The Fallout

Cause and effect, what comes around, goes around and every action has a reaction. I’m sure we’ve all heard these sayings at some point in our lives, but it seems to be more pronounced today than in the after years.  Has the world gone mad or is it just the way things are? Are we missing something important or has the way of the world blinded us to the obvious that is taking place before our very eyes? Have we become a dumbed down race despite technological advances and do we strive for the common betterment of all, or for a tiny minority? And do we take the time to carefully look at ourselves, not to preen but to ponder our doings and what effect it may have on others around us? And finally, has our life become that which we desired or have we been led to live a life that someone else chose for us?

Simple questions that require some serious thinking, thoughts that matter if not pushed aside, true colors and not bamboozled fantasies of the mind! What do we believe in and where do we stand and how do we react to our surroundings? Is this life we live the real one or are we living in a self-made fiction written by none other than ourselves? Or by another? Think of the novelist who creates a story out of the mind. The author is the judge and jury and, if necessary, the hangman. The author is also the hero and the villain, the setting and the other characters and all that is within the pages are the product of one person! In other words, the author has created a world of fantasy, stemming from the mind! And who said that a mind is a terrible thing to waste?

We, as individuals, also write out our stories, our novels, based on how we see the world and our surroundings. As a young boy, I saw many things that interested me, and they spiked my fantasy and enabled me to live out a life of my desires, based partially on fanciful notions. But every fantasy sooner or later must run into reality, and when it does, the contact can be painful. Everything that we say or do or think has consequences, just like playing handball on the back wall of the schoolyard. Sooner or later, the rebounding ball will hit you or cause you to stumble and fall! And so is this life that we ‘ve chosen to live. Was every decision the right one and was every mistake fatal? Of course not because life is a learning curve and some curves are longer than others while still others are shorter!

From the standpoint of a bad world, is it bad because we are bad people? Inherently, yes. For if we were good, then we wouldn’t be facing the threat of nuclear warfare at this moment in time. If we were good, then we wouldn’t be murdering and conducting warfare. If we were good, then the abortion clinics would be shut down! But we are not good, but we practice that which we’ve chosen to believe in, a mixture of good and evil! Of clay and iron, of hope and despair, of men and women, of demons and angels, of gods and devils and so on. We live a life of contradictions, a life mixed with reality and fantasy. Somewhat very similar to fairy tales.

Yes, the world has become a bad place because we chose to place it under the constraints of our ideals and philosophies. We have chosen to reject the moral laws and virtues that should have been applied in our personal lives and have replaced them with our less-than-perfect system of gain and corruption and immoral attitudes and works. Has the education that is so liberally spouted from the world of academia all that it purports to be? If so, then why do we have these abject situations being espoused by the educated enlightened? One look tells it all! One ear hears it all and the eyes that can see, see it all! And these men and women are highly educated? And with what degree? The degree of incompetence and the degree of self-service!

Who is Bill Gates? He is just a man of flesh and blood such as the rest of mankind! He is not a “god,” and neither is he intelligent above measure, but he is very poor indeed! For he believes in the power of his wealth but is it clear to him that upon his deathbed, not one single item will he take with him. Nothing. His entire life will have been in vain and in the service of self. The same goes for all others who believe in their wealth, whether they hold tightly to one dollar or 68 billion, nothing will go with them when their last breath expires. And who will inherit their vast fortune? The lawyers of course!

Now, who cares for the poor? We all do in some part through welfare and taxes, through feeding the homeless or giving them shelter. But do we do it to look good in our neighbor’s eyes or do we do it because we feel compassion? Do we look first and foremost among family and friends, then the neighborhood and then the world? If indeed our vision is that sharp! The question might also be asked; do we care enough to make a change in a poor man’s life? Do you remember the song “Man In The Mirror” by the late Michael Jackson? Do we look in the mirror and contemplate upon our doings? Or do we brush the hair and wash the face and carefully go over the teeth? So as the Peacock so is the man!

When we were young, we had very little choice as to how we were to live and act, but as we grew older, so did our independent ways and with that came the choices. The right to decide our future based on our fantasy of how our life should be, and how well did that play out today? Look into your personal life, your working life, and your retired life. Do you have any regrets? Yes, you do. Be it in failed relationships, business ventures, bad financial decisions and bad company. What about friends? Do you still retain close connections or has the distance weakened the ties that once bound? Friendships? How strong and how intimate? There are three things that even your best friend should never know; 1. Your bedroom life. 2. Financial dealings 3. The intimate thoughts of your husband or wife. How many of you can lay claim to that? Very few if none! And many people today wonder at the massive increase in porn, the unsustainable debt and the high rate of divorces!

Often, we like to say that we are free,  but in what context are we free? Only in making a choice that needs to be made! Our lives are being governed by a multitude of laws and rules and regulations, so tell me, where is the freedom in that? So, in effect, we are living a scripted life written by none other than lawmakers on the Hill or corporate lawyers working for a major company or perhaps well-paid lobbyists working for another greedy and vicarious Senator! The possibilities are endless as well as the “writers” who plan out our lives to the minute detail.What happens when we decide to live the way we want to? Immediate run-ins with the authorities and that places a stop on any attempts at living out your “novel!”

We are, in fact, only allowed little room to act out our perception of freedom, it all being done under the watchful eye of some local town, state or Federal official and we are so used to it that we hardly take notice other than to occasionally complain or protest! Like the sheep being herded by the Shepherd and surrounded by the watchful eyes of the herd dogs, we are being forcibly guided into the desired direction without taking notice of where the trip is leading us to. Do greener pastures mean better food for the sheep or are they distractions to occupy the sheep as they are being led towards the slaughter pens?

When I was in Croatia two years ago, I had the opportunity to observe a Shepherd at work in the mountain pastures overlooking the sea. I noticed that he didn’t move too much, even as the sheep seemed to want to wander in differing directions. I noticed only two very large and muscular dogs that hovered around the edges of the sheep and I thought that they were too few for such large numbers for they occupied a sizable portion of the field. As I continued to walk further upwards on the small road, the reason became clearer. There were at least five other large dogs lying among the strewn boulders and short gnarled trees that dotted the field. Not only were they watching for any bears or wolves, of the which are plenty there, but also to prevent the sheep from taking liberty! It is the exact same way as we are being “herded” into the desired direction by the innumerable laws and agencies that permit us only a limited range of “freedom” and all the while the distractions keep us happily preoccupied!

We have been accustomed to viewing patriotism in relation to war as an honorable objective. We have been seduced by our news media, or better said, brainwashed into taking the official line. We have been taking in increasing doses our prescribed medications and ignoring the horrifying after effects! Sexuality has become corrupted and gender pluralism is in the process of twisting young minds. Our education system has lost its way in the halls of academia indifference and political correctness. The willingness to engage in violent behavior is reaching unheard of levels and sales of weapons are at an all time high! The film world is feeding the masses with any and all types of color enriched fantasies of the most incredulous kinds, designed to trap and entice and manipulate the thinking patterns of the people. And meanwhile, the sheep are being herded to their final destination, the Orwellian Society.

And there we have it, in a nutshell, the aftershocks of our behavior, the fallout of our actions. We have chosen to be accomplices in our own demise, willing slaves to our upcoming imprisonment and comfortably distracted by the entertainment machine! Isn’t it nice to know, that is, if you want to know or are we living in a “matrix” world of our own making? Do we prefer the red pill or the blue one? Like Alice, who fell into the Rabbit’s hole, the story just gets stranger the deeper she goes and so it does with us! But how much deeper do you want to go or do you prefer the safe confines of your established rituals? Does having the herd mentality make you feel safer from the wolves and bears or do you prefer to place your trust in the dogs that protect you until the objective has been reached?

Despite all the ensuing chaos that appears on the world’s stage, most of it has been in the planning since years and is following the script, right down to the last letter! You don’t want to believe it? That’s fine, most don’t and won’t because when you live the lie long enough then it has become the truth to you. The world we live in has become a type of nightmare of our own making because everywhere that you look you can easily see the hand of man in it. From the technological leaps and bounds to the abject poverty. From the drug induced stupors to the illiterate educated. From the war machines to the abortion clinics, it is a world of our creation, where man is trying to be a god in his own right and it doesn’t work! Christians put the blame on Satan which is a rather neat way of placing the blame on someone other than themselves. Hindus point to karma and reincarnation until somewhere far, far into the future, they’ll reach perfection! Muslims point to a long dead “prophet” and a strict adherence to a series of brutal laws and so on, but it’s always the same put the blame on someone other than themselves! Avoid taking responsibility, duck the issues or close the eyes and pretend that it doesn’t exist! Whatever the pattern you choose, the outcome is generally the same.

In conclusion, I will say this; we are the creators of what we surround ourselves with, of what we listen to and what we watch and we need to stop pointing the finger at the other. We elect someone to represent our thoughts, hoping that the elected person will at least try to fulfill them, but all too often the vote, thereby the trust of the individual, was abused. Is our novel working out or do we need to rewrite it? Do we need to face the reality that we see every time we look into the mirror or do we prefer the makeup? Every action has an opposite reaction and every word spoken can never be taken back and a broken heart will always remain scarred. It’s our life and how we live it determines the radius of the fallout. Think on it.