The Dream That’s Waiting

Well, I have dreams, but I’d need a hundred years or two to make them somewhat complete! With all the interruptions and changes along life’s course, there are bound to be several detours as you very well can imagine! But we all, without exceptions, pursue our individual dreams and in the process, write our novels which often may express itself through our lifestyles. The dreamer dreams and the novelist writes and so when you combine the two, that’s your life. So how many years have passed since you first became aware of the seriousness of life? At which point did you choose your future? And when did you realize that you had made a major mistake in your choice?

And so you changed direction and started a new chapter, new friends, new places, but the same distant dreams that never quite parted ways, never quite left your heart. Hope is not easily given up just as memories aren’t; they will remain with you even as the passing of years reveal to you the upcoming end of days.

We all wish for a better world in which to live in, but when participation is minimal, the outcry is subdued, and so the cycle relentlessly continues, the moaning and groaning over wrecks of shattered dreams and the search for the proverbial scapegoat. But, who’s fault is the intended victim to portray? With a flick of the wrist, the dart speeds on its way, and I have never seen a dart turn in mid air! And so someone takes the blame for an abandoned dream or a life that failed to meet the outlined objectives.

But if you were to stop and think about it, the responsibility lies within the heart of the one who threw the dart and not the one who was the intended “Judas” goat! All of our dreams and hopes and futuristic plans had their place of origin in our hearts, not someone else’s! And when the dreams falter and begin to fade away or die outright, we have only to look within ourselves!

When a dream marriage falls apart, the fingers are busy at work as well as the wagging tongue and former friends may compete for the prize left over. Every cupcake looks good until you bite into the bitter chocolate and choke on the dry crumbs of another mans’ dream!

A business that was your lifelong dream has been snatched away by the competition, and the loss staggers the mind and gnaws away at the heart until the grapes begin to sour. It is a defeat that you suffered because of wrongly made decisions made by you, not the other. He was only there to pick up the pieces. Another dream has ground to a halt on the sands of time.

After high school, perhaps you went on to college and then on to life and where does that life now find you? Has a “higher” education paid off or has the well-paid job allowed you to expand your purchasing power at the cost of a dream or two that seemed so vibrant and real just a few short years ago?

Nowadays, we’ve replaced our dreams with what the world terms “reality,” but who defines the word? We do of course! When we let go of something, then we need to justify our actions in doing so, and the word “reality” comes into use very often! Now there is obviously a clear distinction between childish dreams and mature dreams and I’m not speaking of the child here, but of the men and women who have found themselves thrown upon the rocks in one of life’s’ heavy tempests because of a failed dream that was being pursued contrary to opposing winds. The change of course was applied too late, and the prevailing current swept you, and your dream, onto the rocks!

Therefore, all dreams require constant corrections and applied trim to maintain course if they are to be successfully acquired and knowing how to read the “weather” is necessary if one is to avoid the rocks!

So yes, I would say that dreams are there to encourage us, to learn how to actively strive for something that calls for a personal sacrifice of indifference, to reach for the stars, or at the very least, the moon! To show others what it means to apply a steadfast will, not an unbreakable iron will! All iron is hard, but when it breaks, it becomes nearly impossible to restore it to its former strength. However, a steadfast will knows how to conform to pressure and can resist being torn into pieces as it seeks a way around one of the many hinderances on the way to fulfilling a dream.

Therefore, be persistence, not to the breaking point, but rather to learn to bide your time and patience, never losing sight of what is important to you and remain steadfast in your goal to acquire your dream, and you will, in due time. Fortune always favors those who are willing to help others on their travels to find their dreams, just as others will help you along life’s paths to find yours.

I have lived many dreams and I still have more to see and my journey is still an active one, how about yours?