The Compromising Christians Or The Way Of Deceit

The easiest road is the one most traveled upon, and compromise is the oil that keeps the machinery going. Today that can be seen so clearly in the world of the compromising Christian who have discarded the Word of God, that is the Bible and have replaced it with a spiritual counterfeit that places man above God’s Word! And how many new age Christians have fallen for this eons old trick? Many without number even as they raise “holy hands” while ignoring all of His commandments and laws! There is a spirit inside the many Christian Churches, but it is not the Holy Spirit of the Living Christ but, rather a counterfeit that is there to lead many into spiritual darkness and to ultimate defeat by impersonating the very one the Christians claim to serve! Sounds unreal to you? Then it is time for you to wake up and come into the light!

The Bible that is, the entire Bible was written to warn all mankind of the error of his ways. It shows the past, present, and future in one volume without compromising the truths set within despite the ongoing continual attacks to discredit the Bible, but to no avail! All attacks have been successfully repulsed by the Word itself! So many Christians like to say that the Old Testament is obsolete for today and that only the New Testament is relevant and that way of thinking opens the door to spiritual blindness and with that comes the works of deceit that so many prosperity teachers use so well in luring the silly into their spheres of influence! When you replace the truth with a scripture coated lie, it becomes so much easier to manipulate the foolish and unlearned followers to follow a different Christ, and even those who claim to be spiritually mature have been swept away, and they still can’t see, even to this day as they promote their perception of truth!

There are without number pastors, preachers, ministers, teachers, evangelists, laymen, feminists, sodomites and YouTube personalities who all have their own takes and agendas as they wheel and deal God’s Word to their advantage and most of them are wildly off course but, still, in their spiritual blindness maintain that they have been called to the ministry by the One they disobey! Hypocrisy in the finest grandeur of luxury as they pump you of your money and your common sense by the wily handling the Word for profit! Ignoring the precepts of the law and the commandments because of the lies that Martin Luther promoted in the Reformation. i.e. Only through grace, works need not apply! A distortion of grace and mercy based on an abhorrence of the cross and its effects and legacy are still with us today!

I am not saying that all do this but, the vast majority of professing Christians have left the way of the cross and have taken the easiest route by climbing over the wall instead of going through the door. They claim the faith as their traditional right but do all to avoid the persecution that comes with discipleship; it’s called compromising, salt which has lost its flavor. I’m going to list a few things that some of you are possibly not aware of, and maybe it might help you to understand why the Christian faith has become weak and inefficient in today’s world of Christian entertainment and feel good philosophy and why you need to leave the churches and start meeting at homes.

  • If a man does not work, then he shall not eat. How many so-called “leaders” live off the flock?
  • A woman shall not have authority over a man within the body. How many feminists are “pastoring” today?
  • The love of money is the root of all evil. How do the prosperity teachers live?
  • Do not allow the sexually immoral to be in your midst. How many sodomites and lovers of the flesh teach and preach among you and stain your love feasts?
  • Keep My laws and commandments. How many of you won’t?
  • Keep My Sabbaths. How many of you do? Saturday is the last day of the week, Sunday being the first! In America, please look at your calendars.
  • The church is not a one-man show. How many are being run as such?
  • Look after your neighbors in need. Why should you send your donations overseas when the need is greater down the street?
  • The Lord, your God, is one. Then why are you accepting foreign “gods” such as Allah into your midst? Chrislam? Teachings of Buddha?
  • My house shall be called a house of prayer. Then why have you turned it into a house of merchandise? Book sales, bake sales, clothing sales, etc.
  • Study the Word to prove yourselves worthy to handle the truths contained therein. But instead, “Christian” authors promote their works and steal your time.
  • Teach the Word with fervent hearts. It has been replaced with worthless jargon designed to pacify the spirit and coat the sins. The social man-centered gospel.
  • Expose the works of darkness. It has been replaced with cries of intolerance and hate speech.
  • Do not act effeminate. However, men need to be more feminine, hence the trend towards transsexualism
  • God created man and woman. But today anything goes because God made me this way! Sodomite, Lesbian, bisexual, trans-sexual and so on.
  • God calls us to repentance, to turn from sin, i.e. rebellion. Today, God accepts me the way I am.
  • Pray fervently. How many prayer meetings have turned into the gossip hour?
  • When a brother stumbles and sins, bring him back lest he remains in sin. How many have been pushed away and cast aside by pointing fingers and runny mouths?
  • A city set on a hill cannot be hidden, but many are trying to hide what they claim to profess by compromise.
  • The Bible is God’s Word to mankind and especially to the believer. But many have taken it as they see fit, picking and choosing and discarding the rest.
  • The Bible is the final authority and the standard to live by. But the spirit of compromise chooses its own way

And the list just goes on because the spirit of compromise is deeply ingrained and the truth is being soundly rejected by the very ones who claim to have the truth! In the body there is a shepherd or pastor, a teacher, and a prophet but, today there is only the pastor who receives money for all of his needs not to mention vacations! That is not to be! You are not called to sustain him as he teaches traditions and lies and brings entertainment to you! He is called to take care of his family, not you and he is to provide for all of their needs, not you! And a man who will not take care of his family is worse than a dog! So teaches the scriptures!

In light of the downward spiral of the churches, it is better to meet at private homes with small groups and tend to the needs within and then to the needs of the neighborhood than to be milked by churches with high costs and dicey expenses and CEO budgets. You will find the Christian faith in humility and humble hearts and not in wealth, entertainment, traditions, and lawlessness. This is another wake-up call to the lazy church, the lawless church, the compromising church, the man-centered church! Stop calling yourselves New Testament Churches because you do not do the works of the first nor do you have the faith that they possessed and why? Because you have rejected His laws and commandments and have established yourselves on vain teachings based on distortions of Scripture and have truly become blind guides of the blind!

Wake up because the hour is drawing near and lawlessness is abounding, both within the church and in the world and the love of many is growing cold even as hearts turn away. And the spirit of compromise has greatly weakened the message of repentance because warning of sin is hurting the people and your leaders live off the flock. You have heard another warning about this style of Christianity and if you don’t listen and read the Bible yourself, the entire Bible, then you also shall be swept away into the coming Great Deception, and the end of that era will be your destruction. Take heed.