Technocracy; Your Future Under the New Masters


For those of you who don’t understand what technocracy means, this should be of some help. Technocracy in a nutshell simply means ruling the people through technology, and it should be apparent by now that is indeed happening right under our very noses! It is the ultimate way to controlling the global population and to make it easier for you to accept it, it is packaged in such a way as to make it appealing and necessary while barely disguising its sinister use and the people are going for it, hook, line and sinker without hardly a whimper of resistance! It is a scathing testimony to the stupidity of the modern man to happily go “belly up” in the pursuit of the ultimate technological kick! Total control of every aspect of your life, there being nothing personal about it! No one will be immune from its clutches, and no retina will escape the scanners as well as faces. As some of you might be aware of, there is a growing movement around the globe to put all cash aside and have it replaced with the card or the chip, that will be implanted under the skin that is presently being tested in several countries and is certainly destined to become the next step to human enslavement. And that is being done because you don’t care as long as you can have what is being dangled in front of your noses! Just like the wriggling worm on the hook placed in front of the hungry trout lazily swimming about in the early morning sun! Snap! Caught! And pulled onto dry land to be consumed by the predator!

Laugh it off as a science-fiction plot if you will but, the facts remain clear and to be seen by anyone willing to take a little time to look into the matter! But the distractions are the key to our ongoing indifference and indifference leads to open ignorance and ignorance defines the character! So just how narrow is your character? How sharp is your peripheral vision? How well is your hearing or have you become dull, and the five senses are muted? Do you leave it up to the others or are you willing to shoulder some of the thinking that’s required these days? We are in the process of literally being turned into repetitive idiots as we parrot the newest trends, the newest Tomahawk strikes, the newest gossip, the latest drug and so on but the things that will determine our eroding freedoms worldwide are being stripped away by unconscionable men and women, and you don’t care?

Under the shining veneer of promising, technological advancements are the chains that bind and strip away what illusions of privacy you might still cling to! Think of the Patriot Act where your loss of freedoms began and they are still being whittled away today but, you are very busy being hoodwinked and sidetracked and entertained and burdened and manipulated by the mainstream media until you reach the point of personal indifference to public matters and all that concerns you, for the most part, is your personal interest in private matters, i.e. what’s in it for me attitude!

Hello, you fools! This is a wake-up call before you’re marched off to the next detention center for rehabilitation and forced labor to help you conform to the system! Are you aware that within the next few years that when you “buy” a new vehicle, you will only be leasing it? And why? Because the carmaker owns all the programs that run the vehicle and you can’t have what is already copyrighted! That’s called copyright infringement, and that will eventually apply to all appliances and vehicles, in fact, everything that requires wireless connections and updates, in short, computer programs! Take another good look around you and ask yourselves if what I’m saying is truth or lies and judge for yourself!

So why would our leaders allow such things to take place? Very easy, it’s called c o n t r o l.

Contol over the population increases the power base of the elite who set themselves at the very top of the pyramid or why do you suppose that the pyramid is a major symbol of repression to be found in almost every country in the world? In esoteric magazines, they play an extremely important role in visualizing supreme power, and you only have to look at the one dollar bill to understand, and no, the eye does not represent God but Horus, an ancient deity of Egypt or a false god, a symbol of control, oppression, or demonic in nature. So even as the blindness to our future evolves, our willing deafness to the consequences devolves to the point of active inactivity. A paradox in itself but nonetheless true.

There are several words which you should be aware of that are in use today, and I will list them for you and when you have the interest, then do a word search for their meanings.

Parliamentarians for Humanity

Agenda 30




Global Awareness

New World Order

And these are just a few of the terminology in use today that help to describe what’s taking place. However, be warned that this material is just a very, very tiny piece of a complex algorithm that is difficult to penetrate because of its inter-complex nature of intersecting organizations, businesses, and names and positions. The best source outside of the usual intellectual writers would be a man name, Jordan Maxwell. I believe that he is close to eighty years of age and has spent most of it in researching these things. I don’t agree with some of his positions, but I would recommend his works if you would like to see a little of what’s behind the flowing curtains of deceit. Another man of interest would be David Icke. Again, I’m not a particularly good fan of his, but he does bring up a lot of points worth considering. In other words, go beyond the established works of accredited authors with their recognized views and look outside the box to the so-called, fringe authors. The treasures can be astonishing and evolutionary themselves!

Also, take note of the religious waves that are spreading across the world. All of them are beginning to converge into one very broad road which includes, spiritualism, paganism, traditional beliefs, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Taoism and multitudes of lesser known ones. These are all taking place so as to bring the people under one roof. One government, one religion, one form of cashless currency, one military under the reorganized UN or to be known as the Parliamentarians For Humanity and all of the humanity must be chipped and scanned, such as in India being planned today or China, and is also going to be implemented in Europe and the United States soon. Make no mistake, these things are going to take place, and it matters not whether you believe or not, it will take place.

In conclusion, I will simply say this; you have a choice, to either go with the flow and over the falls or you learn to paddle your own canoe. Be informed, and you will be able to inform others, to warn them, to be prepared and if not, then follow the Pied Piper of Hamlet to your slavery under the world of the technocrats.