From Nothing, Nothing Comes

We all have dreams and goals and ideas, and since childhood, they have been our aspirations and the current that brought us thus far in life. But so many have found themselves stranded on the sandbanks or washed up against the muddy shoreline or have drifted into a cove where the waters quietly and slowly circle and remain there, stagnant and casually indifferent to their surroundings. Is that a bad thing? It all depends on the personal choices we make on this journey of life and who we choose to see as friends or family, intimate or estranged.

If you had the opportunity to invest a large sum of money into a promising venture with low risks and high gains and refused to, instead, choosing to hoard your money, would that be considered a wise choice to make? It all depends on your fears of loss or hope of gain. In this case, the win is guaranteed because the stocks were increasing over the next four weeks in strength by a staggering 62% while the offer is being considered! And when the offer was withdrawn, so was the opportunity lost, no investment, no gains. From nothing, nothing comes.

So how much of yourself have you invested in your life? In others and have others in you? Or have you been hoarding all these years and have a minimal return? For safety and perhaps fears, you have remained close to shore and have avoided the deeper waters and have thus become entangled in the overhanging bushes and tree limbs that dot the riverbanks. That occupies much of your time in trying to free yourself, doesn’t it? You could call it self-absorption.

Perhaps you see life as with a casual or laid back attitude such as the “go with the flow” type of thinking, and you are comfortable with the quiet waters that slowly circle in the stagnant pools that lay within the crevasses that line the shore. There you are safe from any sudden winds of change or tidal surges, that is if the river doesn’t rise!

Maybe you are the kind that races through life, wanting to reach set goals, both personal and private. Perhaps ambition is your driving force to success, and you hold others who are not quite like you in contempt as you shoot on by. Then later, you find yourself stranded on a sandbank downstream, unable to proceed any further because you scrapped the bottom of your canoe so raw that the water runs in and any further progress is not possible!

What about the deep water? There is more traffic there, and less risk of running aground and there are enough people to keep you company. Obviously true as well as the distractions that may take you off course! Also, the jagged rocks and large boulders are easily concealed, waiting only for the careless traveler. And if you can’t swim? Will your companions reach out to pull you to safety or urge you to try and make for the shore or will they continue onward, leaving you behind despite your pleas for help?

But eventually, the river that we all travel upon will either empty into the sea or empty into the desert to disappear into the sands of time or the depths of history! Every river has numerous creeks and branches, and as it nears its mouth, the waters begin to spread themselves wide and dependent upon the land through which it travels, that can either be a good thing or a bad one. Monstrous waves can be waiting at the mouth or a marsh of mazes with innumerable twists and turns.

So where are you in your journey through life? Has it been all about you? Your dreams? Your hopes? Your pain? Your sorrows? Your complaints? Your stories?

Or have you remained indifferent to the plight of those around you? Their pain is of no concern to you. Their losses are of no concern to you. Their hopes and dreams mean little to you! Your friendship is hollow and vague to those who see you as their friend but, you hide it well under the umbrella of false pretensions.

The center of attention is always the recipient of attention from those who would see that person as knowledgeable and lively and desires to be called a “friend.” But such “friends” base their friendship on the motto, “what’s in it for me?” Stand and be seen even as they totter from the weight of attention and the pressure to remain so, will weaken the heart that sustains them.

But the vast majority just paddle with the rest, engaging in conversations and enjoying the sunshine of the day, using the quilt by night and the umbrella as the weather dictates. It’s called “herd mentality, relative to” and it is in fashion and has been for the last seven thousand years of recorded human history! And most of the people just simply “go with the flow” and invest a little of themselves here and there as they go about their daily concerns with the family being the largest investment. But outside of that, where do we invest ourselves? In our hobbies? In the workplace? On-line? In friends? The larger the portfolio, the greater the win IF the investments have been made secure by following the ups and downs of the market.

It is the same about relationships. Do you look after those you call friends with a phone call or visit at times or do you prefer to see them at distance? Are you looking for material profits from relationships or is it a matter of the heart? The love you feel for your husband or wife, has it become stale and listless because of a lack of movement and are you content that it so remains or do you want to see momentum? Have your sons and daughters distanced themselves from you because of the distractions of life or because you stopped investing yourself in them?

Putting it in simple terms; What you do in your life will determine whether you are a scrooge or a wise investor, and as I have said earlier, none of us is an island that can remain above the others! We are all on this journey together and we need to understand this or we shall surely drown because of our lack of empathy! We all need each other because we are a race of emotional beings and that requires nourishment and that, in turn, requires interaction with others! Never be so arrogant that you cannot learn from someone else! Never be so stubborn that ignorance reigns supreme! Learning is a life-long experience that requires large doses of humility at times and we all could use some, especially in these days of self-absorption and loose lifestyles!

Just remember this; if you won’t invest in your fellow man, then your portfolio remains empty. From nothing, nothing comes.