We’re Standing On The Edge Of The Inferno

As we look dazedly into the twisting flames of the mesmerizing conflagration approaching, we feel helpless to respond in any concrete way that might be able to stop the insanity of the sane! The very men and women who are forcing us to be participants in the greatest show on earth, the destruction of mankind as we know it, are the ones who dance wildly in orgiastic motions of delirium while pounding the drums of madness!

As we witness the death of animals and mammals on a worldwide scale, we fail to realize that we have brought the apocalypse sword to them through our indiscriminate acts of wanton slaughter and poisoning of the land, seas, and skies! We have done it to them just as we are doing it to ourselves and their fate is quickly becoming our future as the wheels of lunacy turn!

While people of all religions pray to their “god/gods” for peace, the demons spread the flames of bitter ideology and resentment far and wide and the blood continues to flow from hearts that have no pity. And while the pious pray, the pastors/Imam rape, and abuse the innocent while urging their followers to more spirituality, to more stealing, to more murderous acts, to more spending, and none call for repentance, but only for the rapture to escape the consequences of their actions!

As the wealth of the wealthy increases far beyond the stars in their greed, the poverty of the poor buries them in the pits of despair with none to pull them out. Laughter and mirth can be heard afar as the muffled cries of the impoverished fade away and the leaders of the land feast with gluttonous abandon as the downtrodden scour the streets for crumbs of bread! In lands overflowing with wealth, the mighty tax the poor into ruin so as to increase their stomachs with fine food and their women with rich attire even as the poorest of the poor sit on the corners, hands outstretched and ignored.

The most important attitude for this worthless generation is fun! Fun in sex, fun in toys, fun in travels, fun with friends. Fun with ignorance and companions of stupidity, lovers of foolishness and despisers of wisdom! The mirror of vanity has replaced the conscience with conceit and aggrandizement and narcissism for the picture of self! Respect has taken on a burned out meaning among the wild beasts as they abuse the elders and tear the flesh of the helpless and scorn the homes that don’t meet the criteria of the selfies!

A baby has no meaning in the hearts of those longing to shed innocent blood on the altars of progressive thinking, and innocent cries go unheard as the knife slices and dice the parts for resale! And the vampiric and cannibalistic mother goes her way to find another dull toy boy to provide her with the means to sell more flesh for gain! And the factories of the dead churn out crushed bone and flesh to satisfy the hunger of the crows which feed upon the carcasses that lie scattered among the heaps of garbage that litter the land!

“God of Sex grant me my desires, and I will serve you with a lustful heart,” is the rallying cry for the perverted in mind! Night and day they cease not as their demons whip them into orgies of utter perversion and filth, the more wicked, the better and the loss of conscience is there for all to see! And as the flame draws the moth to its demise, so shall it be to those who bow down to vile passions without regard to virtue and vice, but live only for pleasure, no matter the taste!

The arrogance of the wicked knows neither bounds nor borders, but in their perceived “wisdom” have become Jackals in the ruins of the imagination! Boasting with cruelty and hard words that have no depth, seeking only to injure the other with hooks and barbs, they reveal their dumbness as would the Ass in her path! Every man and women giving themselves exclusive rights to hurt another through their worthless words while denying compassion and mercy, for what would their fellow companions think of them?

The message is clear to those who have a little understanding that the rule of man is coming to an end. For a very short while it will have substance before it is finally swept aside, along with all the evilness of mans’ heart. If you have understood, then open your Bible to page one and read it completely through to the end, neither turning to the left hand nor the right. Listen to no man and read no other book until you have finished reading it. It will show you what you need to do and how to do it and will assure you that on your journey, you will not be alone. God the Father and Jesus the Christ the Son, will not leave a repentant heart to wander in the valley of distress.