Make Your Choice

I believe tempestuous times lie ahead for theAdministration. This man, who loves the land of America has only one purpose and that is to restore what the four previous administrations tore apart, the fabric of the country, the structure of the house and the foundation upon which it was built. The basic rights of its people were stripped away by Orwellian officials under the guise of “protection”, unending wars that took so many lives, a massive increase in personal wealth for the elite and a sharp drop in living standards for the middle class, record-breaking unemployment, an unbelievable debt of over twenty trillion dollars which translates into a personal debt of over $75,000 for every man, woman, and child in the United States, a common core education policy that ensures dismal compliance to sub-standard results in international tests, a gender-twisting theology that destroys masculinity and produces an entirely new generation of transsexual attitudes, a meat grinding machine called Planned Parenthood that churns out the freshly slaughtered carcasses of innocent children on an hourly basis to satisfy the blood lust of screaming feminists, sexual deviancy on an unprecedented scale never seen before upon the North American Continent, the State of California legalizing child prostitution or say it like it is, legalizing pedophile for the pleasure of all interested parties from the bottom to the top!  Have you read enough? Does your conscience prick you yet?

Racial divisions are reaching levels that will ensure that violence becomes the standard by which to “solve” the problem, police brutality will be the answer and so the cycle will continue as the land slips into the tar pit. Political, community, entertainment, and media parties call for more riotous behavior and disobedience because of their open contempt and hatred for a man who intends to do good, thereby exposing their own perverted ways. The industrial-military complex may be considered a part of the so-called “shadow government” whose open leader is none other than “blood dog John McCain” whose siren-like calls for more war and interventions have made him a very wealthy and corrupt politician. Does anyone know for sure where the CIA stands or who they are actually protecting? Why are cities and towns across the nation prohibiting people from providing food and shelter for the millions of homeless and jobless? Why are cities and towns taxing people out of their homes and stripping them of the right to use their lands as is their natural right? Meaning taking control of their water and streams, the culling of their wood, prohibiting the disturbance of plants or frogs, denying them the right to plant gardens to feed themselves or to produce their own power through the use of wind, water or solar energy, and when it is permitted, the fees can be outrageously high!

Corruption is at an all-time high and the sickening images of violent crimes are the daily feed that preys upon benumbed minds and the sexual violence goes beyond the fantasy realm and has now become the nightmarish fear of the women and girls who walk the streets or go to a club, never knowing if and when they may become the next statistic. Drugs are now of the exotic and extreme kind and they bring with them the smell of death and decay and zombie-like actions along with unnatural strength and animal ferocity. Think of the X-men for an example and therein lies the problem, imagery and fantasy combined with these drugs have produced a generation of self-willed and self-centered “I want it all” monsters where the rule of the jungle is the only law they choose to accept!  Think of how often the news has lied to you and manipulated the stories you read and hear and see and yet, you still give them your ear and in turn act like parrots or a skipping 45 single play on the ancient record player. The debasement of the body is the newest and twisted craze being fomented upon the populace, piercings of every imaginable sort and physically changing the body into something it was not designed to be, deformation of the body and mind in the truest sense of the word. Feminists allowing their monthly flows to run unhindered in public as a sign of their “emancipation”! Men acting like women and allowing themselves to be literally led on a leash or being publically whipped and fisted by men and women on a public street or in freely accessible clubs in San Fransisco during their sexual deviancy week while children along with their parents enjoy the disgusting spectacle!

Satanists demanding access to public schools and universities to indoctrinate the stupid into the rites of evil through Luciferian doctrines, social whiners needing “safe spaces” because they can’t handle real time issues, entertainment whores and studs strutting their sweaty flesh for all to see while promising instant gratification to the witless and foolish, movie producers who can’t produce enough sex, violence, fantasy, stupidity, and evolutionary dogma to keep the masses happily preoccupied whilst the raping of America continually takes place under the guise of progressiveness, socialism, communism, feminism, liberalism, and globalism. But with President Trump, the destruction will have an end and that is why you are seeing these protests. I would like to believe that the most are just poor misguided and badly informed people, but in today’s world of easily accessible information, I tend to think that it is a choice, freely made, to take the road that they are walking upon. And as for those who have chosen not to walk with them, have you already chosen your path or are you still pondering it? President Trump is only a man, not a god and if he is to succeed, he will need your support, your genuine prayers of faith, and your continual involvement and that doesn’t mean sitting in your homes behind drawn curtains and watching the newest sitcoms. Involvement means just that, action in motion. Speak your mind with clarity and boldness but without the vile hate and disgusting vocabulary that seems to be a mainstay of the protestors.

Remember this very important fact, it was the Europeans who took America for themselves from the Indians and it will be the Indians who will show the Europeans what it means to be an American. And what has this sentence to do with this short essay? Look at how they protest in the Dakotas without giving up, without violent words and actions, but they are steadfast in their actions and firm in their determination to keep that which legally belongs to them even as the descendants of the Europeans shoot at them, put dogs on them, strip away their protection, beat them and yet, still they stand and why? Because they represent what America is because they are the original Americans.  And now you can see the huge difference between the bigoted and animalistic protestors and the dignified and proud who do not need not to hurl verbal filth and media lies to speak their minds.

Can President Trump restore and rebuild the American dream? Time will tell, but one thing is clear, he has taken his stand and will you stand with him? Will you stand with the Indians in the bitter cold of the Dakota winters? Will you stand against the perverted lies of the liberal leftists? Will you stand for the One true God and His Son? Will you stand for your families? Will you stand for America?  Will you stand at all or will you go with the rest?  If you go with the flow, you’ll go over the falls. Learn to paddle your own canoe. Make your choice today for you may not have a choice tomorrow. And as always, it’s your choice.

Ed Ordway