Censoring Your Opinion Behind Hate Speech

They finally made it happen! All around the world, countries are passing legislation to restrict people’s opinions or free speech. Whether it be in China or Europe or America, the hammer is finally coming down on free speech, and it is being disguised as “hate speech!” Offensive opinions that can be almost anything the politically correct machinery wants it to be. It can be someone who wants to expose either the hatred that Islam fosters or a corrupt government official or a lawless police officer, but whoever dares to cross the line will be punished! Recent events in Spain shows just how far they’ve come and punishment is swift and heavy! If you come want to report corruption in the local police force, you can reckon doing some time, if your comments end up on the social media!

We’ve all heard the saying, “Keep your comments to yourself” haven’t we? Well, now it is being enforced through heavy handed fines and possible jail times. And who is to decide what “fake news” is or isn’t? The censors who work directly for the current political mindset inside of their respective companies in following government decrees! And who imposes these “hate speech” guidelines? The very people you voted into office! Yes, you! Didn’t you do your homework before you elected them, knowing their political motives? Perhaps you thought you were doing good, but their plans didn’t coincide with your good intentions now, did they?

It’s so easy to point the finger of ignorance, but that doesn’t hide the simple fact that you voted for them in the first place! And now you are reaping that which you have sown, political shackles! What comes next? Freedom of movement of course! Don’t you understand that that is a natural course of action? First, restrict the expressions of the individual or group, then, restrict their “right” to passage or movement, except those of course who work to spread this political diatribe! Because this is nothing more than a politically motivated hate war, against those, who will not conform to the new norms and must, therefore, be punished!

Don’t believe for two minutes that Facebook and company will fight for you because they are part of the game of media manipulation! Of course, you will read of Google and Microsoft and Apple taking steps to protect our privacies and safeguard our “rights,” but don’t forget it was they who provide the government with backdoor encryption keys! And they also work closely with the intelligence agencies in implementing the agendas being sought by the technocrats. Which defines those who wish to manage society through technical experts and by the globalists, a national/international policy of treating the entire world as a sphere of political influence. Hence, politically correct ideology.

If you speak of Islam in any way seen by the authorities as defaming or insulting, then you may expect fines and jail time in merry old England! Try protesting against the rapes and abusive behavior against the Swedish people by the immigrants and you will find your mouth duck taped and your hands swiftly tied as the authorities follow the current government dictates, regardless of the cries of the citizenship! Try pointing out the fallacies of the gender bender theology, and you’ll be set upon by the liberal proponnets who file complaint after complaints against you until your “abusive” comments are shut down! Sexual perversion? “It’s my life” is their battle cry and their supporters rally around them, not noticing the sand as it shifts beneath their feet, and how their theology works it’s way into your conscience, searing any vestige of doubt and making you their disciples! Try warning the people, and you’ll be taken down by the social networks!

And for those who are politically correct? How much further can you bend before your spine snaps and you become the proverbial jellyfish? Can’t you see where this is taking us? Into the realm of the all controlling dictates of a global government where literally, the all seeing eye will become focused on your most intimate details and social interactions, not to mention any and all financial transactions! Haven’t you ever thought to consider the implications of providing the internet access to all of your details? Think of all the smart gadgets that you’re surrounding yourself with! Sure, in some ways they make our lives more comfortable, and easier for the intelligence agencies to peer into our personal lives. And do you think that they have our best interests at heart? If you do, you might as well wear a dunce cap and declare yourself to be one! Even the White House isn’t impervious to their deranged intrusions, and you think that you are?

The world in which we live in today has become cynical and self-absorbent, all intrusive and demanding obedience to the rulers that you elected to represent you, but are they? Or are they indeed serving another master? The life that we are living is not the life that perhaps we think it is, but any town official and any local police officer can quickly look into your personal records, dependent upon the information being sought, i.e., criminal or tax or any other related matter. Doesn’t that give you food for thought? The sex offender who may live next to you, what was his or her offense? Just go on-line and start a hate campaign, regardless of the facts, that is acceptable in the eyes of the hate speech censors because they are the dredge of the society! But try going after the Royals or other highly placed politicians, and you’ll find yourself very quickly on the receiving end of some very personal and nasty acts of retribution and eventually shut down from the social pages! Politically correct speech is, without a doubt, a two-edged sword, best wielded by the long arm of the censors!

And you voted those men and women into public office so that they may serve their hidden masters. Yes, so is the world today, but will you listen? Some will, most won’t. Instead, they’ll go about their daily interests without noticing how the sand is slowly pulling them down while their attention is focused on the ever-colorful merry-go-round and the painted steeds with sparkling eyes and blaring trumpets! Distractions are the keys to a successfully dumbed down societal takeover, and you won’t have it any other way! Like Burger King says, “Have it your way!”

So the light of free speech is being extinguished as you languish in your homes, settled on the couch or playing in your workshop. Perhaps out with the toys that most of you can’t afford, but the credit card will give you what you want until the bill shows up and all you can afford is the minimum payment! And that is called the game of distraction! Too preoccupied with the minute details of your self-absorbed lifestyles to see the encroaching danger by the free speech censors and the soon to be followed, restriction of freedom, or movement!

Herd mentality doesn’t require much thinking, just follow the leaders who will lead you into the slaughter house or over the rocks. Blindness is so prevalent among those least concerned with issues outside of their safe zones that they simply ignore the inevitable, until it stands before their house door, demanding immediate entrance! And at that point, what can you do? You were warned, you had time still, but you chose instead to live for yourself and to go with the flow, and now you’re going over the rocks, and you’ll be swept away with the rest into politically induced slavery! And why? Because you didn’t heed the wake-up call, you slept while the bells were ringing and you ignored all the signs, i tand now the censors are here! Did you see it coming? So quiet and so easy to slip in!

So now, free speech is actively being censored at a rapid pace! Don’t bother looking somewhat bewildered behind; it is far too late for that! You can only hope to stall the next step in the diabolical plan to control you through restricting your freedom of movement by taking away your passports, freedom to travel outside the country. Or the issuance of a national identification card and the restricting of cash. The loss of all constitutional rights within 100 miles of the border and so on! Ah, I see that you’ve heard of these things, but have you taken any action against them? Have you written to your local, state or congressional representatives about those matters? No time, eh?

It won’t be long until the next links are forged on your shackles, but in the meantime, go about your daily routines, watch American IDOL, lust over some Hollywood whore or burn in your lustful activities during spring break! What does it matter? You are living for the moment, but like all moments, this one will also pass and leave you burning with deep regrets and eventual sorrow. And why? Because you ignored the warning signs, you didn’t take the exit when it was offered to you, you bordered a burning plane and stayed on the sinking ship, even as the rats were scurrying to get off!

A nation of fools consumed with passion for the things that can’t satisfy, a nation blinded by the light of the TV and Internet. A nation enamored with sexual deviancy and eagerly neighing after the next thrill! Beautiful women and handsome men practicing wickedness and luring the unstable into their ranks as seen on Pornhub and company, but never looking at the horrors behind the shooting! The ever increasing violence in crime even as gun sales boom and the complete lack of respect for persons other than yourselves! Will the madness stop? No, it will only increase until you have been consumed by your madness, until you have emptied the goblet of your whoredoms and sanctimonious behavior. Until the slaughterhouses for the innocent have been shut down and the price for your infidelity has terminated in STD without hope for healing!

This is your future to whoever can bear these words, to whichever nation on this planet can hear the bells ringing out the alarm! A wake-up call to all before the hammer of destruction falls upon your heads and homes and land! And the evidence for your destruction is here for all to see, the censoring of free speech behind the disguise of hate speech.

But will you listen? Will you wake up now? Some will, most won’t. Are you looking for God’s blessings? Then start doing what He says and not what you think He said! After all, the future of your land is very dependent on your actions, so what, if any actions, are you willing to take?