If You Won’t Believe the Bible, Then Who Will You Believe?

“You, even You, are Lord alone. You have made heaven, the heaven of the heavens, with all their hosts, the earth and all things upon it, the seas and all in them, and You preserve them all. And the host of heaven worships You.”  Book of Nehemiah   [All Scripture taken from The Holy Bible In Its Original Order. York Publishing, Hollister, CA. USA]

I have seen so many quotes claiming that Jesus said this and Jesus said that, but yet nowhere in the Scriptures are such words to be found other than tossed together as one would toss a salad! I have also read so many words that in effect picture God as a sweet and loving Father who desires nothing more than to shower his children with love and gifts and soothing balm for the injuries incurred on life’s travels. Also to be added to the concoction are the sweet words of how He accepts you the way you are and of course, the proudly sung words of “Amazing Grace” which denies the law and commandments upon the soul and replaces them with a styrofoam cross of no effect!

Such teachings gain massive followers because of the lack of accountability that they, as Christians, are required to exercise in their walk of faith! Knowledge of the Scriptures is of paramount importance to the believer, but when the believer chooses not to believe, then what is the alternative? The deceptive lie! And deception within the Scriptures is easy to do when mixed with the truth and mingled with the lie and then presto! Out comes the new or hidden words of Jesus! But Jesus didn’t say that, or did He? The answer is easily given by the “spiritually mature” who say the that the “Holy Spirit” has given them the words to speak, which in effect, makes them the mouthpieces of God! And so it works its mysterious ways into the body of Christ deceiving many with “new teachings” of deceit, only wrapped in new holiday paper and delivered by the chosen prophets or spiritually mature to the “babies in Christ!”

The Bible speaks of a time when the body will not endure sound teachings but will run off after strange doctrines and why? Because they want their ears tickled by something new! Just as it is today! The love of many will grow cold, and here He is talking to the Christians, and many shall fall away, that is, leave the faith. Christians shall turn on each other just like the world does to its own and they shall gather unto themselves teachers who are not! In other words, false or lying teachers or wolves in sheep’s clothing!

I have before me on my desk a Bible, and it’s not a paperweight! It doesn’t stay on the bookshelf or in its box, and it is certainly a little worn! I have a choice, the truth or the lie and I have chosen the truth and to know the truth, I have to read it! It does me no good at all to call myself a Christian but yet remain ignorant of His Word! That is a lazy excuse that won’t hold up in any court of law! So now I have to ask this; How many of those who post cute “Christian” sayings on their social network pages have taken the time to read the Bible? From the beginning to the end? From the First Book of Moses, that is commonly called “Genesis” to the last book which is known as the Book of Revelation? How many have read of the laws and commandments that were given to Moses on Mount Sinai? How many of you know where the mountain is? A clue, it is not on the Sinai Penninsula as tradition holds! Do any of you know why King Solomon became a fool in his later years?  Where did the so-called three wise men come from? And did they see the baby Jesus in a manger or a house? And why didn’t King Herod kill Jesus while the “three wise men” were presenting their gifts? Do you know what Jesus looked like? Another clue, blond hair, and blue eyes are nowhere to be found among the children of Israel! Why have the books of the Bible been taken out of order and rearranged by a papal priest? Why have the catholic letters (the disciple’s letters) been placed behind the Pauline letters in the New Testament? And why did the church reject the letter of Revelation for the first 150 years? And who changed the Sabbath from the Saturday to the Sunday?

Most of those questions, the Bible answers itself, and a few are from historical writings, but the point I’m making is this; If you don’t know the basics of the faith you claim, then you are indeed skating on very thin ice over a very deep lake very far from shore!

The Church today holds on to the traditions passed on from generation to generation, some of which are Christmas which means Christ- mass or celebrating Mass in Christ, A Catholic tradition based in paganism and fused with Christianity and has absolutely nothing to do with the birth of Christ which actually took place in October! Santa Claus covered in red and knew everything about you accompanied by his elves? Better think again!  Tradition holds that he went from house to house to collect gifts from the frightened populace and when none was forthcoming, his elves would beat the terrified people until the gifts came! Satan Claws! And Halloween that many Christians play along with? The Druids, from where this came, would cut off the heads and place candles behind the eye sockets as a warning to those who did not obey them or present their gifts when they came by! Trick or treat means simply, give to us or you’ll be punished! But the worst by far is the traditional Easter! If you knew of its gory and bloody practices, you would abhor it just as the Lord does! Easter=Ishter=The wife Of Nimrod, first king of the earth, also known as Iris, one of the goddesses of ancient Egypt. In ancient Israel under the rule of the evil kings, a cult existed to worship her, and her descendants are still among us today.  In this cult, three-month-old babies would be painted in bright colors and placed on the outstretched hands of a stone idol called”Moloch,” and then they would be rolled into the fiery furnace where they would be baked. Their screams would be drowned out by the dancing and singing of the priests and mothers. After that, they would be eaten, and then the orgies would begin, and the process would repeat itself one year later. Sex=Rabbit, Brightly colored eggs= Baked babies Easter=Worship of Ishtar. Their descendants? The abortion clinics run by the feminists!

Have you had enough or would you rather close your eyes and plug your ears to the truth of your traditions? What passes off today as “Christianity” is nothing more than a copy of the original, only watered down like a quality wine that tastes like warm, sweet water! Is it any wonder that the body has lost so many members and has become so weak? That so many false teachings have infiltrated it and are being taught and eagerly accepted by the ignorant? That sexual perversion is being widely accepted because God is a God of love and accepts you the way you are because YOU CHOSE TO BE THAT WAY!  He did not create you to live a perverted lifestyle! Completely ignoring His warnings about the deceitfulness of sin and that He WILL NOT accept sin in His presence? GOD never gave the woman authority inside the body to rule over the man, but the man freely gave up his authority to the woman!  Today, men inside the Church are told that they must recognize their feminine side whereas the Bible tells the man, “Do not act effeminate!” And on it goes and when will it stop? Only God knows!

The Bible tells us that this is the age of the lukewarm church or the Laodicean Age and all the signs point to it as such. But He also gave us hope by calling us to repent, that is, turn around and serve Him and not self! But will we do it? That remains up to you.

To know the truth, you need to read the book, The Bible. If you do not want to read the Bible, then you are going to believe the lie! It’s that simple. If you love Me, then keep My commandments! Please notice the plural form in commandments, and those commandments are found throughout the entire Bible and not just in a few select passages that you picked out! Start reading at page one and not 2/3 through such as beginning at the New Testament! Which book do you pick up at the library and begin to read at page 371? Use some common sense here people! Your eternal salvation depends on your choice of action because if you won’t believe the Bible, then who will you believe?