Sexual Cogitation

To have; to have not. To do; to do not.To think about the consequences or to disregard the warnings, cogitation is a process of carefully thinking or pondering about something, which in most cases concerning sexual activity, is being pushed to the back burner! When our lustful thoughts are given free reign then out the ability to reason intelligently about the consequences takes a swift drop into careless action. The only concern is to satisfy the cravings that are being unleashed and to recoil from abstinence through the disregard of the mental facilities.

This article’s purpose is to show the damaging effects that pornography plays upon the mind, and the actual physical alterations that take place as the neurons in the brain rearrange themselves to adjust to the fiery lusts and passions that control the impulses, just the same way as addiction to drugs and alcohol is taken. The more exposure or use, the further weakening of the mind through repetitive abuse. It has been scientifically proven that the neurons within the brain do, in fact, adjust themselves to the desires that a person pursues and the synopsis, that is, the bridges between the neurons, convey the addictive state of mind from one neuron to the other, ensuring an ongoing craving for the effects of lust. And the lust, in its power, will not be denied nor withstood and will undertake the necessary action to satiate it’s driving ambitions!

Perhaps an overlay on words but,  minor details when you are being confronted by burning lusts that weaken you and pulls you into the liquid web of desire! Which of us has never experienced lust in some form or the other? Which of us can deny it’s effect on the body? Which of us does not remember a particular moment in days past when we first felt it’s electrical charge or had an overwhelming adventure that took us deep into it’s swirling waters, and the memories are still there, vividly imprinted in living color? Which of us will deny it? Were you aware that it is among the top three most addictive and dangerous weaknesses that a man or woman can have?  Power, religion, and sex and to believe that you rule over them is to admit that you have become their slave!

But I will remain with sex today for it is a major obstacle which is causing many to fall into thick pools of passion, just as the Le Brea Tar Pits kept the victims it claimed without mercy even as the animals fought and struggled to extract themselves from its deadly embrace, so is pornography. Whether it’s produced in Los Angeles, New Dehli, or Van Nuys, the outcome is the same, physical lusts that break down the brains’ resistance and attack the bodies with a wide variety of bacterial infections and deadly diseases, even with protection! But the most deadly of them all is the world of fantasy because there you will find those apparitions that cause the most wreckage when given birth to actions! I call to witness the victims of sexually motivated violence based on their macabre fantasies which were inflamed through the viewing of violent pornography and crying victims, some willing and others not.

And that brings me to another point; the victims who are sacrificed for the viewers’ enjoyment and when I say victims, I mean as in dead. In the east, the women are used and abused at a phenomenal rate, and when their usefulness has expired, or they crossed someone behind the flashing neon lights, or when they attempt to speak out, they disappeared. In America, over 90% of all porn viewed comes out of the valley by Los Angeles, the city of angels, wearing leather and lace and performing the most extreme acts in the business for your entertainment! The more powerful the imagery, the more dedicated the audience and that includes all and excludes none in the upper echelons of power, especially when it comes to child porn! So what does porn do? It lures you into the world where nothing is forbidden, and all of your sexual fantasies may become a reality, at least on film, and that plants the seeds that will inflame your passions and destroy your ability to function reasonably when under the influence of lust! And when it has been let out of the bottle, it will not let itself be easily returned nor will the victim toss it aside! Lust is the drug that benumbs the senses, all five of them and holds captive the weak prisoner on chains made of imagery that caress the mind and entice the feeble to remain. The power of lust should never be underestimated, even by those who claim to be above it! The prouder the boast, the harder the fall!

Recognition of the enemy within is the first step to defense. As hard as it may be, there is no other choice if you want to be released from the angel’s iron grip to face the reality of your enslaved servitude to porn. Now porn has many faces as well as positions for every man and woman, and all parts can be interlocked, and disentanglement is difficult at best! Just ask the players who left the field but then returned again just like a dog to its vomit or a clean sow to the mud. The desires in mind, fired up by the images seen, act out upon the lusts presented and the result is physical and emotional seduction to porn! You might as well bow down to your “god of lust!”

So what does porn comprise of? Sexual activities based on sexual imagery to promote lust or any business associated with the porn industry

  • hetero sex
  • lesbians
  • sodomites
  • transsexuals (sodomites with silicon implants and hormone injections)
  • bi-sexuals
  • crossdressers
  • androgynous (neither man nor woman)
  • zoophile (with animals)
  • necrophilia (with the dead)
  • Sadomasochism
  • Bondage
  • torture
  • Fisting or using other objects to insert into the mouth, vagina or rectum
  • cannibalism
  • child sex (practiced by all levels of society to include politicians and ministers and presidents)
  • orgies or couple swapping
  • amateur sex is a rapidly growing branch of the industry
  • Deep web sacrifice of kidnapped victims tortured to death
  • baby sacrifices before satanic orgies

And there are many more activities which can be found but, I prefer to stop, recognizing that human is a word that cannot be used to describe the further atrocities being committed in the name of pornography! Because the use of the word porn has been overtaken by the use of graphic and horribly sickening images that defy all understanding! And it all begins with the first sex film that appeared so enticing and sweet, much like candy coated cyanide! The first time you see it, it thrills and confuses the senses but leaves a curious aftertaste and we all know the saying; curiosity killed the cat and indeed it will over time and use.

Make no mistake about it, pornography is a deadly cobra snake lying in wait in high grass. An Anaconda in the still waters of the Florida Everglades, and a scorpion in the shadows. A harlot in the doorway, a cheating wife in the bedroom, an unfaithful husband on a business trip in Thailand or foolish people who sit before the computer deep into the night! Porn is an entity waiting to snap shut just as the Venus fly trap does to the unlucky fly that landed on its lip, drawn in by the sweet smell of nectar, then the trap is sprung, and death slowly consumes the fly. And porn over time will consume its victims in the ever downward spiral of lust, deeper into the blurry darkness even as the passions cover you with the greatest of pleasures or are you greater than a king named Solomon? The wisest man of all time was taken captive by lust and died a bitter man.

You will be called as witnesses to the ongoing cultural and societal breakdowns that are taking place around the world as gender becomes fluid and the most disgusting acts are on public display. Displays such as men dressing as dogs and being led around on leashes, saddo games to include whipping naked men or women in the streets, and the scenes just get uglier but, the viewers are increasing! Men, women, and children are active audiences,  encouraging them to act out their vile fantasies for all to see! It’s getting worse and worse as the months go by and the United Nations is standing behind those works, declaring them to be “human rights!” The true face of pornography is showing itself to be the practice of human decadence and the absolvement of moral integrity behind the love for lust! And when a society takes this exceedingly dangerous path then the outcome is predicted, the decline of the nation is in progress and the swells of time will carry her out to sea, never to rise again!

The power of unbridled lust driven on by fantasies stroked by imagery and the entertainers who call you with bold words and extreme acts are the ones who are playing Pan’s Flute, and the rats are following in droves, straight into the crashing waves that fall upon the hidden rocks! Will you not listen to reason? Have you not the strength of eyes to see? And has your vigor been stolen by the wanton woman or the unashamed sodomite or the multitude of young harlots playing in the schools or the teachers searching for prey in their classes?

Open your eyes because pornography is a real deadly disease, probably the most beautiful and good tasting that you will ever know, but it will kill you! Just as surely as the sword that pierces the liver, you will die in writhing pain and agony, regretting the day when you rejected wisdom and understanding to have it replaced by blinding lusts! If you find yourself in the grip of wild passions that seemingly take control of you out of the blue, then see it for what it is, an entity that longs for your death and it holds the reigns because you gave them to it!

To change direction is very difficult but, it begins in the mind and it is called “choice!” As long as you live, you will always have that right to make choices and if you want to be free from the sexual desires that have enslaved your passions and corroded them under the quilt of lust, then you have to make the choice to do so. It is not easy by far but the brain cells will, over time, realign and begin to reject the invitational imagery. When the drug addict takes the first few steps towards freedom, that person will stumble and more than likely fall but, when friends are there, that person will be helped back upon the feet and it is the same way with porn. There are a lot of people who were able to come out of it but, they were not alone and they had help. Find such people or groups and become a part of the escape and a member of the life-line and learn to live without the oppression of porn. Sexual cogitation simply means to think about it. It can save your life and your marriage and your family.

There are a wide variety of documentaries concerning porn addictions and I’ll leave it up to you to choose which ones would be able to present you with the best facts and interviews. A lot of it is disturbing and reveals the hidden things that porn would like to keep away from you, the viewers. So just use some common sense when searching the web and try to avoid the graphic scenes that are able to pull you back down.