The New Age of Christianity

The New Age of Christianity


It’s been over two thousand years since Jesus left and in that time the church that He grounded has fallen into disrepair, confusion, politically correct thinking. Acceptance of sexual immorality, feminism, sodomy, CEO attitudes from church “leaders,” a watered down gospel that is socially acceptable The “God loves me the way I am” claim, thereby avoiding the cross, and promoting the gospel of love without discipline.

An era in which speaking the truth will bring cries of hatred and bigotry and accusations of intolerance towards the newly repacked vices that have swamped the church. A time of which any speech made will come under intense scrutiny by those who wish to be seen as faithful promoters of the faith and will condemn the choice of words used.

This is the time of the Laodicean Age, the time of great compromises and deceit. A time when sound teachings are being rebuked and replaced by words and deeds that encourage the people to remain in sin, that is, rebellion. A time when those who cry out and warn others will be condemned and frowned upon and hindered in the work, especially by those who profess to keep the faith.

But it is also the time not to back down, it is the time to stand firm by not giving way for the Lord Himself called us to be faithful unto the end! He specifically warned us about the broad and narrow way that all followers would be presented with and many are those who have chosen the broad way, and only a few take the narrow! All the authors of the Christian era warned us about these times and they are now here and astonishingly, many are completely ignorant of what is taking place and are living under the lies that are present within the different parts of the body!

The spiritual blindness is great within the professing believers because of a willingness to promote new “knowledge,” that is, esoteric teachings. The prosperity teachings which promote a love of the world or worldly wealth has drawn many into its sphere of influence. The Charismatic teachings place spirituality over substance and leave them open to deceitful dreams and pretentious authority. And the list goes on, but the truth of the matter is simply this; If they refuse the truth, only the lie remains! The Bible is the written word, and many refuse to read it thereby opening themselves to spiritual blindness and lawlessness! Many are taught that the laws of God were nailed to the cross of the Christ and don’t realize that it was the man-made traditions that were nailed, along with God’s Son! The laws of God were never discarded which is why we had been warned of increasing lawlessness! And He was not talking of human laws, but of His laws and commandments! And what happens when we ignore them? Lawlessness shall prevail and along with it, spiritual blindness! He warned us about the blind leading the blind, about sleeping in the light! We were warned about the servants of sin masquerading as messengers of the light, about the wolves among the sheep.

He also warned us about going in through the door and not climbing over the wall. We were warned about those who would deny the power of the cross! We were warned about increasing sexual perversion and were told to avoid it. There are no Christians who walk in darkness and practice immorality! None! Those who claim to be followers of the Christ are liars and deceivers, but the new age Christians not only welcome them into their midst but also promote the perversion, thereby bringing wrath and condemnation upon their heads!

Being willfully ignorant is akin to being happily stupid! The lack of common sense can be attired with foolishness and wandering in circles can be defined by witlessness! And yet, these words are an offense to the ones who say that we need to walk in love and that such words drive those who are offended away! But they are already lost in their blindness and sin and have been snared by their flesh and should soft and acceptable words pull them out of the fire? If you saw a house burning with their inhabitants, are you going to softly call them to come out while you stand in the street? Of course, you wouldn’t! You would race into the flames and cry out to them and try to save as many as you could find! But today, that is the wrong way; you need to speak to them in love while the flames are engulfing them and still, they will not listen to you! You try to pull them out, but they resist you even as your hands are burnt and your clothing is being attacked by the heat! And as the flames take them away, you can hear their faint cries as they finally realize the fools they were for not heeding the warning cries and rejecting the help, but instead had been led astray by words of deceit.

Forget the lackluster passion of the day and speak boldly the words that may turn a wandering Christian back to the truths!  Away from the shining lures of new age Christianity, away from the compromising ones, away from the hypocrites, away from the perverted ones and show them the risen one, Jesus, the Messiah and His righteous works done in faith so as to give glory to the Father!

Give them the written Word of God, the Bible, so that they may see the living word of God, Jesus His Son and thereby receive the spirit of grace also called the spirit of holiness that will lead them into perfect salvation through acts of faith! For works without faith are just as bad as faith without works just as love without discipline will spoil the believer and lead them into a false sense of security and take them off of the path of life.

If these words are hard to swallow, then they were not meant for you, but if they prick the heart then the message has found a hearer. Act now before the excuses have time to mount a defense and pull you back into the well of compromise!

As always, it’s your choice.