Don’t Waste Your Potential

A life that is not being lived is similar to a baby that prefers the womb. Each of us has so much potential that lies within, so much to offer through use and interaction and yet remains dormant, unused, untapped, and unwilling to try. It is pitiful state of mind when one doesn’t try but just concedes to the apathy of the mind. Does the hedge trim itself? Are you waiting for the wind to sweep the lawn clear of leaves? Then why let the mind set? Don’t you know that all the computers in the world cannot begin to even keep up with the speed at which the brain functions? There is a call for more artificial intelligence but you are much faster than you realize! The power of the brain is literally unlimited and yet 99% of humanity prefers the limited version! Are you one of them?

People like to believe that a “higher education” makes a person intelligent and there is truth in that statement, but it does not necessarily mean a school, college, or university. These exist to reach a specific goal such as in math or science or whatever you chose to become your employment target and even then, most tend to change course eventually. You stand on a hill and view the surroundings but do you know that all that you see belongs to you? Your eyes are a video camera and everything remains in your brain and where is the brain? Everything that you have heard, seen, spoken, and done remains in your memory bank, your brain, right up until the final second of death.

You have heard it said that people who were sure of imminent death saw their life flash before their eyes and I know from experience that it’s true. Inside of two, maybe three seconds tops, I saw my entire life! That is faster than the speed of light! (186,000 mph) Which by the way according to recent research was initially faster than the current speed) Everything is literally in your head and the potential that is available for the most is simply on standby modus, unused, untapped, and unknown and that is how 99% of mankind lives out their lives.

What about the highly overrated IQ tests? Well, weren’t you aware that your IQ expands as your mind expands? Experience promotes learning and learning increases knowledge and therefore your IQ grows! Simple as that! Don’t be overwhelmed by people with highly publicized IQ’s, they have nothing over you for you have the very same makeup and potential, the only difference is the name you carry with you. The life that you choose to live will dictate the style and the limits of your ability to think and reason and the saying that a closed mind becomes a dormant mind is true. Every man and woman has the potential to exponentially increase their understanding and the depths of their lives to affect monumental changes in themselves without the use of super drugs or the need of professors or worldly travels. It’s the process of the application that acquires the desired results. In school, you learned basic math, but nothing is learned without applying one’s self to learning, or learn by doing. The very same principle must be applied to your brain and I’m not talking about Scrabble or Chess here!

The power in the brain is immense and I’ve just begun to scratch the surface but the potential goes far beyond what limits you yourself have set. Are you 20? 50? 75? What does it matter? The brain will accompany you to the end and what you do or don’t do will determine the outcome of your life. A mind is a terrible thing to waste I remember hearing so many years ago and it’s true. Am I a brilliant man? Far from it! I’m like any other man only I push myself to keep learning, to rediscover concepts that have been unread, to apply a different approach, to seek the out the passages of the mind, to discover the synopses that bridge the neurons, to understand the membrane that protects the brain, to know why thy the brain takes a bath every night and that 60% is fat and so on! But it never stops! I have learned to see life in its colors and in the people I meet, that no man is an island, no matter how hard he tries and when someone is crying to take the time and be there at that moment because time is nonexistent when you are needed to apply a bandage.

Are we gods? No, we are not, but we have the potential to do much, much better than we are doing IF we apply ourselves and stop limiting the mind by setting up self-imposed roadblocks. All you have to do is to start thinking and that sends electrical currents humming throughout the brain and when somethings humming, it’s moving! So what are you waiting for? Start humming!

Ed Ordway