The Sound of Inaction

Today was a beautiful Spring day! Bright blue skies, warm temperatures, t-shirt weather and open windows! And even on the construction site, the mood was light and the work ran smooth. The men had varying jobs to do such as putting up scaffolding, anchoring the shells in preparation for the concrete that would soon be there to pour for the walls and I was busy doing foundational work! It was a very busy day and by tomorrow, we hope to have finished the backfill. In all, I transported a little over three hundred tons just for a small section of the foundation wall and when not transporting, I was down below with a shovel and the 1.2 ton “earth shaker!”

At the end of the day, I’m pretty much worn out and am looking forward to driving back to the shop in my 540 hp, three axle, intermodal truck! I call it the “Breeze,” because she is fast moving and the hills on the highway present no problems whatsoever! Empty, she weighs  13 tons and fully loaded she runs at around 27-28. Now compared to a 4-axle, that’s about 4 tons less but that’s because my third axle are singles and turn with the front in addition to raising them when I’m empty! She is designed to pull low beds in tight places! I can also switch from automatic to manual and back again as needed. The truck is called a MAN 26-540.

Why the brief rundown? Because I, like any other normal man or woman, needs to work and to contribute his or her skills to the economy at large which is the life’s blood for that nation in addition to not living off the state because of idle hands and a slack mind! When we contribute to something greater than ourselves, then we learn to see ourselves as part of and a contributing factor to the growth for all!

A lazy man or woman, on the other hand, is only waiting on the next welfare check because they chose to become recipients without investing their time, energy and skills into the economy, but instead, took the free ride coasting on other people’s labor!

That is not supposed to be that way! Only those who have a bone fide medical condition that clearly shows a certain stage of disability should be permitted under limited conditions to receive state assistance! All too often, a “bad back” is used to justify a 100% disability, however, that doesn’t seem to stop them from pulling motors out of cars or building a garage! At the very least, such persons should be required to do light duty work for the town several hours a day in order to keep their welfare checks coming!

I have, for an example, damaged nerves after an operation that was done over two years ago that often affects my arms and right leg, often times the pain is severe, but that won’t stop me from actively living and participating in life! I work in construction and I try to write interesting things that catch my imagination but sitting around and milking the system is not an option for me! I have responsibilities, both physically and morally and to be slack in one is to multiply them by two and the result is a social basket case!

So this is a short message to those who just want to take the free ride in life, don’t do it! For what you sow is what you will reap! Think about your families, your children, and grandchildren. Think about your friends and neighbors in need and your excuse when they ask you for help. Think about the medical personnel who know when you’re lying and think about your parents who know the true state of your mental attitude. The day is coming when you will be held accountable for your actions, what you did and did not do. Remember the sheep and the goats.

It’s a choice, your choice and not only you, but others around you have to live with the consequences. Think carefully because you may still have time to mend your ways.