Beware of False Teachers

There are so many preachers, self-styled teachers, spiritual prophets, mega star prosperity players, home pastors, feminist usurpers, followers of fashion, social justice warriors, off the deep end antics to captivate foolishly gullible audiences, worship teams who entice the flesh and young converts who follow their teachings. Pastors who love to have the awe and respect of their followers all the while parading their humility before running cameras. The Ministers who call for more servitude to God as they increase their private wealth while draining yours and their young converts who play into their theology like a well-greased deck of cards. And still, they fall by the score with false teachings because of a lack of knowledge or a willingness to believe the lies, perhaps thinking of personal stardom down the road in the name of the Lord.

Whatever the position, too many have already fallen and yet much more are running after their treacherous doctrines and it is only increasing in tempo. But who is listening anymore?

“Preacher, preacher, tickle my ear, tell me things that I want to hear!” And isn’t that the truth!  Twisting the Word of God brings a pretty profit to those who are determined to make a living off of it as is easily seen by the number of captives they have already taken! Every man or woman who sees themselves as God’s anointed feels also “called” to establish the usual base of faithful followers who will steadily contribute to the financial pot and post their words on the social network and seek to draw more into the group until they are able to begin showing the people just how “god” has blessed them with a new house(s), new cars, a plane or two, preferably a jet, of course, expensive clothing and let us not forget the necklaces and rings to promote their “god given wealth!”

We see in America constantly as in Africa, as in some Asian lands and if you’ll look carefully, you’ll see that they all have one thing in common, money and the things that go with it!

So why am I writing this short article? To warn you that there is no lack of Christian “teachers” who teach distortions of truth or twist the Scriptures for private gain all the while presenting themselves as messengers of God! Beware, I have warned you and take heed to what you believe!

If you are real about wanting to learn of the Lord Jesus Christ, turn off your computers and TV and open your Bible and begin at page one and read it until you are finished! There will be many things that you may not understand nor will you want to accept it, but, the Word of God is not designed to accommodate you, but rather, you have been called to learn from it! You don’t need one of the internet or social page “teachers” but you do need a Bible and an open heart and all of your questions will be answered in time and it won’t cost you a single penny or require a membership in some organization or a commitment to buy their books, cd’s or “teaching” videos either!

If you can, buy a Bible in its original order and there are a few available and if not, use the New King James Version. The York Publishing Company in Hollister, California has brought out a very good translated work which I often use alongside the NKJV, but that is my preference and I’m not pushing it on you. Just do a little homework yourselves and choose one.

Lastly, I am not looking for wealth, honor, recognition, and I don’t really care if you like me or not. I am only telling you the truth because I have had enough of those liars who purport to love God and yet mislead you down the wrong cobblestoned drive and into perdition! And if I didn’t have love in my heart then I wouldn’t give a damn but I do and therefore I will keep on warning you to follow the One true God and His Son Jesus the Christ and His example while on the earth!

Do not follow those who preach worldly wealth and “new” teachings so as to tickle your ears! Do not follow those who tease you with the flesh! Do not be followers of mega star ministers of their own destruction! Do not attend “spiritual prophet” schools as to learn their ways but become disciples of Him alone!

See, I have warned you and will again and again! Some of you will listen, but most won’t, just as the Lord had said will happen.

Pay attention! Pray and fast and be awake and hold firm to the doctrines of Scripture lest you become snared and pulled away into destruction also.