Populism; A Force To Be Reckoned With

After a few hours of rest, I rose up at 02:12 AM to go through the news and current events and to hear what the populists of Europe were up to. In Europe, the populists are a threat to the ruling class of die-hard politicians who refuse to do what the people have elected them to do, but instead, bow down to party conformity and dutifully stand in line and do what they are expected to do, for the party’s sake and profit. The populists don’t do that which is why they are unpopular among the quasi-democratic leadership of the member states of the European Union.  They are calling for a radical change of thinking, of direction. At the very least that creates big headaches for the established elite such as Juncker who is the current president of the EU or Merkel as Chancellor of Germany and so on.

Despite the aggressive posturing of the main-stream media, yes they are just like those in America such as CNN or the Washington Post or New York Times, against the populist uprisings, those very parties are gaining ground among the aggrieved population of member countries who see the threats literally pouring into their countries and cities from economic migrants, displaced peoples from war-torn nations that we, ironically instigated and supplied with weapons and continue to do so. The “refugees,” are mostly Muslim and having little incentive to assimilate, but in their eyes, to overtake host countries through mass migration and a wide host of demands. One only has to look at Sweden, England, France and now Germany is feeling the heat while Brussels makes more demands for more control over the sovereignty of the member states. And you wonder why the people are becoming angry?

It is sad but true that most Germans tend to believe what they read in the papers and hear on the news, but it’s not their fault. They have been trained since kindergarten to listen to the experts and to do as their told to in addition to the never ending guilt propaganda of the Holocaust that keeps them in a state of perpetual servitude to other people and to try to atone for their history. When I read of that I tend to think of Russia, China, Japan, Cambodia, Australia, Brazil, America, the Scandinavians, England, France, Libya, Syria, Rhodesia, Somalia, and South Africa.  For those who know history, they understand and if not, become informed instead of remaining a walking parrot!

You cannot drive on the famous autobahn when your eyes are fixed on the rear view mirror, can you? Or how can you provide for your people when you take their hard earned wages and give it to foreigners who in turn send it to their families in another country? The land is bleeding the life savings of those who worked the hardest by giving it to those who’ve never earned it! And populism is rising because the people are justifiably angry! The Muslims demand Sharia compliance among their own but, that is not enough. They are trying to slip it into their host countries laws through other means such as political action, social justice, prohibiting criticism of their ideology/religion/political pagan system, the curbing of free speech and threating to kill those who insult a dead man whose bones have long been turned to dust! Parasitic behavior and the elite are backing them and you ask why populism is on the rise?

Geert Wilders in Holland is a fast moving and hard hitting leader of the populist party who is threatening the leaders there. Le Pen in France is rattling the French aristocratic party in Paris. Boris in England, Frau Petry in Germany from the AfD and they are not, contrary to media reports, a Nazi party but have become a force to be reckoned with and this populism is spreading in both western and eastern Europe. In Poland, in Hungary, in Slovakia, in Croatia, in Greece, and in Italy and even Spain is rocking. The people are starting to wake up and notice the chains that have been laid upon them, light at first and then heavier and heavier. The Americans noticed it which is why they elected a non-conformist and which is the reason an attempt to overthrow the Administration is in the works, headed by none other than the socialist democratic party with the help of its earlier “leading from behind” and “bow to kiss the ring finger” tail wagging poodle Obama and his cronies. Time will tell if they will be able to rescue their global plans from impending ruin by a man who loves his land more than the politics that want to enslave America’s people under the banner of the global government. But America, as it now stands, has raised the beacon of hope for other nations to see and “if she could do it, why can’t we?” goes the battle cry that the populists shout from the streets and halls and in the politically heated debates.

Populism must rise if the people want to be freed from the tyranny that Brussels has to offer and the embedded political system must be in part demolished in order to bring in a new wind with new ideas and hopes, for as it currently stands, there will be no Europeans left who will have a national identity but only a merging of the masses with all the confusion that it will bring. As a passing note, one member of the European Parliament had recently said that Sweden should give up some of it’s land so that the Muslims can have their own country in Europe! It has come so far now that the globalists have become open in their plans for Europe and if that isn’t a wake-up call for the Europeans then perhaps a continental civil war might do it if things keep on moving as they are now.

So to wrap up this short commentary; populism is not a bad thing because it has the potential to do good and restore a people’s hope and faith in their own land provided it’s not hijacked by a stronger party such as the Tea Party, when it became absorbed and watered down by the Republican Party in America. Or not controlled by loud-mouthed instigators who tend to distort the message by fiery anti-establishment hatred or hatred against refugees. A party must be led by men and women of reason and passion for the betterment of the whole nation and not only a segment and be willing to seek out common ground with others without relinquishing the principles upon which they stand. If populism is to succeed then it must be approved by the majority and not forced by the minority and the common ground that could bind two opposing parties just might be enough to turn the tide, provided they don’t turn on each other.

May common sense apply and not violence and hatred because those are not popular by any means.