Emotions and Passions; The Connection

Emotions restrain us and inflame us with passions. We live for the moment and plan for the future. We decry the past and repeat the mistakes and use emotions to form the world that we choose to live in. We are human, and emotions play a central role in our development and our character. Our view of ourselves and others was already being formed in the womb but would take years to mature as we grew into early adulthood and intellectual maturity. But very often the emotions can be easily misguided or abused by others or by institutions and by family or friends and even situations and they can be at times, tough to control or to subdue, especially when passions are inflamed! Passion can be a person, an object, a hobby, an organization or even money but once you are in its grip then it becomes very hard to break away!

Let’s take for example Passion as understood in the realm of desire. We all know the effects that desire places upon us when we are attracted to someone physically, and it becomes cemented through the emotional bond before the act occurs. Think a minute.  Let’s say that I just met an attractive woman at a friend’s house during a grill party. She is open and friendly, attractive and intelligent and she is attracted to me. So as the hours go by, we tend to stand closer and talk of many things but, eventually, the message is clear to us both. Now the next question would be; where do we go from here? Is this going to the room or is it going to be a relationship for the future? In either case, the emotions were used to establish a bridgehead to passion and once that connection is made and the desire is mutual; then the obvious will eventually take place.

Another example would be for wealth. Many have been pulled down into well of debt and ruin because they couldn’t break the bond that kept them chained to their passion for wealth! Day and night that was all they dreamed of! Power over others through the amassing of wealth. Power by showing off or strutting their accumulated goods only to find themselves chained to it by their passions which were inflamed by their emotions. Unchecked and unbridled lust for wealth, passionate about their desire and emotionally bonded to it through desire, emotions unrestrained.

I could use many examples because the emotions are many, but I am sure you clearly understand what I am saying. Unbridled passion will destroy the character even as it gnaws at the mind. A driving force that you feel must be heeded and so you yield to its call for submission, whether sexual passion, power, greed, selfishness, business, hobbies or anything else that can overwhelm the mind and subdue it and it all begins with the emotional condition. If you have emotional discipline, then you can withstand the many passionate outbreaks that occur in life, however, if you have a weak mindset and are pliable, then you will have a lot of emotional ups and downs and will find it hard to maintain a steady course throughout life without a firm hand at the wheel.

This is just a brief comment, and it is based on my experiences as well as those whom I have met in my travels, and it has taught me well the benefits of controlling passion as well as the stability of the emotions. Should we become like the Vulcans of Star Trek`? No! Not at all, because emotions make us what we are, for the good and the bad, and we only need to recognize that we are the ones who make the decisions that have affected us emotionally and will, therefore, translate into acts of doing our passions, bridled or not. Just some thoughts on the matter.