The Distractions Have A Purpose

Today, the clouds are sitting very low and dark with the threat of rain hanging in the air but, that’s fine. Tomorrow the sun will be here again and the weekend should be a comfortable 75 degrees! As usual, I went through the news reports and as expected, the same run-the-mill routine. Same accusations, same defense, same war threats, same crime logs, same selfies, same rescues, same heroes, same villains, oh, and where’s the popcorn? It becomes at some point, irrelevant and trivial because it changes very little in our personal lives but, only serves to keep us drowned and disorientated even as we lose the perspective! We see what is happening around us and we selectively respond, just like the mice do when being trained to respond to different stimulations. The newest stimulant to react to is the so-called “gas attack” in Syria, which by the way, was set off after the Syrian Air Force destroyed a warehouse where the gas was located. Or what did CNN or Mrs. Haley give as the official account? The American media, of course, blamed the Syrians and the Russians, as usual, but neglected, as of 11:17 AM European time, to produce actual evidence. Then we have S.Rice with her lies and of course, the Democratic stall techniques for the Supreme Court nominee. At the moment, they are the big three in the American media. Other than that, it’s the usual game of trivial distraction that wearies the mind, weakens the intellect and causes eyes to glaze over with a certain type “who gives a b——–!”

The English paper called the “Daily Mail” has a lot of everything for everybody including the newest gossip and entertainment. I often scan it and will, on occasion, post something that I think would be provocative to think on but, as a general rule, don’t. Have you noticed that the American media goes after any and all Russian news reports as “fake news” or as distorting the facts? Strange to hear that coming from Fox, Cnn, NBC and so on. They will say that the news from Russia is all propaganda and only we have the facts! How many times can you count them saying that? I can’t because it is absolutely ludicrous! The best way for propaganda to be effective is continuous repetition, day after day, week after week until we are all swimming in the same river. You may not believe me then neither do I believe what I am told in this respect unless I can correlate the facts as best as I am able to!

Island in the stream; we have all heard of that either in an essay or a poem or in a song but, do we truly believe that we are so different from the others? We are humans and as such, even on bad days, long for someone to talk to or at least vent out our frustrations and perhaps a hope or dream. We are all the same except in our minds and that is where mass manipulation comes into play. Repetition is the name of the game and we all play along, even if we act differently. Ask any teacher what the best method to conformity is? The answer would be peer pressure.What is the best method to learn? The answer would be repetition.What is the best method for control? The last would be imagery, seeing based on conformity! The result? Manipulation. And all three of these tactics were in massive use over the past twenty years and has worked magnificently into steering the differing groups of the population into the desired directions. And today? May I present to you the Divided States of America!

But this is a worldwide tactic being used to promote the enslavement of the human race under something that may easily be described as a technocratic government, that is, using technology to rule the people. Are you starting to sit up now? And this is being done under the guise of technology as far as is understood by the average man or woman or teenager such as in Laptops, smartphones, electric cars and planes, AI and so on but, in reality, the forces that push these advances have an entirely different motive then what you have, in short, control over the entire human population through the use of technology. But, you must not see that or at the very least, be unconcerned, therefore mass media is being used to keep you entertained and distracted as do the multitude of reports showing everything and nothing at all. Now I am not speaking of the daily things which interact our personal lives such as friends or family issues or hobbies and the like but, I am pointing out to you how stealthily this has been through the use of media and hi-tech to keep you busy, or better to say, distracted.

You need to start thinking about global concerns, of what the various branches of the UN are up to and who are it’s most avid supporters. You should do some research on the leading global voices and organizations that promote socialism and birth control. You need to ask yourselves why are the leaders of the European Union against President Trump and who own the world’s largest, meaning, profitable, companies in the world? Why has pornography taken a firm seat in homes across the land? Where have the “zombie” drugs come from? Where did this gender bender nonsense come from? Why are so many Muslims being allowed into the country and why has the Christian faith become a happy group of socialites dancing with the money? Do you understand the tactics behind the pictures? Manipulation of the five senses will ensure dullness of mind and a willingness to go with the flow and a readiness to assail those of differing opinions than the current ones!

The media works against you, for the most part, and not all news is bad news of course but, you need to be more selective and stop having an open mind but, have instead, an alert mind! Be aware of what the plan is and stay informed and share what you may find and post it, especially when it concerns works that are detrimental to the future but, still live and enjoy your life because that is why you were born, to live. Just be aware of what is coming down the tracks at you and it is not the light at the end of the tunnel! It’s called the New World Order with greetings from your leaders.



These videos are not being promoted nor denied by me but, the ones I wanted to post, YouTubeTube has either cut off the sound or not permitted access due to legal constraints. However, I have watched both of these last year, and they are still relevant today. And no, I am not a follower of Mr. Icke!