What Says Your Heart?

On a cloud of rainbow colors, I was drifting over the sea. I saw some Dolphins and a killer whale and a mermaid smiling at me.

Well, I felt so cozy and comfortable, on my castle way up in the sky. I felt like a seagull in the wind and I don’t feel like coming in

‘Cause I’m riding free, no responsibilities. I’ve got my feet back on the ground that’s where I belong.

Yes, I’m riding free, no responsibilities, got my feet back on the ground that’s where I belong.

This song’s not written ’bout bikers, nor hikers on a lonely walk,

this song is written for the people who care, but just need to get away.

‘Cause we’re riding free, no responsibilities

we got our feet back on the ground that’s where we belong

‘Cause we’re riding free and that’s just where we need to be.


I wrote that short tune about forty years ago when I was hiking through some hills in New Hampshire and was thinking about the sea and lost souls and hard working but short earning families and their frustrations. And looking back, I noticed that things have not changed that much. But nowadays we have the entertainment industry and credit cards and porn to keep us preoccupied and in debt, both physically and emotionally. Welcome to the 21st century!

Since I was a little boy, I dreamed of adventures that would take me across the globe and my biggest dream is to sail away into the sunrise on a perpetual adventure! I still believe that the day will come when I may become the opportunity do it and when it presents itself, will I take it? What will you do when your childhood dream suddenly presents itself to you in the middle of your day? Will you embrace it or will you tell yourself that it’s no longer that important? The moment has come and is prepared to take you away on an exciting journey and yet, are you too old or too busy to grasp it?

I don’t know all the skills of sailing but I do know that if I don’t want to swim then I need to learn real fast! So is the fear of the unknown holding you back or the lack of knowledge or perhaps the “experts” have frightened you to stay in your homes while they go and “conquer” the elements? Which of course no man can do! You can only be prepared to face what you do know and accept the things that you don’t as an emergency and learn from them! Our egos can be such a major hindrance in life! Our pride akin to a broken iron ladder and our passions similar to a flaming love tempered only with time. Where do we stand in life and have our goals been met or are we working in a job that brings no chance of advancement and we just endure the daily grind?

I had worked in some places where even before the bell went off to start, I was already out the door in my thoughts, and I know that many people think the same but have commitments that need to be fulfilled and so they lock themselves in a dusty future and toil away even as their dreams slowly fade away. The joy and happiness they felt upon graduating from school years ago have now been replaced by the hard and immovable facts of life, debt through credit cards, financial needs because of a growing family, internal unhappiness because neither one of you had seen this coming! Increasing worries and growing health issues and you eventually become tired of your surroundings and yearn to be free. Perhaps free for only a short time such as a vacation, perhaps free of a crippled relationship that has become stagnant and ran down over time. Perhaps even broken from the financial debt that weighs on your shoulders like a ton of bricks. Whatever the reasons that may be offered for the frustration, what will you do to alleviate the situation?

At that point in your life, you begin to dream again. Maybe a new relationship might help, perhaps a long vacation, new friends or more money or a job promotion but nothing will really change because the problem is in your heart, not your surroundings. Dissatisfaction comes from a dissatisfied heart and not an empty account, or tossed aside relationships, and no amount of drugs or alcohol or sex can fill that void that you know is there. And that is when the dreams of yesteryear make their appearance once again, and the daydreams begin. And it at this point in life that you question your surroundings, commitments, responsibilities and yes, even family as you ask yourself why you are living for the others and their happiness while yours lays abandoned by the old rail tracks!

So the dreams of yesterday reappear in a new light, and they are issuing a new challenge, a new start, somewhat like erasing the chalkboard and starting fresh again! But the question that needs to be asked is this; are you ready to let go to start anew? Are you ready to live instead of surviving? Will your friends and family understand this so-called “middle age crisis?” And do you have the courage to step out boldly to capture the picture that you can clearly see in your mind’s eye?

My wife often gets worried when I mention sailing to her, and she just gives me that mother hen look and I chuckle at her! But she also knows that I will do it, sooner or later, and why? Because it is a dream of mine since childhood and it has never let me go and the boldness to step out is in my heart. But, and there is always a but! A few things need to be done first in preparation for the journey, and I am working on those quietly, and I believe that within two years I shall be ready.

But what about you? Are you too “old?” Maybe fear is a major obstacle or responsibility to others are the chains that keep you tethered to the “porch” so to speak! For many, the dream should always remain the dream and the call to remain in the “real world” is repetitive from the friends at hand and the colleagues! But they don’t live in the world in which you live, do they? They also have their dreams but prefer the milder and easily attainable ones that don’t require some very major decisions and risks and even losses for some!

At this point in your life, you need to to do something because your heart is feeling a certain emptiness that bears a strong resemblance to your current existence and you are searching day and night for a reason for the life you live! So many questions and some very frustrating emotional ups and downs even as the brave face does it’s duty and marches steadfastly onwards! But you know that the beat cannot forever hold because the heart cries out for relief! And you turn to the dreams of yesteryear to find the one that spoke the loudest, and then the daydreams begin.

So listen to your heart and weigh your options and read the contract between fantasy and reality to differentiate the scales and to find the balance, and when you do, then you will know what to do. Remember this, when you step out of one door; you will open the next because life is a journey that goes forward, not backward! Make a decision today because as you very well know, tomorrow might be too late!