Is America Great?

Ed Ordway: I know that he hit the rusty nail on its deformed head. What America once stood for stands no more, but what has taken its place is a plethora of individuals and organizations who are determined to erase what she did stand for and you know what? They are succeeding because You don’t give a damn anymore! The churches have failed God and land! The politicians have sold you out to the lobbyists! The creditors have driven you deep into debt! Your towns and cities tax you out of home and land! The military-industrial complex uses your children for cannon fodder and the liberalists pander to your every disgusting whim and yet you say, “God Bless America”! Over 60 million babies sacrificed on the altar of feminism! Sexual perversion running rampant throughout the land! Chemicals and illegal drugs turning millions into morons! Dumbed down graduates who can’t even find Gambia on the world map, much less Illinois! Parents who don’t raise their children with respect because they themselves have none! And yet you wrap yourselves in patriotic colors, salute the wavering flag of “freedom” give glory and honor to the men and women who were killed for some nasty political agenda, drink yourselves drunk while engaging in neighborly orgies, watch the most useless and inane programs and listen to the educated idiots who pass themselves off as experts and yet love to say so proudly, “The land of the free and the home of the brave” while death and decay lay strewn about on your streets and byways because of the insane and murderous violence that has the land in its grip! And the lust for wealth is driving you mad! And yet the blind and deceived masses love to echo the national statement, “God Bless America”! It would seem more appropriate to declare that America lays under the curse of a living God that your pastors, preachers, ministers, and teachers have forsaken for the love of ease and money! You don’t agree? Tough! Learn to deal with the truth for once! (In respect to a video posted on We American People, claiming America’s greatness)