There Is A Choice

I was thinking this week on many subjects as I traveled the autobahns and by roads of Southern Germany. The politics of America and Europe and to a lesser degree, the Asian and African interactions, but the news is the same because the game never changes. Global power plays and business monopolies and military interventions generally mean death and destruction to the lives of the innocent and unwary and their surroundings as the mighty pursue their interests. So is the world in which we live.  But not everything is dark and bloody, at least not yet despite an avalance of Hollywood end of the world scenarios such as vampirism, cannibalism, deadly diseases, global catastrophes, alien invasions, and a repressive one world order or a “Star Trek” utopia.

In today’s world imagery is everything and the mind is often overwhelmed by open images or subtle and the other four senses react accordingly, to wit; hear, taste, touch, and feel and combined, these five senses are our world in which we are able to interact with each other and our surroundings and thus, the world in which we live in, or even better, the world that we are creating based upon our perceptions. Many Christians, for one example, are adherents to the “name it and claim it” movement that makes them out to be their own gods, notwithstanding the fact that they are quite mortal and such new age doctrinal teachings are very pagan indeed.  Then you have followers of holistic teachers which attempt to bring out the god in you, mother earth theology which says that you are one with “mother earth” who is their goddess. The followers of paganism which may bow down before one or one million different deities and worship them as gods, the evolutionists which literally lay claim to the primal mud fields as their “god” and the list goes on! The man is determined to create his own universe out of the imagination of his heart and mind and there is no lack of imagination in his endeavor!

So in light of today’s perplexing issues, it only stands to reason that we ourselves are the root cause of all our problems, our selfishness, and greed, our self-righteousness or lack of it, our perception of justice and the punishment being handed out. Though we are of different cultures and have wide-ranging social differences, yet, we have the same DNA makeup, the same physical attributes, mankind and womankind, the same bodily functions, and live on the same planet that orbits a star in a huge universe and yet, we cannot seem to work together, even at the cost of possible extinction! And why? Because we as individuals have our own individuality and only as a family, tribe, or nation, do we find unity or common ground to stand together!

There are 193 Tribes or Nations on the Earth that have grouped themselves together based upon the unity which bonds them, ie; language, society, work ethic, ethnicity, the form of government and so on and from the individuality comes unity, a togetherness, and a nation is born! America probably being one of the best examples in modern history, but when that nation or tribe is being threatened by foreign forces or societal upheavals that disrupt the very fabric of said nation, what will be the result?

One nation, one law, one rule of government is necessary to ensure a stable and prosperous land, but when violent social upheavals take place, when judges choose to legislate from the bench, lawmakers who openly break the law, constables who won’t enforce the laws, a lack of respect or trust in the ruling party, raging protests, media manipulation, and a military on steroids and wavering international allegiances, what will become of that tribe or nation? History is replete with the wreckage of those lands who fell victim to their own internal cancers, unable or unwilling to confront the enemy or to defend themselves from the corruption within or the assault from without and it all began with the first compromise, what is my advantage or what is my share if I do this or that? The image placed before the eye captivates the senses over time and enslaves the host thereby weakening the mind, the body, the family, the tribe, and finally, the nation.

Some nations recognize the dangers and have taken steps to protect themselves. (Enemies cry protectionism) Other tribes are attempting to do so but are being undercut by forces within. (Multiculturalism) Others are trying not to be drawn into costly engagements. (Interventionists) Still, others demand a one world government. (Globalists) Still, other tribes hope for a technological unity. (Technocrats) But individuality means just that and it very well applies on the national level as well. A Frenchman is not a German who in turn is not a Swede who in turn is not a Russian who in turn is not Chinese who in turn is not an American and so on. By trying to intermix everyone and everybody into one will only create instability and chaos and bring about an unstable government that will eventually bring that nation or tribe into ruin.

Protectionism is not a weakness but rather a strength, the strength to defend oneself and to bargain with a stronger hand. No thinking man will open the door to his home and allow strangers to take it over and neither should any land or tribe allow a massive influx of strangers to flood the land with radically different social and cultural and religious views with the intent to not assimilate but rather to create a new version of their own tribe in their new land! That land will not stand the litmus test of time. Look at England, Sweden, France, and Germany! And now Spain and Italy and Greece are being threatened by massive migrational floods and demands of the new migrants!

But in honesty, the Western Nations did bomb their homes and infrastructures, killed hundreds of thousands, stole their resources, stole their money, raped their women and children and did they honestly think that there would be no repercussions? In all fairness and righteousness, the West should rebuild their economies by reinvesting with the money they stole, rebuild what they destroyed with their missiles and bombs, loan them funds If necessary with no-interest loans and that would help very much to stop the immigration flood and also to stop the selling of war by restricting the sales of weapons. That would be a good start, but the military-industrial planners, the powerful bankers, the mighty politicians, the religious fundamentalists and the social open door policies of the liberal governments will do all they can do to prevent such things from happening.

If wealth is king, then imagery is his queen and that is why things will continue as they are, unabated, interrupted but not stopped, demonstrated against and pushed aside. New faces but still, the same game for the goal is world domination and despite every attempt by individual nations to hold the ground, the enemy is gaining ground, little by little, yard for yard, meter for meter.

How much time before the last nations will succumb to the World Socialist view of a one world government? I can’t say for certain but I know that I will stand my ground for as long as I am able to, for my children and their children and their children. I have a voice, I have a pen, I have a Laptop, and I have the choice. What about you?