We Have Voices

We have a voice and together, our voices can be heard but, we are sorely divided so that our voices have become distorted and garbled and we have been broken into so many camps of opposition that unity is a seemingly impossible goal. And yet, the Indians in North Dakota are doing it despite the massive Federal and State pushbacks and use of violent measures, arrests, and fines! For a short time, America was united behind Trump but now, has fallen victim to the innumerable squalls and bickerings with business leaders and politicians setting up their own camps of resistance to him and his policies. Europe is on the edge of breaking apart because the people are sick of their leaders pushing and prodding them like cattle to places they have no desire to go! Russia has had enough of NATO encircling them and China ‘s expansion outwards strains the military hegemony of the United States even as North Korea threatens nuclear annihilation upon its neighbors! Where has the voice of reason fled to? In fear from the barrels of guns!

Humanity is losing its grip on sanity, is losing ground to increasing violence and we are witnesses to the incoming Tsunami of immoral filth and degradation of virtue! And yet we act as if this is just a part of life and accept it even as we cower in fear from it! Where are the voices that will unite and condemn the madness? Will the Presidents of the world stand shoulder to shoulder or will they push and posture in hopes of gaining the advantage over the others? And what they do as individuals, we will do as nations! Are we to believe that an “elected” politician along with the government are able to deliver what they so often vainly promise, that is, peace? Because shortly after taking control, its the same song and dance being played by the same band on the same world stage! Where are the voices that need to condemn this madness? Why won’t the people stand united in calling for the world to disarm itself from nuclear weapons? Because its the ultimate punch carried by the biggest fighters in the world arena and the others want a chance at being “big!” No matter the price it carries because the ego is the jewel on the heads of the crowing fools who want to flex their muscles also but, the price for such extreme vanity would be the loss of land and country. And who would remain to write the obituaries of the fallen?

Where are the voices of reason and sanity because they are not to be found within the military and political leaderships on this planet! Perhaps it would be better to just have them all arrested, worldwide, and have them stand before a court of justice for their madness and intent to destroy humanity! But, knowing the evil that lurks within the heart of man, it wouldn’t be long before another dictator appears on the scene and the process will repeat itself again.

And why is the world plunging into the dark depths of immorality? And who opened the “Pandora’s Box” of vice and evil to pour upon the world at large? Is it not of our own doing? It is our lusts that set restrained passions free to exercise any and all kinds of perversions free! Unbridled vile passions that engulf every man, woman, and child until the only thought remaining is self satisfaction, despite the sicknesses and diseases, despite the sexual violence, the pain of rape, the abuse of the child, growing acts of incest, orgiastic parties in every city, men with men, women with women, and it grows darker and goes deeper with each passing year as the madness of men take hold of their senses and they become as driven animals consumed by primeval passions without discretion or understanding!

Where are the voices of reason who should be confronting this madness? Are we intolerant because of hatred or is intolerance there to save us from a complete breakdown of who we are? The conscience is there to show us right and wrong and intolerance is the first line of defense and that is where the first attacks come, “You are intolerant!” But you are neither intolerant nor open minded if you want to retain your sanity in a world that is going insane!

The rise of technology is paving the way for the enslavement of the human race under the rule of the technocrats and you are happy with that based on your non-resistant attitudes as you run from one toy to the other, from one smartphone to the next, webcams, cameras, on-line buying and selling, all of your private information is for sale on the Internet and its not stopping nor even slowing down! You are racing head on into slavery and it doesn’t interest you as long as your life, now that is, remains comfortable. But very soon, the trap will be sprung and you will have no choice as to where you will move to, where you will work, your doctor or school, nor have a say in your children’s future! The chip that will be implanted in you will become a law in the society to come.

So through the use of some video material, I’m just trying to wake up the lazily grazing sheep who do not take the dangers that are closing in seriously, but the dangers are very real and the global threat to us all hangs by a few threads. You have a voice, use it and stop going with the flow until it takes you over the falls and onto the rocks below! If we speak with one voice and with one purpose then we can achieve much but, if you prefer studious silence or activism without measure instead of united work that brings many together, then the trend that you see in these videos will become your future.