The Path of Least Resistance or The Way of Political Correctness

It’s easier to agree with an unpleasant topic rather than to engage oneself in a heated debate, especially when the subject matter is not well known beyond its superficialities. Whether it be in politics, religion, science, geography, technology, business, or any of the many interests or passions one may have, human nature tends to shy away from the unknown or attack it in order to defend itself from the perceived threat.

In our case, the topic is “Political Correctness” and the great danger it holds as to the freedom of speech, yay, of thought and even into the realm of action. The example in a case; A negro comes from the word negroid which denotes a person who’s ancestral home would have been from the continent of Africa. Today, in America, that is considered offensive and they prefer to be called “black” or “African-American. But if they were born in America, doesn’t that make them American? Most Americans today have ancestral roots in Europe. Does that make them “European Americans”? Or “German American” or “French-American” and so on. The only ones who can be rightfully recognized as coming from the North American continent are it’s earlier inhabitants, the native Indians, not the Europeans or Africans or Asians. Do you see the play on “political correctness” here? It’s a play on the racial card or agenda, an attempt at conquest through division, us against them. A line between black and white although those colors are not as stated after generations of intermingling.

What about religion? Christianity versus Islam versus Hinduism versus Buddhism versus Taoism plus the hundreds of lesser-known cults and groupings, each looking to worship its own interpretation of “god or gods” in their own fashion while attacking the other for not following the true god or gods that each group professes. Each demanding recognition and acceptance from the others while some threaten murderous reprisals if their deity is insulted and others believe that a merging of all faiths will bring about harmony if all accept all and avoid treading on emotional toes. Their main phrase being; all religions lead to god, so let none become offended by being offensive. Religious correctness in its purest form.

What about sexuality? Nature shows us the natural cycle of life through pro-creation, male and female. Not male-male or female-female, nor through a half and a half such as Transsexuals do with silicon implants and hormone injections. They are still men as evident through their DNA and the same applies to women who profess to be a man but in the “wrong body”! Bi-sexuality is a free-wheeling game of lust, a lifestyle burning with physical passion for both sexes and cross-dressers still like to play with dolls, but using themselves as adult toys. Now, challenging their lifestyles evokes a heated reaction from their supporters who tell you that you can’t speak against them because you are using hate speech and will offend them, thereby becoming liable to litigation followed by fines, confiscation of worldly goods and perhaps even jail time.

You are being forced, by law, to conform to political correctness by denying you the right of free speech, that is, your opinion because you may offend them. You are being forced, by law, to accept something that goes against nature and common sense through the threat of either legal action or violent acts perpetrated upon you or your property. You are being forced, by law, to conform to the demands made by religious groups in order to silence any opposition and you are being forced to promote political agendas through the use of ancestral roots.

Can you see the great danger that lies within the framework of political correctness? And your lack of resistance is nothing less than confirmation of your assistance because you won’t take a stand. You don’t want to offend anybody, but in so doing, you destroyed your own moral foundation for the case of appeasement! If you are willing to forfeit your right to free expression for the sake of conformity, what else are you willing to throw away or discard to make someone else happy or comfortable?

In the race for a utopia designed by man, the inevitable outcome will be the most miserable and lawless society that will have been seen on this planet. The fact speaks for itself; When you try to please everyone, you end up offending all. Don’t take the path of least resistance, learn to paddle your own canoe.

Edward Ordway