The Worthless Watchmen

The tower stands high, perched on the knoll overlooking the valley below. It is there to warn the inhabitants of danger and to provide a place of refuge in times of trouble. But of what use is it when there is no man standing watch?  The purpose of which it had been built has now been discarded and abandoned as unnecessary in the new age of enlightenment and prosperity. The voices of reason and temperance have culled the fears of the villagers in the valley by telling them that peace and wealthy living is the future. All is well, and with that, the people began to live carelessly, too preoccupied in the pursuit of worldly goods to see the storms clouds moving in over the peaks which surrounded their valley of prosperity.

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Scrabo Tower, Turm, Newtownards, Scrabo

Peace in the valley while the clouds of evil intentions broil behind the mountains that provide a solid wall of defense for the careless at heart. If the watchman was at his post, he could warn the people of what is coming. But the watchman is not there, and the tower remains silent and the warning bell does not ring, and the people have little thought of the great danger they will soon be facing. The watchman is not standing watch, and the tower holds a silent vigil and the people pursue their vanities, and the rulers drink their wines.

Can you hear the wind as it mournfully passes through the valley and over the walls of the lower fortress where the leaders of the land devise new ways to oppress the burdens of the people? Can you hear the wind as it circles the tower upon the knoll, searching the cracks and sweeping into the dusty stairwell that leads to the top, searching for a voice to pass its message to? The enemy is coming, and he brings death and destruction and will leave nothing behind, neither man nor woman nor child. He will slaughter all that breathes because of the arrogance and pride of the valley whose wealth is known throughout the farthest regions. The valley had sent its armies to rape and pillage and destroyed  other villages when they had refused its demands and had made itself wealthy through treachery and bribes and in its arrogance has said,  “there is none like me!”

The watchman who was supposed to be holding the watch for the protection of the valley has become ensnared by the wealth and has joined those who feast at tables richly set with the finest of food and drink. Clothed in rich apparel and honored by all as they speak with well-articulated words of peace and prosperity, and the pride of the eyes flows in. And with wealth comes influence and then comes the pride and arrogance. And when the sword falls upon the land, they will be the very first to run in fear for they know that the sword has come to seek them, for they had betrayed the valley by betraying the trust of the inhabitants for personal gain.

This is not a message of peace and comfort, prosperity and wealth, of blessings and health, but this is a message of what is going to come upon the land that has cast aside the Lord God of heaven and earth and have despised His laws and commandments and have forsaken the good way. Who have called good evil and evil good and who have plunged into the sea of debauchery and have set up Sodom and Gomorrah in their midst and placed the idols of the past once again upon the high places and in their homes. This is a message for hard hearts and foul words, of unbridled lusts and love for violence. To corruption and those who take bribes to deny justice to the poor. To those who sacrifice the unborn on altars dedicated to “Moloch,” the ancient Canaanite “god” who caused many to stumble and perish in the flames of righteous indignation! To the followers of “Baal,” better known today as “Allah,” who subjugates with the sword and seduces with the flesh! This is a message to those who will mock God and scorn His Son, Jesus, even as they prepare the sword of judgment against the inhabitants of the land. This is a message to those who speak arrogant words and tread down the righteous laws and commandments only to replace them with the worthless words of human rights! This is a message to the worthless shepherds who seek only their own, who eat the flesh of the sheep and drink their blood and give them muddy water to drink and burnt grass to eat! This is a message to those who compromise the faith by doctrines that are abhorrent in the eyes of whom we have to deal with! This is a message to those who “rest in the Lord” by ignoring His just decrees and love all without the defining spirit of grace and warnings of judgment!

But above all, it is a warning to the worthless watchmen that your days are numbered and the hour of your departure is at hand and still, will you carouse with the ungodly and promote yourself to garner the attention that you crave? The spirit of Christ that you claim to possess will be the one to condemn you! The Book of Life will deny you a place therein even as you denied the precepts of the Living God, only to replace them with your counterfeit theology of wealth and prosperity and peace! Your spiritual knowledge will be thrown upon the rocks as you realize that you knew nothing at all in your vanity and pride!

O worthless watchman, where will you run to when the rocks begin to fall upon your heads, and your words of corruption are choked off, and the light of life fades from your eyes? You have failed to warn the people of the land against wickedness and lawlessness. You have failed to teach the laws and commandments of God. You have compromised the truths by accommodating lies. You have destroyed many and have led them into rebellion because of your sins! And still, will you not turn back?

Worthless Watchman who has abandoned the tower to serve the flesh, you will reap that which you have sown, for as you have not seen fit to warn the inhabitants of the land of their wicked ways, the sword will not speak when it strikes you.


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