This Unfaithful Generation

Many sons and daughters today are clearly disrespectful of their parents. It shows in their attitudes and their actions and their words. But no one wants to take the blame nor the responsibility but instead will blame it on the teachers, friends, peers, neighbors, Facebook, Instagram, entertainers or anybody else who happens to be promoting a kind of independence followed by the rebellious nature that we’re seeing. But where are the fathers and mothers? The grandparents? The Aunts and Uncles who should be role models for this generation? The role models are gone, they’ve ducked back down the alley so to speak! They have shirked the responsibility of being accountable to this generation, of being faithful stewards to the raising of their offspring! But why? Because as Bon Jovi so aptly put it; It’s My Life!” The parents, who were teenagers when that song came out, have lived those sentiments to the tee!

This unfaithful generation is this way because the previous generation planted the seeds of open rebellion against established morals and virtues that played an active role in raising children and have given them over to the state so as they could continue to live life, their way! And so what is the outcome? Do you need to hear it from me? Just take a good hard look at the world outside of the confines of the I person, and you’ll see! Young adults who care for the next selfie, who spend hours preening themselves in the mirror, who want a lot of money but won’t move their pinky to acquire it, but would rather have it given to them! Snowflakes who can’t understand real issues but act as 9-year-olds with bad tempers! Professors who will not tolerate dissenting views from their own while colleges scramble to accommodate gender twisting theology and “safe spaces” for the tender-minded! This is our generation that we created based on our thinking and our actions! We supplied the extremist left with enough recruits to make our day rough and our future intolerable!

We are the creators of the “Frankenstein Generation!” Whether you agree or not matters little to me! I will not put up with inexcusable behaviour and baby wipes for this generation of ill-mouthed and self-serving children who demand all on a silver plate and when their demands are not met, act as though they’re wearing wet diapers! I am sick of pathetic psychologists and school counsellors and social injustice workers crying out for more understanding, and more pampering for the whiniest brood of leeches this country has ever seen in its history!

Where are the men and women who once represented this country? They have died off only to be replaced by the most worthless group of self-serving politicians this nation has ever produced! And when I say worthless, I mean WORTHLESS! They are doing absolutely nothing to rectify a ghastly problem that defies the very meaning of common sense and dignity! A pack of vultures and jackals roam the congressional halls in Washington clad in fine suits and surrounded by the aroma of imported perfume and expensive haircuts, but manure still reeks of manure when all is said and done!

Those people who legislate over you are the very ones who have encouraged this selfish generation to act the way they do with increasing impunity! Just listen to how members of Congress speak of the president-elect in the most disparaging of terms and with complete disrespect! What fine and upstanding examples of statesmanship and self-serving idolatry!

We provided the way for them by electing those skunks on the Hill, who in their turn encourage, nay, support this perverted and idiotic viper brood that will lead us into the next generation? Heaven have mercy on a wayward people! If ever a nation needs to be taken to the wood shed, it’s this one!

What has happened to the United States of America? It has become a deeply divided land with many cracks and fissures running throughout its length and breadth, furthered on by the corruptible and greedy who can’t get enough of stuffing their fat bellies with the delicacies of the modern bakery!

This is the Burger King generation, have it your way! This is the generation who will take by force if not handed over! These uncouth and stupid acting youths are very symbolic of what we wrought through our works and attitudes, and we are responsible for creating them by not disciplining them when we had the chance!

We were slack, too busy with ourselves to pay attention to the seed we planted. We are responsible for the Frankensteins that we see everyday on the television and the internet and through their words on the social pages and through the ghetto talk on MTV! We are responsible for the garbage that invades our minds! We are responsible for the fools on the Hill who play us for fools! We are responsible for the preachers who bilk us of millions of dollars for personal gain!

We were the generation that threw away this generation to the dogs! Whether you agree or not, it doesn’t make a scratch on my skin! I will speak out and to hell with political correctness! It’s a madman’s brew of insanity and immoral attitudes stemming from the desire to have it all, my way! In the earlier days when children acted in such a manner, a cuff on the side of the head quickly straightened things out without needing to call the police! But today?

I would encourage people to stand up and fight back against this perverted takeover of what once was indeed, a nation blessed by God, but today has become a house of horrors and rebellion.