The Final Call

The bitterness of mortality comes only after the morphine of youth when we realize that our days have become a burden to carry and the once oft talked about dreams remain just that and the mirror can’t conceal the inevitable encroaching on time. To each and every man and woman, there is a set time allowed to do the things that appeal the most before the flesh begins to fail and the eyes become dim, and the strength starts to wane. O the curse of mortality!

As we face our point of no return, how many strive to turn around, to escape the inevitable or to at least delay our entrance? Death is an entity, it is neither a he nor a she and has no compassion or mercy, and as it approaches, the fear of it sets to quaking the stoutest of hearts, and the strongest man becomes as melted wax at its presence! And as we sense its stealthy approach, feel its coldness draw away any remaining warmth, the heart tries to break away by pumping more blood through the veins, crying out to the body, “Up! Up! and away! Flee for your life!” But the body remains motionless, the strength has become as straw, and the breath comes and goes in gasps! The moment for the departure is at hand, and as the cold fingers gently caress the cheek, the eyes close one final time, and the chest rises and falls then rises no more. Silence reign’s as death claims another mortal.

Are you ready? Am I ready? Were they ready when they were cut off in the middle of life? While eating and drinking and being merry? Perhaps on a business trip or enjoying personal pleasures? What about sitting in church or out walking in the park? Driving a vehicle? There are innumerable ways to depart this world, and any one of them could be your ticket! But the problem is this; you just don’t know your hour, your minute and your second because you, like so many others, decline to dwell on your certain future! And so when it comes, it will be way too late for apologies, too late for second chances.

What will be your final thoughts in your final minutes Will you be conversing with your memories or trying to run from them?  Death does not care; it only comes to steal another soul from the land of the living. Is your soul about to become another victim?

If you’ve never taken the time to look over your life and deeds, now would be a good time to start before the curtain comes down and the lights go out.