The Drunken Stagger

So here we are, again. The exact same tools of the trade and the same justifications. Increased profits for the weapons manufacturers and the same untold misery for those who become the victims. Nothing has changed, and nothing will until a bigger bully shows up on the block or until a few of the smaller ones decide to strike back through hit and run tactics. Sounds unlikely? You need to realign your thinking because it’s already happening in the here and now. Despite the United States massive overseas presence and spending on a beefed up military and the support from their allies both in Europe and Asia, it can’t help but seen that the United [divided] States of the Union are heading for a fall. When Donald Trump began his campaign, remember his slogan, Let’s Make America Great Again? Have you brought any of your thinking facilities down to bear upon that one word, again?  If America is so great, then why does she need a renewal of greatness if she is not in an acute of decline?

Allow me to point out the obvious:

  1. A 20 Trillion dollar deficit that is a hallmark of decay and corruption within the system.
  2. An Education Department that places emphasis on conformity instead of individual thinking.
  3. A militarized, nationwide police force.
  4. A complete breakdown of the moral laws that guided the nation.
  5. Landwide tax increases
  6. Administrators of the law refusing to uphold the law based on personal “feelings” as opposed to the dictates of law and justice.
  7. Seizures of state lands by the Federal government to preserve the national resources under the demands of the 2030 Agenda fostered by the UN.
  8. Intricate and binding treaties with other nations that are extremely hard, if not legally impossible to annul.
  9. Political polarization which places the opposing parties in unworkable positions to each other.
  10. Massive lobbying which further contributes to the divisions and corruption of laws passed to further personal ambitions.
  11. A 24-hour propaganda mill which runs to distract the populace while supporting government policies.
  12. Personal debt which has been thrust upon the people and has now exploded beyond the control of those who owe.
  13. A huge increase in incarcerations for even the smallest of offenses.
  14. Privat companies building and operating prisons where prisoners are the keys to profits.
  15. The selling off of assets to foreign companies.
  16. The cost of homes explodes way beyond their true value.
  17. State governors are acting as separate heads of states and refusing to uphold Federal laws within their borders.
  18. Foreign nations emboldened to “attack” with nuclear weapons. i.e. North Korea, Iran, etc.
  19. A lack of distrust by “close” allies who realize that American Imperialism has reached its peak of unsustainability.
  20. And the last is the call to the “Great American Dream” with patriotic speeches and flag waving and “God Bless America” while the abortion factory churns out the bloody remains of what was supposed to be her future.

Can you see the obvious despite the sunglasses? Are you able to feel the hurt that courses through the land as the waters become poisoned for profit and the land becomes a testing ground for chemically modified food that is killing off the healthy and poisoning the young? The very air that you are breathing contains aluminum in the chemicals that are being released through the so-called chemtrails that can often be seen in criss-cross patterns as they “seed” the skies for nefarious reasons! So together, water, land, and sky are being systematically degraded to increase sickness upon the land which in turn causes you to go to hospitals for treatment which in turn increases the profits for the pharmaceutical companies! And honestly, people, the ones who profit the most are your politicians at the state and federal levels!

I am sure that most of you are aware of the expanding use of “zombie” drugs and of course, Hollywood was the first to promote this through their apocalyptic films of mind altering drugs seeded among an unwitting population but, as you can now see, was not too far from the truth! Conspiracy talk? Be for real and open your eyes, wide! Have you never asked yourselves why the border has remained so porous despite all the criminal activity taking place there? Who can resist a “handful of dollars” for every blind eye that remains closed, especially when the expectations of instant wealth can be had? Greed facilitates corruption and corruption blinds the eye of justice, and you pay the price without compensation!

America is faltering, staggering if you will under the corrupting hands of her self-serving leaders whose national interests and healing is of very little concern to them outside of their personal greed and ambition! Let me give you a more graphic picture if I may.

We see the statue of liberty in her true state as not a symbol of freedom and mercy but, rather, she has now become a symbol of oppression and decay.  The crown hangs sloppily upon her head, and her hair has become matted. The mascara has run down her face as the golden earrings sway in the polluted breeze that comes as the garbage barges are towed out to sea. She has nose rings and lip rings, and even her tongue has become pierced! Her breasts are bare revealing the silver pins that pierce them and the multitude of tattoos that describe her whoredoms are easily seen on her bared arms! Her skirt has been lifted to reveal the caked on semen from her countless lovers and the never ending flow of blood from her murdered children! The torch of freedom has now become an invitation to the market where all that was once cherished is up for sale, and in her other hand, a handful of dollars are clutched while at her feet lay the broken bottles of her wine and beer parties and strewn among them are countless used condoms and syringe needles!

Graphic enough for you and are you disgusted? Well, you should be because we made her this way! By electing worthless scoundrels who wear expensive clothing to hide their criminal dealings! By allowing the ongoing slaughter of untold millions! By succumbing to sexual fantasies that have no boundaries! By the buying and selling and consumption of legal and illegal drugs! By the pursuit of greed and wealth! By the love of violent sports! By the love of killing! Through the bowing down to false gods that are not gods such as Buddha, Allah and so on! By turning the Christian faith into a house of social works and loose ethics and untold affairs coupled with a love for increased wealth through the abuse of scripture! By discrediting the foundations on which the country was founded and erasing its heritage based upon political correctness! By perverting gender through the restructuring of the physical properties which, however, cannot change the DNA, thus exposing the lies! By stealing land and property through the use of imminent domain to increase the profits for the town or city, thereby denying justice to the poor and needy! The never ending wars that kill millions, including your own and yet, the march continues!

This is America today, and we made her this way! You and I and everyone else who calls themselves an American! Whether you live in the country or outside of it, we are a part of her, for good or bad and we will reap what we have sown IF we don’t cease to practice wickedness and start to do good! As long as she stands, we will continue to stand but, when she falls then we shall also fall with her! Make no mistake, when her time has come, even her military strength will be of no help.

This is another wake-up call for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see and voices to speak. But if you prefer to remain deaf, blind, and mute, then you won’t know what hit you as your life fades into darkness, even as the drunken stagger.