The Shocks That Are Rocking the Nation

America is a nation deeply divided because its leaders are not united and obedience to the dictates of wealth have ensured a decrease in living for the average family, and this fact is just the very tip of the iceberg! The men and women who have been “picked” to represent you by their party’s leadership have only given you what they’ve decided would be the best choice to advance their agenda. Actually, in truth, you don’t have a choice but to either accept their pick or you walk away empty handed. Please take a look at your Congressional Senators and Representatives and be a witness to the fact that many of them have been in Washington for many years and have thus far managed to “win” their state races time and time again with ease while becoming obscenely wealthy as they “serve” you in their respective office and how they do it is very simple; serve the powers that be. And the longer the service, the bigger the payouts and the result is an encrusted corruptible veil that is thrown over guilt laden shoulders to ensure compliance! If you think that I’m telling fables than you are living in “Never, Never Land!” The system is a setup that uses patriotism and flag waving and veterans as objects of veneration and honor but how are the veterans being treated today? How often is the flag being burnt and trampled upon and what is the definition of patriotism today as seen by the different opposing parties?

The politicians in office have a completely different understanding of America than you do because, for them, wealth and power are the primary objectives, not necessarily in that order, however, all roads are the way to the means of projecting America’s global interests either through peaceful or violent means, and that equates in the end, their position of security! So don’t be swept away by a multitude of political rhetoric, it’s only the most convenient way of keeping you distracted as well as the individual states at odds with each other and their internal struggles.

Now the two-party system is in truth, just one group of people who are determined to stay in the singular seat of power for as long as they can through either legal or illegal means as you are witnesses of this ongoing debacle today that never seems to want to let up! Insider leaks and open hostility and horrendous insults and accusations and exposures and all the while the real battle is taking place in privately held dinners so as to determine the outcome. The public names and faces are only the front men and women who are there for the purpose of keeping the powerful out of the spotlight! I would ask you to please use the common sense that every man and woman is born with and listen to my words! You have been betrayed since years by the established party’s system of controlled abuse and coordinated mayhem as witnessed by the “accidental” deaths and “suicides” and “disappearances” of a multitude of witnesses! The betrayal runs deep and strong under the suits and ties and perfumed bodies among the guests at the various events found around the country at elegant estates and mansions.

The conspiracies abound like flies around the manure pile while the reality is, they do their works in complete darkness and conspiratorial discretion least you should know who they are and what their purpose is, so, therefore, let the theories abound! The more, the better! It sounds like a plot from the annals of the Hollywood bins but, sadly, it is the truth, and the abuse of it has gone completely out of control. This is far eviler than the cloak and dagger stories that we grew up with, and it is not only concerned with the nation at large but, operates on a vast global network that has ties into every imaginable organization possible! Ranging from the well seen and respected down to the “terrorists” who actually work for various groups within the system of global politics! Everything in politics is bound by blood and corruption, and the evidence is the longevity of the players or the sudden deaths of certain participants!

That being said, I will return to America because this is the nation that is now facing a major catastrophe of unparalleled magnitude which concerns not only the political spectrum but, the financial, economic, social and physical upheavals and quakes and weather events that are even now taking place! A man born deaf, blind and mute would not remain in careless indifference as he feels the tremors but, he would seek immediate shelter as best as he could, not knowing when it will hit but, knows that it is coming and that when it does, it will be hard!

Let me be more explicit; Sexual outlooks and gender bending to accommodate madness among a degenerated and ill-informed generation! Despite all evidence to the contrary, the people are persistent in their drive for sexual freedom, that is, to follow the plot, “if it feels good then it is good!” But common sense says otherwise! Ask the storm chasers who lost their lives several days ago while following storm front but they couldn’t see the traffic signs ahead or they simply ignored them, today, they are dead. It was a choice they made to follow a creature of natural violence and in the process, they paid the ultimate price. And in a similar fashion, schools are teaching young people that gender is a choice and that they can be one or both or they can even be whatever pops into their minds! There is absolutely no logic or even the whisper of common sense in such a diabolical mindset! To purposefully twist and distort the natural use of sexuality between a man and a woman for the purpose of redefining humanity is a complete violation of ethics, morality and scientific accountability! In short, abhorrent perversity driven on by a certain political agenda. There have always been sodomites and lesbians in the history of mankind, but, perhaps never to this extent and extreme edges that are constantly fluctuating with each new demand and perverted act required to demonstrate their deviated style! Most people watch porn to varying degrees and interests, some others for research and still others out of boredom but, it is being watched and spread around the country like a slick and sticky oil sheen that glitters and shines even as it covers you in its slime, choking off the little resistance you might be able to offer! And through the mere act of being inactive viewers to becoming active adherents, the curse of sexual immorality grows stronger by the hour as it feeds the wildest and cruelest fantasies into depraved minds who go out in search of a victim to act their evil lusts upon and the price is all too often a tragic one. And because your politicians are men and women such as yourselves, they are not immune but, become ensnared themselves in its web of lust and lies while leading double lives. And so the inevitable takes place; compromised lifestyles contribute to the weakening of a moral character until a soft wind is able to send you into the room of no return and the velvet glove keeps you firm in the hands of the handler. Just ask any politician whose hairs have become gray from years of servitude in Washington!

Is there a racial war going on? Not one between them, but, one stirred up by forces determined to turn a burning match into a bonfire of huge proportions! There are no blacks against whites or us against them! You are all supposed to be Americans, united under the flag, committed to your land and its purpose but, when the politicians want to work the people into a dividing frenzy, racism is a very good card to play! Black lives matter, white lives matter, yellow lives matter, Brown lives matter, blue lives matter and so on. Can’t you see what the established system is doing to you? It’s called conquer and divide, and all it needs are willing fools to follow the plotted course of riots and destruction with repetitive chants and ghetto talk with brainless rappers acting like the witch doctors who leads the tribe into an orgy of aggressive behavior! Not hard to do when accompanied by the chanting effect while acting like animals! How the organizers must be enjoying the show! There is only racial inequality when you permit the hairlines to be exploited when you allow the cracks to become artificially enlarged by bogus complaints and accusations! When women and girls are told that they can’t carry hoop earrings because that’s our heritage! Who are you to put a monopoly on such a thing and punch a man in the face because he did his hair similar to yours and you were offended? Don’t you see just how well this has been planned out? It just needs participating and witless actors who are easily manageable, and if you have been paying attention, then you would have seen that many are young and foolishly inclined to “go with the flow!”

How many people look up to Boaz, Zuckerberg, Gates and Musk as great examples of successful entrepreneurs, when in reality, they are among the greediest men of the world, and you mean absolutely nothing to them unless you are able to increase their ill-gotten wealth! They parade their riches before you and love your adoration but contribute nothing to your refrigerator or help to pay state or local taxes if they can possibly avoid it! This love of wealth has become a national stench on the country because it shows the world that America can be bought and sold at whim by whoever has the capital and the controlling interests in Washington! You might as well compare the average prostitute with the average politician because there are no acute differences between the both other than the superficialities! The middle class has been in decline since years and poverty has dramatically increased, and the personal debt is spiraling out of control with the average family having an astonishing ten credit cards! And the payments are generally at the minimum, thereby ensuring permanent servitude to the financial sector!

The middle class has been in decline since years and poverty, both public and personal, has dramatically increased and the personal debt is spiraling out of control with the average family having an astonishing ten credit cards! And the payments are generally at the minimum, thereby ensuring permanent servitude to the financial sector! And what do you think would happen if you were to knock on the rich man’s gate and ask him for some crumbs of bread for you and your family? You would be thrown outside and scorned! Or why do you think the wealthy are building high walls and fences around their properties for? To keep the unwanted away while they sup in luxury and you, are not the kind of company they prefer! The average American struggles from one paycheck to the other and even has to take an advanced paycheck once in a while which of course, makes it much harder to get back on both feet. The cost of a new vehicle is almost out of reach, and insurance companies have based their costs on your credit rating, and even the landlord demands your social security number to do a background check on your ability to pay the rent or not! Even though that is not a law nor a requirement! The wealth in America belongs to the stronger as they pass innumerable laws to steal it from you through their accomplices in the legislative branches at the local, state and federal levels and the taxes are being raised and new ones being created! Yes, wealth and poverty make bad company and the results are devastating. Debt, drugs, violence, divorces, selling body parts, prostituting, criminal gangs increasing, law enforcement on edge, losing homes, loss of respect for one’s self and others, increase in corruption, increase in the national debt, ongoing wars and conflicts, international commitments that drain the resources and slaughter the young men and women who are sent by the war hawks while they lavish themselves and pat each other on the back! Congratulations are in order for the increased profits that they’ve accumulated by raping and pillaging the last poor country that tried to defy the war machine!

Tornadoes and Hurricanes, droughts followed by massive floodings. Volcanoes and earthquakes, landslides and tidal waves, poisoned water, land and air and genetically modified foodstuffs that go into the food cycle! When will it stop? It won’t. It will become worse than now because the land is reacting to the evil being done upon it in horror! Even the animal life is acting strangely, whether in the seas, lakes, and rivers. Land animals attacking hunters or better to say, the predator becomes the prey! The natural world is reacting aginst the unnatural forces being thrust upon it by the works of man! And you don’t see this or maybe, you prefer not to? What we reap is what we are going to sow and look at what the wind has brought to us! The entire land is having tremors everywhere, and strange sounds are emanating from somewhere around us as though the earth itself was groaning! And will you not open your eyes with the understanding that America is stumbling like a drunkard in the night?

So perhaps now you might be able to understand the current situation that is facing America despite all the rosy talks and glowing reports. They are all doctored to deceive you, and the distractions are there to do just that, to keep you off balance and misinformed and by all intents and purposes, it’s working! America has become blind to her poverty and blind to those who are leading her into destruction by her greed and even now, the enemies are gathering for that day of battle. From the littlest to the mighty, in one day America shall fall and then who will pick her back up again? Certainly not those who she raped and pillaged! Certainly not those whose families were killed by drones! Certainly not by those whose governments had been replaced by “Revolutionaries” faithful to her bidding! Certainly not by her “allies” who are tempted by the spoils! And certainly not by those who continually play in the fields of liberal insanity and moral rot!

These are the shocks that are rocking the nation, and they are only going to become worse, much worse with time because America has turned away from doing good to serving evil. Abortions, intellectual stupidity, liberal sickness, rebellion to parents, a love of sexual perversion, a love for money, violent and prone to murder for fun, sexual violence, child sex, abuse of the Christian faith for personal gain, love of wars, i.e. blood, increasing sicknesses and diseases, arrogance and ignorance increasing as the future generation is being dumbed down and so on! Yes, America is being rocked badly and how can she stand when the people and her leaders have forgotten how to do good? If you are a thinking person with foresight, then you can understand the future, and if not, then a fool has more hope than you. Think about it.