Building On The Foundation

After six hours in the pouring rain, we were able to finish the preparation work for the concrete which will arrive at the job site at 09:00 AM.  A ten thousand gallon diesel tank will sit atop the foundation and later, a fifteen thousand gallon container so we had to make sure that there were enough rebar and heavy steel mats for the concrete to settle and hold. If our work was poorly done, the tank will lose its footing and us, our reputation! Preparation work is required in any job if the work is to be a success.

How well are we prepared for this life we live? Is our foundation solid? Are our beliefs stable and do our thoughts justify our actions or condemn them? Or do we really care to look that intimately at ourselves? Do such thoughts even course through our minds as we go about our daily work and recreation or do we spend a lot of time in the playground of vanity and self-absorption? Perhaps the mirror being the best friend we have or our worst critic!

Our works that we plan on for tomorrow are just that, plans, for we assume that we’ll be there but who can say for sure that we will be there? You? Me? Some other person who faces the same tomorrow as you or me? We have no promise from anyone that tomorrow will be there to greet us because we are still living for today, for the hour, for the minute, and for the second and life can change very quickly in one second, not to mention one day!

About 14 years ago, a father and his son were traveling home from a vacation somewhere in Northern Germany and found themselves on a state highway called number 5 at 04:00 AM in the vicinity of a city named “Karlsruhe” when a tractor trailer suddenly swerved into their lane without blinking. They hit the trailer at full speed, around eighty miles per hour and went under it. The police found both their heads about two hundred yards away. What do you think? What were their final thoughts as death met them? Were they ready or were they expecting it at that moment in time? What were they talking about? Hoping to see, wife and children? What do you think? That it could happen to you as you turn the page and read something else and in a few seconds it’s forgotten!

Death is abhorrent to the most of us and we tend to push it as far away as humanely possible even as we are aware of its vicinity for it is never far and it is never satiated and untold thousands fall victim to its deathly grip daily even as we go about our lives.

Most remember Freddie Mercury as he sang, “Who Wants To Live Forever” and most would at least like to live long and prosperous lives but do we? Are our lives prosperous and healthy and do we make all the right decisions? I know the answer to that just as well as you do! No! None of us do because we are not perfect in any way, form, or fashion by a long shot! Have you ever met anyone who is perfect in all that they say and do? Have all the right answers to all of your questions? Of course not, though we all have met some along our walk in life, haven’t we?

So no, perfection is not in our nature but rather decay and eventual death. It might take a day or it might take 120 years, but know for certain that you have a set date, the only problem being is that you don’t know the second of its appearance! And so we live, literally, in the shadow of death and we toy with it as we live our lives according to our ideals and standards, not considering that our living is hanging, again literally, by a thread.

All are aware of death and most try to find some way to reconcile themselves to the fact such as in esoterics, religion, philosophy, secularism, atheism and trying to find the “god” within! But I can assure you with 100% certainty that all of the man’s attempts at saving himself from death will absolutely fail! And that is an ironclad guarantee from the Lord God of Heaven and Earth Himself!

And how do I know this? Because the BIBLE is the Word of The Living God, and laugh as hard as you want, it won’t change the fact that we will all stand before Him, after Death has taken us, prisoner! It doesn’t matter at all what your beliefs are or what your position in life is or the amount of wealth you might think you possess or the poverty that has you in its grip, all will come to the Day of Judgment before the Throne of The Living God!

But there is hope to escape the granite grip of death that even the strongest man in the world breaks, like a dried weed in the desert and that way is Jesus Christ, the Living Son of The Living God! There is simply putting it, no other way! God, the Father Himself has declared it to be so and all of the man’s attempts at creating his own way through innumerable ways and means will utterly fail! All of his religions will fail him miserably, all of his philosophies, all of his ethics, all of his new age magic, nothing will save him because God, the Creator has already provided the way through His Son!

But will you believe on and in Him? For the most who do, only partially, that is, a blend of tradition, fairy tales, paganism and all of it mixed in with the truth which makes it very difficult for the casual “Christian” to understand thereby leaving it up to their “teachers” to teach them and to a large extent, mislead them.

This problem can be easily resolved by starting at page one just like any other book you would pick up and read. All you have to do is finish it! From Genesis to Revelation, the beginning of all things to the end and then a completely new beginning again, this time without sin, which is rebellion, without Satan, the hater of all mankind and without the man’s attempts at self-rule.

The Bible also explains all you need to know about the heart of man and the mind and the ways of his thinking. It will explain to those who are willing to learn about astronomy, geology, biology and how the weather works! It will reveal the hidden lusts and force one to come to grips with themselves in the light of God. It will show you just how foolish it is to chase after the wind, that is wealth and to make it clear that we are not “gods”, big or little in any form or thought and that our days are indeed numbered and that we will most certainly be held accountable for every foolish word, every action and every thought!

But if you have had faith in the works of Jesus and have believed in His name and have obeyed all of His laws and commandments and have learned to live in grace, then you will escape the wrath of God that is coming upon all of the mankind for their wicked behavior and rebellion against the Most High Creator. But because of His great love and patience and not willing that man should die, He has given the man time to repent, thereby showing his love and mercy!  And the offer of salvation is an extended scepter of grace through His Son, Jesus the Christ!

The offer is free to all but only a few are chosen though many have been called, and why? Because they want it on their terms, not His! They don’t want a cross but love without conditions but that is not the way! They want to be accepted as they are, but again, that is the wrong way!

Only those who do the will of my Father will be accepted, said Jesus. So how do you know the will of the Father if you don’t read His Word, the Bible? And how will you escape the steel talons of death if you have no knowledge of the salvation that could have been yours because you turned away when He called you?

If you reject the offer of being saved from your rebellious ways through Jesus, the Son of God than Death will make you its own. Guaranteed!

As always, it’s a choice that only you can make, so make the right one, today by building on the foundation already laid, Jesus.