Challenge The Intellectual Block

There are so many mysteries left to be discovered in the world, so many ancient ruins and far too many questions that the alchemists’ (scientist) can’t even begin to answer when challenged to come out of their controlled environments! Which is why we were born with intelligence that should increase with time and inquiring minds that should never cease to seek answers to the questions that probe our curiosity!

To think broad and wide, we need to step out of the shoebox that education has placed us in, that is conformity to evolutionary theology. And anything that steps beyond the accepted boundaries is to be declared intellectual heresy and to be ridiculed and denied by the “experts” in their respective fields, irrespective of any evidence presented! So, it is up to the individual to state his case, to present his or her arguments and let the audience be allowed the option to weigh in on the matter instead of being led by the establishment as mice would be in the labs!

In the area of Archaeology, for example, there are thousands of artifacts that just don’t line up with current views on man’s’ evolutionary progress. Hundreds of ruins that can’t be explained or even properly dated and drawings and etchings that inflame the minds of the ufologists and stump the minds of the professors!

There have been found human skeletons more than thirty-six feet in length that defy the protocols of evolutionary thought throughout the world, and the evidence is overwhelming as to a worldwide flood that indeed did cover the entire planet back in history! The possible remains of unbelievably huge trees that once covered the earth, as well as the Phoenicians who came from the “Fertile Crescent,” were on the North American continent long before the Chinese or Vikings showed up! What of the mega giant ruins in Siberia or Admiral Byrds claim of seeing vegetation and forests in the Antartica!

Nanoparticles, String Theory, Quantum Physics, Dark Matter, hydrogen on the moons of Jupiter, Gravitational lenses and so much more! Are you aware of the fact that only ten percent of our oceans and seas have been explored? And if the Moon is supposedly three billion years old, why is there less than three inches of dust on its surface and why is it moving steadily away from the earth? That in the ancient records they describe Mars and Venus as passing so close to the earth that features could be made out?

So I ask you this; What do we KNOW? Isn’t it time to learn how to learn instead of parroting our entire lives away into useless phrases and repetitive actions? Or were we born to pay taxes, obey the system and then die? We have been living in a closed world of pre-ordained teachings where going outside of the box literally made you an outsider, a “doesn’t fit in” person! It needs to stop if you want to go on!

Then I challenge you to wake up and look around you by leaving the things you know and press into the things you don’t! Never let the fear of the unknown stop you from taking the steps to intellectual enlightenment and independent thought! We are only using between 7% and 10% of our brains capacity, at most! What are we doing with the rest of it, keeping our feet on the ground?

If you know that the chemicals in your soft drinks are slowly poisoning your minds, then why do you continue to drink them? When you know that too much sugar will cause diabetes, why won’t you change your eating habits? If you know that a lack of exercise will weaken your body, why won’t you move, literally! Because you feel comfortable in your surroundings and it is the same exact attitude when it comes to exploring outside of the mental box, you don’t feel comfortable outside of the box, and new and strange things unsettle you. It’s better to be safe than sorry and easier to go with the flow than against it!

But I say to you, GO AND EXPLORE THE WORLD! Challenge current curriculum and university thinking! Step away from the Discovery Channel and so-called documentaries that are being funded by groups and organizations committed to the evolutionary model of man’s progress! Step out into the unknown and learn the facts that are being ignored by those willing to remain ignorant and take the jump and start new conversations on man, earth, and the cosmos!

I’m not encouraging you into astral projections or nudging you into old age esoterics, but I am encouraging you to challenge the intellectual fortresses that block you from seeing what’s out there and start to learn again because the mind is a terrible thing to waste.