Our Construction, Our Ruins

Things are moving at an incredible rate it seems! Fast moving technological advances that seem to double every three months. A massive breakdown of morals worldwide. An explosion of violence peppered around the globe. Every nation that has a strong military are arming themselves to the teeth with new weaponry. Conflicts are being inflamed on an hourly basis as so-called “terrorists” are doing their bloody business of killing unarmed citizens as contract killers for specific organizations often indiscreetly supported by various governments around the world, as most are not aware of! The virtues of media contacts and bribed officials! Armies being shuffled around the globe to protect national interests and deny the other access to resources, both natural and man-made. Africa is once again the subject and object of rape, pillage, and looting by foreign companies as the money greases the wheel of greed and corruption and the blood of thousands soaks into the ground, their interests being watched over by government mercenaries who act as their protectors!

South America is plunging into darkness as the levels of political and business corruption sinks to newer and deadlier levels, and the people’s frustrations can barely be contained without military interventions, and curfews as the necessities of life falter. Asia is becoming a land of pounding drums as the warlords seek to increase their power through the projection of power and provocation and the use of the oily tongue and double talk! Trust no man, or woman for that matter in the land of dazzling corruption and sexual excessiveness!

If we were to go to India, then we would be witnesses to an orgy of sexual violence and massive discrimination against the women and girls and slavery through what is known as the caste system. And the religious beliefs that they cling to are like sands on the seashore; their “gods” are innumerable! From the lowliest in the insect world to monkeys, cows, and snakes, there is a “god” for everyone and a guru around every corner! The madness of a darkened mind leads only to repetitive ignorance! And in the Kashmir, the corner of land tucked between India, China, and Pakistan is a virtual time bomb with daily unreported acts of violence and terror against the others based on water, shale rock discoveries and border disputes and not a day goes by without people being killed or disappearing! In Russia and the countries that border it, attacks on the civilian infrastructure are almost daily occurrences. From the southern states of Georgia and Armenia to carefully keeping an eye in the far east, despite pacts of cooperation with the Chinese dragon, to the west with the Eastern Europen states of Finnland, Poland, and the Baltic lands and to the European Union itself in the center. And finally down through Bulgaria to the border of Turkey while the civil war rages in the eastern Ukraine, the Bear is restless.

The European Union itself is no longer united in anything except divisional agreements and double talk while it’s leaders fume and rage against the states that stand up to the bullying and demanding tactics being used to twist the arms of the weaker ones to submission! First England, possibly next is France and Belgium is already hot while Spain is demanding that Gibraltar is given to them as England leaves the EU!

Finally, we’ll turn to America, and it’s weakening global power amidst its crumbling infrastructures and divided policies and politicians. A land no longer united even as California demands separation and the border remains wide open, and the immigration of undocumented aliens threatens the stability of hundreds of communities! And even the law of the land becomes questionable when AG’s refuse to obey the laws and police officers become thugs in their own right, serving their brand of self-serving “justice.” When Governors and leading party members abusively insult the President and call for active protests to remove a man who was elected by 34 states to govern the country! When leading members of his party spend countless air time attempting to dismantle any credibility for his Administration because he opposes their corrupt and self-serving methods! America is rocking on her foundations! (See my previous article, The Shocks That Are Rocking The Nation.)

Now look at the world from a distance, and though it looks peaceful and serene, it is covered with violence and madness! As if the planet itself was pleading for relief from the blood that it is being forced to drink! Haven’t you heard the strange sounds that are being heard all over the planet? Sounds that come from every side but have no origin? The cries of a planet being drained of its life blood through the extraction of its natural resources, the oil we take are the oil it needs to lubricate itself as rock grinds against rock deep beneath the surface! The razing of forests, the slaughtering of animals, the destruction of nations, the poisoning of water, of our food supply, of the air we breathe or the land we till! Everything has become a victim of one kind or another because we are a dominant and violent race and will amass the power to take what does not belong. And as I have said already on a few occasions; it is the aliens who should be fearing us if we ever get out there!

Just some thoughts on the current problems facing us that we created.