What Is War In The Time of Battle?

Do armies have to meet on the open battlefield as they did earlier? Do the opposing forces know why they are to fight? And where tare the Generals and Admirals who are supposed to lead the battle?

Politicians stir up the up the war fervor, and the bankers are more than willing to provide very generous amounts of financial support, and the generals are eager to display their military prowess in the use of hi-tech weaponry. The populations have been fed a constant supply of propaganda while the wealthy have been busy building their citadels of safety, waiting until the war is finished so that they may return to save the remnants of humanity! And to preside over a weary and chaotic race of disorganized humanity. Out of chaos comes order, but first the chaos.

Take a long hard look at the world, do you like what you see? If you are honest, the answer would be no. But then again, have you ever known it to be different? The only time that you knew some peace was when you lived in the age of innocence let’s say, between birth and six years. After that, you learned how to lie, how to differentiate between good and evil. You learned to follow your desires and to pick the means necessary to equip yourself with the tools of the trade, so to speak!

And so as time went on you learned to be scornful of others, backbiters, arrogant and boastful of the things that you were doing or had plans for doing. You watched your favorite actors or actresses and learned to emulate them, frankly overlooking the part where they were being paid to lie to you!  You would pretend to be a singer for a top-notch rock band, playing air guitar and making your voices raw and throaty as you evolved through high-school, looking down on others who didn’t fit into your cliche! You learned to fight battles without having to go to war, and so it remains, unchanged to this very day. Battles without a declaration of war though we fight every single day and night!

Arguing is a battle across wills. A mother and father sitting at the dinner table, their children looking nervously around as the accusations fly back and forth between the two adults. The children wish that they could be somewhere else, in another home where peace prevails, but no, they must learn how to battle to stay ahead, to maintain the edge. Is it any different today? Once we were children when we learned to play war, but who’s playing now? Did we ever play peace? Am I serious!

No, we never learned the way of peace as is evident in today’s society, in international relations, business dealings, banking matters, military conflicts and social inequalities. Religious fervor, educational hierarchy, technical know-how, gouging out the earth’s innards to satisfy a gluttonous humanity. Lusting over porn to reach the ever elusive super orgasm, parading poverty while extolling wealth. Blinding the eyes of sensibility to saturate the flesh with all possible encroachments to tear us apart, to disfigure us, to energize us into a new direction without remorse.

Are you able to define the war we are partaking of in the time of battle? Can you give this war a name or is it an ongoing conflict that knows no winners, but only losers? How are we able to win when we are constantly losing? So what defines a winner? The one who has the least losses or the one who has the greater victories? Is it a war defined by the amount of flesh that has to go through the meat grinder while the armchair generals play with the mouse? Or the politically powerful determine the outcome in mountain fortresses? And where do the rest take shelter as the missiles fly around them and the tanks appear on the next hilltop? As wave after terrifying wave of drone aircraft appear, filling the skies like the migratory geese?

What is war in the time of battle?

The definition of war is death and destruction, ruin and abandonment, the collapse of order and the rise of chaos as every man, or woman, fights for survival! That is until the emerging boots of the victor can be heard marching down your street, telling you what to do and how to do it, no questions will be tolerated, curfews enforced and no bullets spared. Preppers shot on sight!

Resistance will be cruelly dealt with as an example to break the remaining holdovers and slavery will be reintroduced to weaken the will of the stronger and to ensure complete servitude to the powers that be. What is war in the day of battle when there are no more battles to be fought?

And it all begins at birth! What can one do to change the foreseeable future? Start by changing the attitude inherited! Start by not voting corruption and war mongers into office! Start by looking after your neighborhood and not waiting for a community leader to take charge! Start by looking after your family and not your drug or alcohol attachments! Start by listening to your friend instead of lusting after his woman! It can be different when you look into your heart instead of feeding off of the world, and it’s bloody entanglements!

We are born for conflict, a lifelong addiction to violence, from the mild to the extreme because we have been raised that way, but it can change, if we want it to change! And change is always hard to do, especially when we believe that our lives represent truth, but does it? Who told us that we must always fight? Doesn’t every one of us yearn for peace one way or another or is the grave the Valhalla of combative souls?

I will leave you to ponder these points as only you alone may have the strength to look into your scarred heart and then you will come to learn that there is no war in the time of the battle.