, they just need a pretense to act like thugs, and off they go to destroy property and afflict injury on the helpless! The open calls of threats to the President by members of Congress no less! I mean to say that America has reached a new low in its rebellion against God and His Son!  But still, it’s not enough! The people of the land are giving themselves over and without restraint to the works of darkness as if something has overpowered their minds, rendering them helpless to resist the onslaught of evil! The leaders of the land are bound in chords of corruption and sewn tight in the money sacks of greed and are happily bedding every man and woman whore in the circles of power while preening their images before the running cameras!

And yet the cry of “God Bless America” can be heard from the rooftops as the people commit their whoredoms across the land! As they bow down to images of Buddha on their lawns and in their homes! As they turn to a worthless “god” named Allah who in the past was better known as “Baal!” The results are still the same, the sword or submit! Most of the Shepherds of the Christian faith have wandered after the sins of the world, and only a few still know the way to life, while the others have made a pact with death!

America prides herself on her military. Well, so did Assyria, Persia, Imperial Rome and many others and their remains can be found in the annals of history. Are you aware that America is mentioned in the Book of Revelation? She is known as Babylon the Great, not the Vatican or China or Saudi Arabia. Are you also aware that the ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah can still be clearly seen today at the head of the Dead Sea? Or that artifacts can still be found in the waters of the Red Sea where the Israelites crossed over as the Pharaoh pursued them? Were you aware that the Parthian Empire’s Kings were related to Mary and Joseph? And are you aware that the blessings of God will be held back from the nation that takes pleasure in sin, such as America? He will continue to work with individuals, but as a nation, America is staggering like a drunken woman at the spring break orgies on the beaches at 11 PM, looking for her next lover!

Do you care? Evidently not because the sins are piling up like manure in the barnyard and the swarms of flies darken the skies as they settle to glut themselves on the odor of waste! The same thing is happening across the land as the inhabitants set themselves down to feast on the newest films and sitcoms of filth and murder and debauchery while devouring plates of flesh from the slaughtered animals! They can’t get enough! But soon, the judgment will appear, and then fear will overtake the arrogance as you see the defenses crumble and your nakedness for all the world to witness.

For you scorners and proud of heart, read the Book of Revelation and every time it mentions Babylon, look in the mirror.