No Peace In War

The usual news today was on the Trump presidency and Obama’s alleged involvement behind the scenes of anarchy and a conspiring shadow government and further details will be presented on the evening local news and world report. Sweden’s fatal attraction and attitude towards the rape epidemic and parallel culture of Islam. The rise of populism in Europe and the attempts at defeating it by the elite. Martin Schultz being presented by the German Social Party Democrats as the answer to the German woes when all that he is is the wolf in sheep’s clothing, absolutely no better than Mrs. Merkel who is against the ropes, at the moment. Both are die-hard globalists despite what the propagandists portray, but the stakes are high and the future of the European Union stands on wobbly knees at the moment and the minds of the Germans and their votes are the prize for the victorious contender.

But does anyone really care about what’s happening around the world? A few, yes but, for the most part, no. I sit at my desk and look out the window at the low gray clouds and watch the rain come down from darkened skies. It’s quiet here, just the painted horse time clock ticking away the seconds as I ponder the next sentence. There is so much taking place around the globe, so much that interacts on our daily lives and yet we act as if nothing but the “myself” matters, as if no other world than our own exists.  Sure, it’s comfortable to be surrounded by our home and the things that are familiar to our lives and the topics that we may think on, the food we eat, the liquids that we drink, the body we lay next to and so on, but there is the world around us and that implies something much bigger than can be easily defined. I am but one tiny piece of grain on an endless beach interacting with several other tiny pieces of sand which in their turn interact with others until the entire beach is interacting, and so it is with the world, a living interaction between peoples, communities, environments, cultures, governments, religions, trade, and communications. And yet, we are diverse in so many ways and still united in our humanity.

The humanity that unites us also divides us into warring factions and like competitive sports, there can only be one who takes the gold and so we strive and fight to take the gold. We see it daily on our way to work as we flow with the traffic, in the waiting line at Dunkin’ Donoughts, on the job site and then on the state and national level as the politicians rip into each other with open hypocrisy and contempt, as protestors protest because they didn’t get what they wanted, as an expired ex-president plots to overthrow an elected one and nations seek more weapons to retain their grip on their citizens and to prepare war on their neighbours and then man plans to conquer the heavens to bring his brand of chaos to the stars! And we need to be afraid of the aliens?

Man is born for trouble as the sparks that shoot from the fire, so says the Bible and it’s true. Can you ever remember not having to argue, quarrel, fight, antagonize, irritate, scorn, belittle, lie, impose your will, defend a position, put the blame on someone else and so on? It is in our human nature regardless of how peaceful we profess ourselves to be and that will not change anytime soon. Take any religion you care to claim and you will see that among the words of peace are a multitude of swords. Peace can only be forged through enforcement of peace and I don’t mean the toothless blue helmets of the UN. But I ask you this; which nation on the face of the earth is a peace-seeking one? When any nation shows a lack of will then it becomes a victim of change, usually at the hands of a stronger and so the cycle continues.

So how can the man learn the way of peace when war is his nature? Through Gandhi? As an answer, look at India today and I will say no. Through dictatorships such as North Korea, China, or Saudi Arabia? Again, the answer is no. Through western democracies? The answer is also a resounding no! Peace cannot be established through the hand of man and if his rule continues, he will eventually destroy himself, as says the Bible. What if everybody could do anything they wanted, all the toys, all the sex, all the violence, all the money and so on, wouldn’t the man be then satisfied? No, because greed is the natural flow when you always get what you want and the world would not be enough even as the scene of desolation sweeps across his horizon.

Does mankind have a future? Yes, he does but not on his terms.

Man’s biggest problem is his pride and unbounded pride fuels the ego and the ego unfettered causes immense damage. Another way of putting it is that arrogance leads to ignorance and ignorance defines the character and a crooked character is hard to straighten out. The man is his own little god in his own mini-universe, more or less doing what he wants aside from the dictates of the law and as such defines his kingdom on earth. This can be applied individually or in a controlled setting such as a land or a kingdom. But as the power grows so does the abuse of it because of man’s nature and sooner or later corruption sets in and the ripples begin once again to spread unrest and social conflicts start to emerge and the cycle begins its deadly routine once again. Today, we are seeing it in America, in Europe, in China, in South America and the more force that is needed to contain the people, the more violent will become the hatred against the “system!” This is our inherited legacy and the chains that hold us firm refuse to fall loose and so we continue as we have since recorded history.

Does mankind have any hope? He does if he believes.

In the realm of esoterism, every man has the potential to be a “god” in the makeup of things and there are no shortages of “teachers” who would be more than happy to show you how, for a price. Same story, same act since thousands of years and as of yet, they remain to be seen or perhaps they are just floating about on their astral clouds in the heavens above or sleeping in the dark earth below. Illusionary heavenly promises based on man’s interpretations are mere fairy tales to soothe the soul and inspire fanciful dreams of other worlds that Hollywood is more than happy to fulfill! Are you a believer in Hollywood heaven? If so, then you are a faithful follower of Micky Mouse and Donald Duck! My point being is this; If you can see through the “magic” of Disneyworld and Hollywood and yet fall for the esoteric bag of tricks by the charlatans who covet your money, then your senses remain childish and your intellect tarnished! Perhaps a better analogy would be the vacuum salesman who comes knocking on the door of the housewife. She doesn’t need one but her curiosity overcomes her and she lets him present his wares and as he razzles and dazzles her with the shiny chrome and bright colors and just look how powerful it is, she doesn’t realize that it is a turbo-powered unit specially built to impress potential buyers. He talks smoothly and knows just what to say, oh, and did he mention how nice she looks today? At the end, he sold her a vacuum cleaner that she didn’t need, actually, he sold her a bill of goods that will not work as promised, and so it is with the “spiritual enlighteners” who themselves are stumbling in the darkness while pretending to show you the way.

Is there a light that doesn’t run on batteries? Yes, there is if you are willing to see.

Let me come to the point. Mankind is in a state of perpetual warfare because he has chosen to not believe in his Creator. You believe in the Big Bang? Well, if that’s so, where did the Big Bang come from? From nothing comes nothing or were you born with a fully trained intellect? A lot of people would like to be a “god” so where did the word “god” come from? Where did all the myths and fables come from if there was no god in the beginning? And what is the beginning? The puppy chasing its tail while the owner bemusedly watches from a distance and so is the man in relation to the truth of his existence. Because the man wilfully denies his Creator, it leaves only one other option open, the lie, the denial that he is a created being from a higher source other than himself. You don’t want to believe it I’m sure but, I’m not overly concerned about politically correct work here or stepping on a few snowflakes or making light of intellectual achievements but my goal is to simply show you where to go by avoiding all the tortuous detours that have kept many away!

I have met so many “Christians” that say they are believers but upon closer observation and conversations, they have revealed themselves to be followers of a particular denomination or pastor without ever having read the Bible. In this example, I’ll call them traditionalists. Still, others having read only very small portions of the Bible, hold to an almost ridiculous view of being child-like in their approach, I’ll call it willful ignorance in the hope of being blameless. Still, others are super spiritual with all sorts of heavenly wisdom who love to be seen as such and seem to enjoy an unduly amount of respect and awe from their admirers while stumbling over Scripture. And others live off the congregations while teaching things that they themselves don’t believe, and last, but not least are the money grabbers who steal and rob from the foolish while promising great wealth in this world to their silly followers while they amass the wealth and flaunt it before the eyes of the impoverished. And so the abuse of the faith continues unabetted and furthered on by man’s lust for power and greed. Even among the Christians, the war is raging and there is no peace in war.

I know that the Bible is probably the most quoted book in the world because it is the only book that God gave to man and the Spirit of God inspired the men who wrote it so that it is complete in unity and structure and filled with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. However, it is vastly abused by those who trifle with its contents by measure, taking words out of context, misapplying verses to suit a particular agenda, twisting the doctrines to appease a political goal and using it for personal enrichment and I’m writing in particular of the prosperity preachers who woo the foolish and unlearned into poverty!

Don’t be led astray by “worship teams” with teary eyed songs and tight fitting clothing and weak lifestyles and star speakers with great promises and unbelievable stories of spiritual authority over heaven and earth! Such men and women are braggarts in the flesh and administrators of death and decay and they are there to serve themselves as they travel from one city to another as like a traveling circus would do with the usual attachments! Don’t listen to the feminists who usurp the man’s authority in the Church and lift themselves above The Word of God by presumptuous arguments and vain thoughts! Avoid the LGBT agenda by avoiding the Churches where their lifestyles are accepted because God has not accepted their lifestyles! Avoid the Jesus that avoided the cross and don’t run after those who claim to have seen him at this place or that! Don’t give your hard-earned money to a man who won’t work and there are many shepherds who won’t work but expect you to pay for all of their needs and desires because they are doing “God’s” work! That “work” includes keeping you bound in ignorance through tradition, recognizing his authority over you, keeping him financially secure while you struggle, paying for his vacations and hotel room while on business for the church and so on! If a man won’t work then he shall not eat and you are not required to pay him anything! The only one who was to receive a little would have been the Evangelist as he went about establishing new groups of believers and nobody had a permanent chief executive officer as the churches so commonly have today! The body would have had a teacher, a pastor, a prophet, and someone who would have been able to translate if someone spoke in “tongues.” No one man had the final say and they all worked for a living and did not live off the body except for older widows or very young orphans. And that is quite a contrast from what supposedly is the Church today!

Today, the trend is towards a “Jesus loves me the way I am” and that is completely false and misleading! Jesus will meet you where you are at and says, “Follow Me” and if you are obedient, then you will find yourself at the cross where you will deny yourself and take up your cross and follow Him! It is not the other way around! When He says to follow Him then He means Him and not some other. He is not going to accommodate a sinful or rebellious lifestyle no matter how you try to color it, sin is sin and that is why He died for you, to free you from a rebellious and wicked lifestyle, not to keep you in it! He also told you to keep the Law and Commandments of the Father as He Himself did as did His disciples and their disciples but today, many claim that the Law has been done away with but that is another lie that a man by the name of Martin Luther brought in through the so-called reformation and the lie is still with us today! The Scriptures will be twisted by those who don’t understand them and the foolish will rush to be their disciples! Love and discipline go hand in hand as does the Law and Grace and the opponents of Paul couldn’t understand him then and they still can’t today.

This is only a brief overlay of the mighty depths and truths of the Bible that are being kept from most so as to keep them in chains of ignorance and tradition but I declare that the Bible will not be hidden from those who are seeking the truth of God and His Only Son, the Lord Jesus the Christ, which means the Messiah! Only He can bring about world peace and end the madness that curses this planet and its inhabitants. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and without Him, there is no other way.

Don’t go pursuing after foreign “gods” and their teachings because you’ll be just wasting your time. Forget Allah and Buddha, forget Tao and Confucius, forget everything that you think you know about religion because the Son of God is not a religion but rather the way to the Father of lights and I don’t mean the ufo’s either! Don’t you think it’s time to stop wasting time? You’re not getting any younger and your hair is getting lighter and the mountains are a little harder to climb and your days are indeed numbered and you don’t know the hour of your departure, so why play the waiting game?

If you have never read the Bible then now is the time. If you believe that every man is a liar then now is the time to believe in Jesus. If war is man’s destiny then make peace with man’s Creator. It’s all about choices so make the right one before death takes you away and you may be most assured, it is coming for you. But if you have placed your hope and your faith in Jesus, death has no power over you at all for He Himself has conquered death and He will give you that same power through faith if you would believe on Him and His works.

In the end, only you can make that decision and the wrong one will cost you all of the eternity, and no man or woman who has ever lived will be exempted from that great and terrible day of judgment that is coming upon mankind for their rebellious ways. Sin remains sin, no matter the color, no matter the excuse. And what is your excuse?