Darkness or Light; Which Shall It Be?

Eisen, Stahl, Ketten, Rost, Metall


Who can deny the events that are taking place before our eyes today? Only those with a penchant for ignorance and blindness! We have moved into the realm of chaos and ruin, and the shadows are long and cold to the touch as we walk along, casually indifferent, too preoccupied with ourselves to give more than a passing glance. Even as rumors of impending wars reach our ears and are seen through our eyes, we still live as though we’ll be here tomorrow, but that can all change in a few seconds. Are we prepared?

As I wander through the various halls in the social media world, it never ceases to amaze me at how much time is being spent on trivial matters and love of self! It is now fully apparent as to why we are so obsequious about our surroundings, again, the love of self. It’s as though we are walking around with a looking glass in one hand and the smartphone in the other and we are the most important person in the world, and our “friends” need to know what we are doing and thinking so that our names become an acronym for vanity! That we have placed ourselves upon the highest citadel in the Acropolis of pride from where we may rule with impunity all within our established borders, the world of our making!

But invariably, the walls of glass become shattered when the make-believe world is struck with the reality of life, throwing the virtual reality unto the floor amongst the shattered pieces of what once was our delusional home! Then the cold winds are felt, and we are exposed, as are our dreams to the fact that life must be accepted as its presented and not as we wish it to be. This world of which we are very much a part of is fracturing before our very eyes and the large cracks of division that have appeared in every nation, despite man’s best endeavors, are continually widening.  The seas of humanity are restless, and the pounding of the surf is deafening as it hurls itself upon the rocks and the hearts of men have become weakened by the fear of tomorrow, and that is just another reason to live in a world of virtual reality and love of self!

Today, as war with North Korea seems to be inevitable and Russia and China are putting their pieces in place, and most of the armies of the world are on a spending spree for the best killing machines, what are we doing to stop the madness? Nothing! We can’t do anything about it but play patriotic songs and go along with the media propaganda and turn on each other like rabid dogs and post everything on the social media platforms! The madness is contagious, and we don’t need to watch the apocalypse films for the zombies are already among us! The diseases we fear are wreaking havoc among the populations, and the horrifyingly sexual attacks stun the imagination as we see the brutal remains of the victims! The threats of the North Koreans to launch nuclear attacks against anyone who dares to speak against them is the nightmare of those who created those weapons! And the madness is increasing at a very rapid pace because man is violent in nature and actions and there is no difference between a man of China and a man from America other than politics, religion, and culture, but the character of all men is the same. If we were to strip the man of all three of the defining points of nationality, would there be room for strife? For hate? For war? Sadly enough, yes. Man would find a reason to subjugate his neighbor, and it can all be wrapped up in one word, covetousness.

Covetous    1.Excessively and culpably desirous of the possession of another. 2.Marked by extreme desire to acquire or posses.

Greed is man’s number one self-created problem. He has and has not and will take it by force if necessary when words and threats are not sufficient. We can all acknowledge this to be true for we have applied it ourselves to others at one time or another and because of this very attitude do we have strife and contentions and conflicts and wars. As I’ve already said, it’s in our nature, our character and no matter how pleasant we might be, it will show itself sooner or later because preservation of self is the most important aspect in the heart of man.

And because this preservation of self is of the utmost priority, man has made himself to be a god in his own universe where he reigns supreme amidst the ongoing chaos without. He establishes his laws, appoints his protectors, defines his morals and acts as judge, jury, and executioner and demands absolute obedience to his dictates and tolerates no dissension among his subjects, that is, in his virtual world. It may also be used to describes the selfie world, the “snowflakes,” the liberalists, the socialists, the communists, the conservatives, the neocons, the technocrats, the global elite, powerful CEO’s of global mega companies, the dictators, religious fanaticism, the “preppers,” the war mongers, and all politicians and many more! We are our little world! Each and every one of us and we tend to rule as we see fit with a little compromise here and there because we are self-centered and all others within our sphere of influence need to recognize us as the center! The ego-centrist! That is our nature, and it is the center of who we are, whether on the public stage or the private pedestal. And that is the core of our many problems and also why we can’t seem to solve those problems!

But I can assure you that there is away, a much better path that takes you from self and brings you into a realm where you can learn what peace and trust are about. A place where the burdens that you carry will fall away and the noise of the world fades into nothingness, and your heart finally quiets, and the beats now give you a purpose in life other than self-preservation. It is to be found through faith in the works and person of Jesus the Messiah, the Son of the Living God. The stone that the builders rejected became the cornerstone. In Him is life for He is the way, the truth, and the life and there is no other way despite what men will say. All other faiths in the world are based on man-made ideals, but the Christ came from heaven to reveal the Father’s will unto all men for the Father’s will is for all men to be saved from their sins. In the simplest term means, their lawless ways or rebellion against Him through the breaking of His laws and commandments.  Jesus the Christ is the only way that you can break free from the self-centered life, the life of sin wandering in the wilderness, a life without meaning other than self. He alone has the answers to all of your questions, and only He can bring you home to the Father. All other ways are dead ends, and there are no compromises with other religions, no acceptance of their ways or beliefs, neither tolerant of their deadly poisons which have already seduced many into delusional trances!

The way of the cross is the only way as He pointed out. He is the door to the sheepfold. He is the true shepherd and the true vine, and without Him, you can do nothing. When you believe in and on Him, then the journey of a lifetime begins. There will be many ups and downs, often stumbling and doubts will plague the mind and the call to give up will, again and again, be whispered in the ear, but the hand of the one holding you will not let go because He knows your heart and understands you more than you know yourself. The way is not easy but He is there to keep you on the straight and narrow way and though many have turned back, you must not because you know you had no hope, but now you do! The way of the cross will take you home, and He has also given you the book of life, His Word, the Bible. It will accompany you the entire journey as well as the spirit of grace if you remain steadfast despite the trials and weaknesses you’ll have to endure.

So many have begun the journey and have given up and turned back, but you must not! The Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyan illustrates the journey quite well, and although written in the 16th century, it is still speaking today. So if you are looking for the way out of a world that is going steadily insane and you have had enough of the self-centered life, don’t go wandering through the world’s dead religions but turn to the One who can give you life, Jesus the Christ. He alone can save you and free you from the shackles of darkness and sin and can cleanse you from all past guilt and lawless living. Open the Word of God to page one and start to read the Bible for it is the written Word and Jesus is the Living Word, and He lives today in the hearts of those who welcomed Him in. Don’t let the ways of the world keep you in bondage to sin. Break the shackles through faith and don’t ignore His voice as it speaks to your heart. Darkness or Light, which shall it be?


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