A Night’s Rest

The worries of today are more than enough than to combat tomorrow’s’! So why should you lose sleep worrying about things that you may or may not have control over? Sure, there are enough things taking place that could cause you to lose sleep but, are they worth it? You have to get up in the morning and go to work but you slept very badly, worrying about the world and its effects on you but, has anything changed except the for the headlines? Naturally not, so move on and don’t worry too much. If the bomb is going to drop, then it will despite your worries and concerns! Your thoughts are for your family just like in all other countries of the world and the political climate has always been something out of reach for the common man. You work to feed your family and to look after all of their needs and do you believe that your leaders look after your welfare? Of course, they don’t except in word and the few policies they pass are as a rich man would to a beggar on the street!

You are but one life in a river flowing with lives and no lives matter until the voting season approaches and for a short time you are needed, then afterward discarded and so the cycle continues. The sun comes up and it goes down again, another day passes, what has changed? Have your worries changed anything? The world is still in orbit around the sun, the stars still hold their positions, and the moon still circles the earth! So why are you worrying about tomorrow? The worries of today are sufficient for today!

The Korean situation is out of hand, so you say but, I beg to differ! The big three have made it clear that enough is enough to the little dictator who in his pompous arrogance, has failed to see that he is sinking in a morass of his own doing and that no one is willing to help him out, even as his end approaches. And all of his advisors will soon scatter to the wind in an effort to save themselves even as his vaunted military abandons him and the fool will go the way of all self-styled dictators, into the dusty halls of infamy and disgrace! Think of Russia, Rumania, Germany, Japan, Iraq, Italy, and soon to be North Korea! History has a way of repeating itself, even in the 21st century!

So tonight as you lay down to rest, may your sleep be peaceful and your dreams pleasant and not as those who harbor evil against their neighbors and plan their destruction! In your hearts seek the peace of the land and its people and you will find that the peace will come to you.

And with these words, I bid you a goodnight.