Perversion and Lust Equals Marriage?

It has come so far that many people now accept same-sex “marriages” as “normal,” but is it really or is it just a perverted lifestyle being forced upon the uninformed, misinformed, gullible, and misguided?  Those who support the abnormal lifestyles are themselves, partakers of it, in thought or deed and therefore party to their abominable acts which twist the mind and hardened the heart and poison the body, the end result being a corroded soul, empty of love, bitter in defeat, and alone in death.

A woman conceives from the man and not from a test tube or from a petri dish. Sperm banks are seeded by what? Sperma from a man and not from a woman. The woman needs the sperm of a man, the seed of life to bring forth life and without the man, she can do nothing! Feminists just hate the truth but oh how they love the lies that envelopes them like a heavy overdose of evening perfume!

Two men cannot bring forth a life! A man ejaculating in another man’s rectum, which by the way is loaded with deadly bacteria, is not going to make him pregnant, regardless of the desire! A man is a man and the woman remains a woman and it doesn’t matter how they may feel about being in the “wrong” body, they aren’t in the wrong body, they just have the wrong thoughts snaking through their lustful imaginations until they become ensnared by their own desires!

Sodomites, that is the correct term for homosexual men and lesbians live out their sexual fantasies because they chose to! They have also chosen to believe that they should “marry” their lust partner and have children to raise just as they live, in a perverted sexual atmosphere where the children will learn to accept and embrace this deviant drop into sexual darkness and find it “normal!” There is nothing nice, clean, or wholesome about sexual perversion! It is a gnawing disease that eats away at their conscience and eventually sear’s it to the point of no return, where they are now wholly taken captive and they will not be released because they don’t want to! For them, it is their life and it is the only life that they feel drawn to and comforted by innumerable friends and supporters who only strengthen them and encourage them to remain in their chains of vile passions.

Now they want to be seen as a family, a family of perversion and of lies embracing lust and raising lustful children who one day, in their turn, will carry it farther. A marriage is between one man and one woman and the children that normally follow are a product of that family. A father and a mother can never be replaced by a masculine father and a feminine father any more than a female mother and a masculine mother, it is perverted through and through and only those wanting to be blind will never see the horrors behind the glamorous pictures and films and porn shoots.

LGBT is a wicked attempt at slithering into your schools, homes, and bedrooms through the use of the media, politics, social messages, threats of intimidation, lustful imagery, handsome men or boys and beautiful women or girls, all trying to erode your moral or virtuous principles through the manipulation of emotions and the word “love”, which for them actually means “lust!”

What is beautiful about two men acting like neighing stallions and growling like angry bears and needing a few towels to clean up the disgusting residue? Rectal issues? Warts? Bowel problems? Herpes? Viruses of different kinds? AIDS? Gum disease? Fisting? Whipping? BDSM? Multiple partners every month and orgies where the most disgusting things take place? There are enough sources of information that are readily available to read online from those who have been there and done it and have been able to come out of it, though not without a lot of help and they are not many, unfortunately.

In the lesbian world, it is the same and the violence and jealousy are often worse than by the sodomites. The only difference is that they are women but the chains are just as strong and nearly impossible to break! Many want to come out and walk away from it, but when lust is your goddess, passion is your pleasure and the bath is always warm as are the lies that bind.

You cannot turn their vile behavior into a virtuous lifestyle, no matter how hard you try to package it, facts are facts. Babies do not come out the rectum and lesbians cannot induce pregnancy between themselves without a man. Period!

And as far as Transexuals go, they are men acting out their feminine fantasies. Silicon breasts, hormone shots, makeup and beauty parlors cannot change their DNA! They were born men and they shall die as men, regardless of what they claim to want to be! They were never born as half man and half woman! (Here I am talking about changing the sexuality of the person after they have been born and not those born with both sexual organs, Hermaphrodites.) Crossdressers goes for both sexes and so-called lady-boys are mostly young men who prefer to pretend to be women and dress as such for sexual pleasure with another man, but they are still sodomites, although feminine in their attitudes.

The perversion goes deeper than that, but I think you understand the point. Sexual perversion is a predatory creature that seeks to place all within its deadly grip. From the young child in grade school to the student in High School. From the college student to the local mayor. From the policeman to the governor’s mansion. From the halls of Congress to the President’s office. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you sit or work, sexual perversion is looking for you, actively seeking you out, wooing you with countless hours of films either produced by the porn industry or Hollywood, though I don’t see the difference. It is after your son or daughter through the eyes of a lustful teacher or a perverted Senator or even a member of your own family, it knows no bounds!

That is why I am telling you not to listen to the silvery sounding bells that ring softly in the early evening fog, they sound pleasant in your ears but they are calling you to death and once you enter those portals of lust, escape is nearly impossible as you are swept into the swirling kaleidoscope of physical lust and emotions that will surely bind the foolish who enter in. So I ask you this; Do you believe in your heart that marriage means a man, a woman, and a family or do you believe that lust may marry perversion and seed cruelty? Use some common sense and if you don’t have any then go and read a Bible and get some wisdom, knowledge, and understanding! Common sense!

It is a choice that you are going to have to make, either today, tomorrow, or in the near future, but the more you linger around the fire, the chance of you being burnt increases. Don’t be burnt by the flames of lust and by the lies of the sodomites.  Make a choice today.