The Price We Pay

As the world takes another stride towards war, the political leadership scurries to demonstrate their intent to avoid it while at the same time preparing for it! Such a macabre paradox! There is no such thing as intelligent reasoning within the circle of marching turkeys as I recall seeing a short video of them circling a dead cat which could easily represent the current global leadership!

We could submit by believing all of their distorted and cooked reasonings that we hear on the nightly news and pretend that it won’t affect our near future. Or we could drink another bottle of beer as the next cigarette is lit or as we sit around the table enjoying another joint and discuss the solutions to the questions that we would like to hear. That is a possibility to the increasing insanity, or we could bury ourselves in the next Hollywood blockbuster and pretend to be the hero or heroine. Another way to deal with the oncoming inferno is to protest against someone or something that needs protection for whatever the reason and another is the anything goes mentality if it feels good then it must be right!

It reminds me of the story of a woman who while out for an afternoon stroll in the Savannah saw a lion in the distance. After looking around for a tree to climb and seeing that all were too small and that the lion could easily climb the boulders around her and know that she couldn’t outrun the large cat, she then began desperately to search for a hole large enough to slip into! By now, all her frantic movements had attracted the large animal, and it began to quicken it’s pace as it headed towards her!  Finally, she found a hole, but it was only large enough for her head and so falling upon her knees, pushed herself into it as far as possible, thinking to herself that she would be safe now and the lion wouldn’t see her just as she couldn’t see it. We all know the rest of the story, don’t we?

Today, all these hot heads and bellicose words and flailing gestures are similar to the actions that woman took which ultimately led to her untimely end. In retrospect, if she had lain motionless on the ground, the grass would have concealed her, the scent would not have been picked up by the lion just as the baby gazelles are taught to do by their mothers until they are large enough to outrun the danger. But today, we have so many experts who are only expert at revealing their foolishness and lack of understanding as they attempt to spin the events to their self-conceived conclusions that are similar to the bucket that can’t hold water because of the number of holes! When we listen to the esteemed Senators, Representatives, and Lords of The House in England, it’s the same. The Bundestag in Germany, the Duma in Russia, the Chinese State Council or whichever body of politicians purports to represent the populations of the countries mentioned or not, they all have one thing in common, and that is their country comes first!

The global community is furious at President Trump for putting America first, but that is a very biased position to take.  Practically all others are doing the same thing, albeit somewhat toned down under the guise of international “free” trade agreements. Also under the banner of globalism which in the simplest form strips away the sovereignty of individual nations and intertwines them in complex negotiations which lead to restrictive commitments.

So by keeping the fires hot, the roiling smoke will conceal the true intents of those who wish to foster conflicts that would break out into open warfare. It’s amazingly simple and highly effective! Ponder these things for a moment if you would, who is behind the ongoing social upheavals that are taking place on a worldwide scale? Where are all these new diseases coming from? Why isn’t cancer eradicate? Why are people being encouraged to question their gender? Why has the personal debt exploded and from whom do the nations borrow money from? And where does the money come from?

These are just a few questions the thinking man or woman would like to have an answer to, but, no answer will be forthcoming, just a lengthy tirade that would quickly tire one out. The distractions must be ongoing and multiple in nature to keep the average person off balance by being preoccupied work or by mass entertainment. I would ask you this, how many people can speak of the 2030 Agenda with confidence? Do people know what it is? How about Antonio Guterres and his plan for a Parliamentary For Humanity? I am not attempting to belittle anyone here by suggesting that stupidity reigns, but rather to show you just how useful the work of concealment has been in keeping the people visibly preoccupied.

The biggest business in the world with the best profits is not Facebook, Microsoft, Exxon or any other well marketed public company, but it is the war machine. The Germans have a saying; Money rules the world and wealth lubricates the industrial machine. It’s true. What is the top export of the major nations? Weapons sales. The United States, Russia, China, Germany, France, and the list goes on. It’s interesting to note that these countries speak of peace while murdering their future children on the altar of “free choice” and by exporting the machinery necessary to destroy others! As I wrote in the beginning, it’s a macabre paradox, hypocrisy in the purest form and an open work of obfuscation that does its work very well.

Every politician who wants to “serve” the people must be ready to bow down to the iron demands of the military-industrial complex and their army of lobbyists and intelligence connections if they want to have a secure and lasting future in the political arena. The best single example, in this case, would be the Honorable Senator John McCain from the state of Arizona although many others are just like him. He sits firmly entrenched in the inner workings, and he is also well paid for his labor of love for the war machine as is evident from his numerous statements and high-profile travels abroad. He and those like him are serving the most influential organization in the world which has the power to wipe out all of the humanity in less 24 hours, but they are just comfortable with keeping the conflicts and escalations going alongside the current wars, worldwide. And of course, the pay is very well and his future secure in politics.

So as world leaders keep fanning the flames of conflict both within their national borders and without, they nonetheless keep the pretentious peace talks on the table. The right hand is extended to greet one another in front of the cameras, but the dagger work takes place behind the massive mahogany doors in the stately rooms. And it’s all part of the global machine that keeps the money in circulation and the blood flowing, and our politicians are paying members of the Club of War!

So in conclusion, I would like to add this, our future hinges upon our God given intellect to understand and to react, to demonstrate a reasonable aptitude for discernment and to correct an ill-made course. But when our senses are easily preoccupied and distracted by the kaleidoscope smokescreen,  how are we to discern the future and make the required course corrections? We can’t and therein lies the problem, distractions! As long as we can’t see through the smokescreen, we are destined to stumble and be led about by those who don’t care about the amount of blood being spilled; the personal profit is their god of choice!

The war machine is the greatest ongoing threat to humanity, and until we have determined men and women in possession of moral and virtuous character, the blood letting will continue, and all this talk of peace remains only that, talk. And the distractions will continue because the love of self-demands it and the war machine continues unabated and determined to conquer and subdue any and all who stand in its path. And we continue to elect the very ones responsible for the ongoing carnage and our reward; we remain entertained and distracted! The price we pay for our intellectual ignorance.